5 Best & Cheaper BriteVerify Alternatives To Clean Email Lists

Are you looking for some of the best but cheaper BriteVerify alternatives? If so then you have arrived at the right blog post.

Without any doubt, email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers, subscribers, and even leads.

Not only could you promote your business through email marketing but you can also influence, nurture and convert your leads into loyal customers.

But to be able to conduct successful email marketing campaigns, you must have a clean email list. And, by “clean” I mean that your email list should not contain any expired & invalid email addresses.

Normally, it is extremely difficult to determine if an email address has expired. That’s where email list cleaning services like BriteVerify come into action.

Although, if you’d ask me, I would say that there a lot of other software that offers much better and cheaper email list cleaning services. And therefore, we are going to discuss all those BriteVerify competitors in detail.

Here an…

Overview & Comparison Of BriteVerify Alternatives

SoftwareFree credits1,000 credits5,000 credits10,000 credits50,000 credits
ZeroBounce100 every month$16$39$65$325
DeBounce100 credits$5$10$15$50
(Use code DMT20OFF for 20% off)
100 credits$10$30$45$105
EmailListVerify100 credits$4$15$24$89
MyEmailVerifier100 credits$2.88$12.6$21.6$60

Before we go any further, allow me to talk a bit about BriteVerify and some reasons as to why you should look for its alternative.

What Is BriteVerify?

BriteVerify is an online software that specializes in email list cleaning and email validation services. You can either use the list cleaning feature by uploading your email list and getting the clean version. Or you can use the real-time email verification feature by integrating it on your website or SaaS application.

BriteVerify - Email Verification & Validation Service

Having started in 2009, BriteVerify has been the industry leader when it comes to providing contact verification and validation solutions.

This caught the attention of yet another organization – Validity.

Validity is a global provider for services like data integrity and compliance offerings. With the help of it, Validity ensures that you drive more leads, close more deals, and confidently plan for growth.

In 2018, Validity acquired BriteVerify, adding it to its arsenal of data quality and compliance tools.

All in all, the software remains very much functional and efficient at the same time.

But there are some software and service providers that are hands down more efficient, flexible, scalable, and cheaper. Not to forget, there are a few drawbacks of using BriteVerify…

Why You Should Look For A Better BriteVerify Alternative? (Cons Of BriteVerify)

Here are some of the most notable drawbacks of using BriteVerify for cleaning, verifying, and validating your email lists –

  • BriteVerify does not remove duplicate email addresses from your email list.
  • The software supports only a few file types when uploading your email list for cleaning.
  • The sign-up process of BriteVerify is extremely lengthy.
  • BriteVerify does not have any free trial or free plan option while its alternatives readily offer a free plan/trial/credits.
  • The pricing of BriteVerify is very costly as it starts at $40 for 5,000 verifications.

And, if you have ever used this software, I am sure that you might have found your own drawback.

Therefore, without wasting any more time, allow me to introduce you to some of the best BriteVerify alternatives.

Let’s start with…

1. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is one of the best and most famous BriteVerify alternatives available for email marketers. The software has been in the business for many years and has gathered a loyal clientele of some notable companies like Samsung, Airbnb, Intel, LinkedIn, etc. Just to give you an idea about its efficacy, it currently caters to more than 100,000 email marketers, businesses, etc.

When we compare ZeroBounce with BriteVerify, you’d find that this software claims to offer 98% accuracy with email validation and cleaning. Moreover, you’d have the choice to use its real-time API, bulk, or manual email list cleaning feature. At last, you’d also love to know that it packs all the key features and performs all the validity checks while cleaning the email list.

ZeroBounce - BriteVerify Alternatives

What Makes ZeroBounce The Best BriteVerify Alternative?

  • As said earlier, ZeroBounce claims to be offering 98% accuracy for email list cleaning, validation, and verification. It is definitely the highest in the industry.
  • Additionally, ZeroBounce offers military-level protection of your data. Also, the software is GDPR, SOC 2, and PCI compliant.
  • The software has a couple of unique features that allow you to automatically score the email addresses present in your list. Moreover, ZeroBounce can also add missing information like last name, gender, etc. to your list.
  • Unlike BriteVerify, ZeroBounce packs a deduplication feature that will remove all the duplicate emails from your list without any extra cost.
  • ZeroBounce will not charge you when it is unable to verify certain email addresses. Rest assured, it performs 20+ validation checks before providing you the cleaned list.
  • This alternative to BriteVerify offers multiple ways to clean your email lists. You can either use its real-time verification API or upload email addresses in bulk to begin the cleaning process.
  • Similar to BriteVerify, ZeroBounce also integrates with email marketing, CRM, SaaS application, websites, and other marketing platforms. Some of the most notable integrations include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Shopify, etc.

