Inboxroad Review – SMTP Server To Boost Your Email Delivery

Are you on the lookout for your next SMTP server to get your email marketing to the next level? Are you considering Inboxroad and are you looking for a reliable Inboxroad review to make a sound decision?

Here it is: your comprehensive Inboxroad review!

I’ve been hearing a lot about this up and coming SMTP server and, just like you, were wondering if they are living up to the hype!

After using Inboxroad for a few months, I am happy to share our experiences on Inboxroad on the basis of;

  1. Ease of use
  2. Value for money
  3. Extra benefits

Quick spoiler; I am very impressed by Inboxroad’s offering. Let’s dive right into this Inboxroad review!

What is Inboxroad?

The short answer: Inboxroad is an SMTP server. An SMTP server is a server made for sending, receiving or relaying mail messages between senders and receivers.

The somewhat longer answer: Inboxroad is your partner getting your message inboxed. With a dedicated team of experienced email deliverability specialists, they make sure to get maximum deliverability. This really adds another layer on Inboxroad’s offering. It’s all you need on the road to the inbox.

Inboxroad Review - Homepage

In simple terms, Inboxroad offers you –

  • SMTP Relay & APIs
  • Custom IP warm-up schedule tailored to your situation
  • Easy DNS setup
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Comprehensive dashboarding
  • Dedicated support by personal deliverability expert
  • Ongoing monitoring by Inboxroad team
  • And if you desire, you will get a personal account manager

It’s clear Inboxroad really focuses on supporting you on getting your email ROI to the maximum. Still, Inboxroad’s pricing is very competitive –

Inboxroad Pricing

BasicUp to 100,000 emails/month$69/month
ProUp to 250,000 emails/month$139/month
PremiumUp to 1,000,000 emails/month$349/month
Custom1,000,000 or more emails/monthContact Inboxroad team for pricing

I will cover the plans in the “Value For Money” segment. For now, let’s break down the Inboxroad review based on –

1. Ease Of Use

Since Inboxroad really is an SMTP service, I will be covering and analyzing the set-up of the Inboxroad server and how to get the most out of it.

Getting Started With Inboxroad

In order to get started with Inboxroad, I had to simply go to their pricing page and select their plan.

I simply entered my Company Name, Email Address and some background about our business.

That’s it..!! I was good to go after this.

Personal support for onboarding

Unlike many self-service competitors, Inboxroad really focuses on a personal touch. They believe tailored support is needed to get the most out of your email marketing efforts or transactional mailing.

Within a couple of minutes after picking the plan, their dedicated account manager reached out to me to get me going. During the onboarding, they assessed my business needs to start working on a joint strategy for my road to the customer’s or subscriber’s inbox.

Connect your front-end or custom system

Crucial to working with an SMTP server like Inboxroad is the connection to your front-end. When it comes to connectivity, Inboxroad offers many flavors.

For starters, Inboxroad natively connects to top-notch front-ends like Ongage, MailWizz, Interspire, Mautic and Mailcamp. Getting up and running with one of these front-ends is a breeze.

What is unique about Inboxroad, is their dedication to offering services for your custom system or any other front-end. Moreover, they are more than willing to connect to your own custom systems to fit your needs.

2. Efficiency

After successfully completing the onboarding process, I can start ramping up email volume and get a sense for their efficiency.

What I found after following their tailored warm-up schedule was very impressive. Over a period of multiple months I found that;

  • Their deliverability outperformed our current SMTP, getting a boost of 12% in delivery!
  • The personal support proved very valuable, giving detailed and actionable advice on strategy per ISP.
  • Weekly updates with actionable insights on how to improve even further came in handy.
  • Their uptime guarantee is right on the money, no downtime was experienced.
  • Increasing email volumes cause no hick-ups at all, and the team is there to support

All in all, working with Inboxroad felt wonderful. Their team of experts is very dedicated to email deliverability, and go out of their way to make sure all best practices are followed, no matter the size of the account. This really is something else, you likely will not experience this with any other SMTP server.

3. Value for money

You’ll be happy to hear that Inboxroad offers great value for money, even whilst offering so much customer service and personal advice.

Here’s a brief rundown of value-packed characteristics –

Affordable Pricing Plans

Inboxroad is one of the more affordable email marketing services. No matter your volumes or the CPM rate, Inboxroad charges are very competitive indeed.

At the smallest tier, the Basic plan, you already get a CPM as low as $0,69. Once you start growing your email efforts, moving up to the premium tiers, CPM comes in at a very competitive $0,35. Comparing this to established SMTP servers such as SendGrid and Mailgun, where CPM’s rarely dip below $0,45, Inboxroad undercuts their prices by quite a margin on a CPM-basis.

Inboxroad Verdict

Now that I have thoroughly tried and tested Inboxroad, I can absolutely recommend their SMTP server.

I also hope that after going through my unbiased Inboxroad review, you would agree with me about Inboxroad really boosts your email delivery.

To sum it up, Inboxroad is the go-to SMTP server if deliverability is of high importance to you. For a very competitive price, you get heaps of actionable and personal deliverability advice on an ongoing basis. This significantly impacts your deliverability!

If you are an eCommerce business owner, SaaS, or in the affiliate marketing industry, I would want you to consider Inboxroad.

Ease Of Use – ⭐⭐⭐ – 3/5 Stars

Efficiency – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 5/5 Stars

Value For Money – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4/5 Stars

So I encourage you to consider Inboxroad and let me know about your experience in the comments.

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