Pricing Of ZeroBounce

When you compare the pricing of ZeroBounce with BriteVerify, you’d find that they are somewhat identical at certain tiers. But overall, ZeroBounce is cheaper than BriteVerify.

Not just this but ZeroBounce offers a free plan that allows you to clean/verify 100 emails every month. This 100 credits auto-renews every month so that you continue cleaning your email list for free.

Although, if you have a large number of emails to clean, you can choose either its “Pay As You Go” plans or its “Subscription” plans. Rest assured, all the email cleaning credits won’t expire unless you use them.

ZeroBounce Pricing - Pay As You Go

ZeroBounce Pay As You Go Pricing

  • 100 emails – Free of cost
  • 2,000 emails – $16
  • 5,000 emails – $39
  • 10,000 emails – $65
  • 50,000 emails – $325

ZeroBounce Subscription Pricing

  • $15/month for 2,000 emails
  • $35/month for 5,000 emails
  • $64/month for 10,000 emails
  • $150/month for 25,000 emails
  • $278/month for 50,000 emails

There are multiple pricing tiers in both the pricing options. I’d recommend you check the ZeroBounce pricing page for more information.

2. DeBounce

Another email validation and verification tool that is getting a lot of attention from email marketers and other businesses is DeBounce. It is one of the latest software that took the email marketing industry by storm with the help of its inexpensive email verification features. As a result of this surge in popularity and clientele, it has received a 4.8/5 stars rating on G2 Crowd. Not to forget, it has some top names like Samsung, Western Digital, Cornell University, etc. as its clients.

Hence, it is crystal clear for us to consider DeBounce as one of the best BriteVerify alternatives. If we take a look under the hood of DeBounce to understand its working, you’d find it to be extremely easy. You simply have to upload your email list (in .TXT or .CSV format) for the bulk verification process. Next, it will automatically clean your email list in just a matter of few minutes.

DeBounce - Best BriteVerify Alternative

What Makes DeBounce The Best BriteVerify Alternative?

  • The software will help you reduce bounces by removing invalid and hard bounce email addresses through SMTP checks.
  • DeBounce is also smart enough to detect and remove email addresses made via disposable email providers. Additionally, it packs a catch-all domain checker module.
  • Unlike BriteVerify, DeBounce gives you the option to either keep duplicate emails or delete them through the email deduplication feature. To further improve the efficiency, this alternative to BriteVerify comes with the syntax eliminator feature.
  • Similar to ZeroBounce, DeBounce packs an anti-greylisting technology. With the help of this feature, the software reduces the number of unknown emails.
  • While BriteVerify does not openly talk about removing spam traps, DeBounce automatically removes possible spam traps.
  • DeBounce comes with an extensive library of API that allows you to integrate it with your website, sign-up forms, SaaS applications, or email marketing services.
  • After cleaning your email lists, DeBounce provides you a multitude of download options. You can download a cleaned list or list containing bad/invalid emails, and so on.
  • This software also comes with the team members feature. You can invite your team members and together consume the email list cleaning credits.

Pricing Of DeBounce

Unlike BriteVerify where it provides you the pricing options as pay-as-you-go or subscription, DeBounce only offers Pay As You Go pricing tiers. Besides this, you get all the list cleaning features and your credits never expire.

When it comes to pricing, DeBounce has the cheapest and most flexible pricing tiers. For starters, it offers 100 free credits upon sign up. Next, it also offers you a credit calculator. You can calculate the pricing for your custom list cleaning requirements and request with a custom invoice.

Besides this, here’s an overview of the DeBounce pricing tiers –

DeBounce Pricing
  • 5,000 Verifications – $10
  • 10,000 Verifications – $15
  • 25,000 Verifications – $30
  • 50,000 Verifications – $50
  • 100K Verifications – $90
  • 200K Verifications – $140
  • 500K Verifications – $300
  • 1M Verifications – $500
  • 2M Verifications – $800
  • 5M Verifications – $1,500

3. ListWise

ListWise is yet another email list cleaning service that is shaking up the email verification circuit. And, therefore it is absolutely fair to crown ListWise as one of the top BriteVerify alternatives. It is software that is headquartered in New Zealand but is catering to clients from around the world. The software has been cleaning email lists of more than 26,000 global customers until now. Some of its top clients include PizzaHut, Volvo, Cloudflare, Morris Garage, etc.

When it comes to the list cleaning approach, ListWise adopts the MX records checking method. In this method, the software first checks if the email is valid or invalid through an SMTP handshake. After this, ListWise performs several other verification processes to provide the most accurate list cleaning results. At last, the software provides you the option to download your cleaned, duplicates, and bounced/bad email lists.

ListWise - Cheaper BriteVerify Alternative

What Makes ListWise The Best BriteVerify Alternative?

  • As said earlier, like any other professional list cleaning service, ListWise uses MX Records checking method to determine the validity of an email address. 
  • Besides this, ListWise will also perform email syntax checks. This feature will make sure that all the emails in your database are in the correct format. Additionally, the software will automatically fix typos in email addresses.
  • This software packs all the resources to detect free email address providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., and also detects disposable email addresses.
  • For a business email, ListWise will detect all the role-based email addresses. Next, more often than not your email list will contain no-reply emails. ListWise will remove them.
  • The software is efficient enough to detect and remove all spam trap email addresses. Moreover, it also automatically detects the email addresses that are most likely to bounce through SMTP handshake.
  • Rest assured, ListWise is equipped with anti-greylisting technology that provides the most accurate list cleaning results.
  • Also, the software offers an extensive set of API that allows you to integrate your ListWise account to any third-party SaaS application, software, email marketing service, or website.

Pricing Of ListWise

ListWise also impresses us with the way it structures its pricing plans and tiers. For starters, unlike BriteVerify, it offers a free trial in which you get 100 free email cleaning credits.

After testing out the efficacy of the software, you can upgrade to its “Pay As You Go”, “Monthly Subscriptions”, or “Real-Time API” plans. Here’s the interesting part –

If you use the coupon code – DMT20OFF, you will get a 20% discount on all the ListWise pricing tiers and plans.

To give you an idea of pricing distribution, here’s an overview…

ListWise Pay As You Go Pricing

ListWise Pricing - Pay As You Go
  • 500 email addresses – $7.00
  • 1K email addresses – $10.00
  • 3K email addresses – $20.00
  • 5K email addresses – $30.00
  • 10K email addresses – $45.00
  • 25K email addresses – $70.00
  • 50K email addresses – $105.00
  • 100K email addresses – $185.00
  • 250K email addresses – $450.00
  • 500K email addresses – $605.00
  • 1M email addresses – $995.00
  • 2M email addresses – $1,595.00
  • 5M email addresses – $2,995.00
  • 10M email addresses – $4,930.00
  • 20M email addresses – $7,750.00
  • 50M email addresses – $15,995.00

ListWise Subscription Pricing

ListWise Pricing - Subscription
  • $44/month to clean up to 10,000 Email Addresses
  • $86/month to clean up to 50,000 Email Addresses
  • $158/month to clean up to 100,000 Email Addresses
  • $462/month to clean up to 500,000 Email Addresses
  • $860/month to clean up to 1 Million Email Addresses
  • $2,559/month to clean up to 5 Million Email Addresses

ListWise Real-Time API Pricing

ListWise Pricing - Real-Time API
  • 100,000 email addresses – $408.00/month
  • 500,000 email addresses – $662.00/month
  • 1 million email addresses – $1,010.00/month

4. EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify has been in the list cleaning business since 2003. This makes it one of the most experienced email list cleaning services and also the best BriteVerify alternatives. The huge experience in the field also resulted in accumulating some big clients such as Shopify, TNW, InVision, Rackspace, etc. All in all, it currently caters to thousands of users from around the world with 100% efficiency.

Speaking of which, EmailListVerify packs all the necessary features to give a tough competition to BriteVerify. For starters, it provides more file upload and compatibility options than BriteVerify. You can upload your email lists in .CSV, .XLS, .TXT and other formats. After the cleaning process, you can download them in the format that you require. Furthermore, it guarantees 99% email list cleaning accuracy which is higher or equal to the other BriteVerify competitors.

EmailListVerify - Best Alternative To BriteVerify

What Makes EmailListVerify The Best BriteVerify Alternative?

  • To start the email verification process, EmailListVerify uses the domain and SMTP validation method. With the help of this, it removes invalid, inactive, parked, and inactive accounts.
  • Just like other alternatives to BriteVerify, EmailListVerify also identifies and removes spam traps. With the spam traps gone, you will negate the chances of getting blacklisted.
  • EmailListVerify is also smart enough to identify and get rid of all the disposable or temporary emails. Moreover, it also packs a catch-all domain checker for more accuracy.
  • In comparison to BriteVerify, EmailListVerify will automatically find and remove all the duplicate emails at no extra cost.
  • Besides this, this email list cleaning service provider will also detect if the emails are in the correct syntax and format. If the email addresses have improper syntax then it removes them while cleaning.
  • The software comes with a detailed library of API and its documentation. With the help of this API, you can connect your EmailListVerify account with third-party applications and facilitate real-time email validations.
  • EmailListVerify also directly integrates with major email marketing services like Mailchimp, AWeber, MailerLite, Mailgun, etc. This direct integration allows you to clean your email lists directly in the emailing software.

Pricing Of EmailListVerify

Again, when we compare the EmailListVerify pricing with BriteVerify, you would find that it offers 100 free credits upon signing up. Next, it also provides complete flexibility in the premium plans as well.

EmailListVerify has a couple of pricing options. You can go with the “Pay As You Go” option and pay for what you use. Or you can choose the monthly subscription plan if you are looking to clean/verify email addresses daily.

Here’s an overview of the EmailListVerify pricing…

EmailListVerify Pay As You Go Pricing

EmailListVerify Pricing - Pay As You Go
  • 1,000 emails – $4
  • 5,000 emails – $15
  • 10,000 emails – $24
  • 25,000 emails – $49
  • 50,000 emails – $89
  • 100,000 emails – $169
  • 250,000 emails – $349
  • 500,000 emails – $449
  • 1,000,000 emails – $599
  • 2,500,000 emails – $1,190
  • 5,000,000 emails – $1,990
  • 10,000,000 emails – $3,290

ListWise Subscription Pricing

EmailListVerify Pricing - Subscription
  • $139/month for cleaning 5,000 emails per day
  • $289/month for cleaning 15,000 emails per day
  • $389/month for cleaning 35,000 emails per day
  • $589/month for cleaning 50,000 emails per day
  • $689/month for cleaning 75,000 emails per day
  • $989/month for cleaning 100,000 emails per day

5. MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier is a bulk email verification and validation tool that is a top pick for a lot of email marketers and businesses. Just like any other email verification service, MyEmailVerifier is equipped with all the key features and is also supported by a prompt customer support team. Due to this, it assures 98% email cleaning accuracy and also 100% customer satisfaction. And, therefore, it automatically becomes one of the best BriteVerify alternatives.

Speaking a bit about its working, it offers different cleaning modes – bulk email list upload, direct import from email marketing services, and real-time email validations in sign-up forms. For the first mode, you get to download your clean email list after the cleaning process. And, for the other two modes, everything is done automatically. In simple terms, the list cleaning before sending a campaign ensures that you get no bounces. While the real-time validation ensures that no bad emails enter your email list.

MyEmailVerifier - BriteVerify Alternative

What Makes MyEmailVerifier The Best BriteVerify Alternative?

  • This software is the only one that addresses, identifies, and removes the disabled email addresses in Yahoo and AOL. No other alternative to BriteVerify is capable of doing this.
  • MyEmailVerifier also claims that it has the best infrastructure to identify spam traps. With the spam traps gone from your email list, you don’t have to worry about getting blacklisted.
  • The software uses IETF standards to check if the email has the correct email syntax. If it found that the email address fail the syntax test, it will automatically remove the email from your list.
  • It uses the domain or MX checking mechanism to find out bad, invalid, expired, or parked email addresses. Additionally, MyEmailVerifier also removes bot created emails from your lists.
  • With this software, you will also get to remove all the email addresses that belongs to free or disposable email providers. This way, you retain addresses of valid users only.
  • MyEmailVerifier also verifies email with the help of deep-level SMTP method. Not only does this method ensures high accuracy but it also tell you about temporary unavailability and detailed SMTP response for the invalid status of email addresses.
  • The characteristic that makes MyEmailVerifiers one of the best BriteVerify alternatives is its fast turnaround time. This means that MyEmailVerifier will clean your email lists in a matter of few minutes.
  • As said earlier, it offers a high-performance API, with help of which you get to integrate MyEmailVerifier with email marketing services, SaaS apps, and sign-up forms.

Pricing Of MyEmailVerifier

Unlike any other software mention in this article, MyEmailVerifier likes to keep things simple with the pricing. Therefore, it only offers “Pay As You Go” plans for your email cleaning needs.

If you take a look at the MyEmailVerifier pricing, you’d find that it is one of the cheaper BriteVerify alternatives. To further sweeten the deal, it offers up to a 60% discount on its plans and a lot of free email cleaning credits. You’d also get 100 free credits upon signing up.

Here’s an overview of the MyEmailVerifier pricing tiers –

  • 500 credits – $1.44
  • 1,000 credits – $2.88
  • 2,000 credits – $5.04
  • 5,000 credits – $12.6
  • 10,000 credits – $21.6
  • 20,000 credits – $43.2
  • 50,000 credits – $60
  • 100,000 credits – $120
  • 250,000 credits – $300
  • 500,000 credits – $400
  • 1 million credits – $600
  • 2 million credits – $900
  • 5 million credits – $1800

Closing Thoughts – Which Is The Best BriteVerify Alternative?

With this, I presume that after going through all the BriteVerify alternatives, you have found the perfect replacement.

If not then I would definitely recommend you to sign up on these alternative solutions and make use of the free credits. After checking their efficacy, you would be able to make a better decision.

Although, if you are looking for a piece of quick advice then I would suggest you go with either DeBounce or ListWise. Both of these services are cheaper than BriteVerify and also efficient at the same time.

Similarly, if money is no bar for you, you can go with ZeroBounce.

Lastly, here are a couple of relevant blog posts –

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