5 Best Cold Email Generator To Generate Warm Leads

Have you been trying to find the best cold email generator for your business?

It’s true that cold emailing is hard. For starters, you do not have any relationship with your business hence it’s extremely tough to get a reply for them. What’s even tougher is to craft intriguing content for your email campaigns.

As I have said, you do not know your audience that well hence you have limited options to connect with them. Simply speaking, you have to make your email short, engaging, and tempting enough to turn them into warm leads.

But that’s easier said than done..!!

That’s where the cold email generator and sales email generator come in to do all the hard work for you.

So in this article, I am going to explore all the AI-powered software that will automatically generate cold email templates for you quickly.

Here’s an…

Overview & Comparison Of Cold Email Generators

SoftwareOur RatingFree Trial/PlanPricing
Jasper5.0/510,000 free wordsStarts at $29/month
Writesonic4.9/510,000 free wordsStarts at $19/month
Anyword4.8/51,000 free wordsStarts at $29/month
Peppertype.ai4.8/5No free planStarts at $35/month
Rytr4.6/5Free planStarts at $9/month

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Before we explore them in detail, allow me to briefly talk about…

What Is A Cold Email Generator?

A cold email generator is an online application that packs all the necessary features and technological means to create content for your cold email campaigns.

By saying “content”, the software can write email content and subject lines for you.

Since the inception of AI technology in the past couple of years, the softwares have become smart and efficient enough to generate multiple email copies for your campaign. All you have to do to get started is enter a few basic details about your business.

In a matter of a few minutes, you will get the content that you need to turn your recipients into warm leads.

How To Write A Cold Email Manually?

While we have the facility to do all the work automatically, you’d still know how to write cold emails.

Well, it requires a series of steps that starts with –

  • Step 1 – The first step involves you editing the “from name” or the “from line”. It is important for your audience to know who is sending them emails, after all, they have never received any emails from you before.
  • Step 2 – One of the most important aspects of any email marketing campaign is the subject line. You’d have to think and create an engaging subject line to get your emails opened.
  • Step 3 – When it comes to email content, you’d have to create a killer cold email introduction. It should be short but engaging enough to make your audience read further.
  • Step 4 – The next part of your cold email must offer some value to your recipients. It could be as simple as the benefits of your products or services.
  • Step 5 – You must end your cold emails with a solid call to action. The CTA should be short and should also convey the purpose of your email.
  • Step 6 – End your cold email template with a trustworthy email signature. It would be ideal if you include your name, designation, and social media profiles in your signature.

As simple as these steps may seem but it requires a great deal of brainstorming process and multiple A/B testing. In addition to this, you also have the burden to make your cold email content concise, engaging, and not spammy.

Yes, it is difficult to execute practically and that’s where cold email and sales email generators come to your rescue.

How Will Cold Email Generators Help You? (Benefits)

Here are certain ways in which email content generators will help you –

  1. Unlimited Ideas – While an email marketer may face the limitation of ideas, these generator tools will provide you with limitless content ideas. You can have different subject lines, introductory paragraphs, CTAs, and more with these tools.
  2. Generates Multiple Copies – For every cold email idea, these tools will generate multiple copies of the email content. Therefore, you will have the option to use the best among them or use all of them for A/B testing.
  3. Saves Time – The best part of these generators is that they will save you a lot of time. As said earlier, the tools will create multiple copies of content with different ideas in just a few simple steps.
  4. Makes Content Engaging – To be able to yield desired actions from your cold email campaigns, you’d have to make your emails engaging. Lucky for you, the sales email generator and also the cold email generator packs multiple copywriting formulas to tackle this problem.
  5. Create Emails In Multiple Languages – If you have segmented your email lists according to their geographic location, you can generate cold emails in their native emails. This ensures effective email targeting and leaves a great impression on them.
  6. Project Sharing & Collaboration – If you are a part of a marketing team, most of these softwares offers a project sharing feature among team members. In addition to this, you can also collaborate with your team and clients to get the perfect cold email copy.

With that being said, now is the perfect time for me to introduce you to some of the best cold email generators.

Let’s start with…

1. Jasper

Jasper is one of the oldest AI-powered tools that was first released in January 2021 for users. Ever since its release, the software is attracting the interest of users with diverse content generation needs like blogging, social media marketing, paid advertisements, and of course, email marketing. For the email marketers that are struggling to convert their cold leads into warm ones, Jasper is definitely going to be a game-changer.

To overcome this issue, Jasper comes with a personalized cold email generator and an email subject line generator. Both of these tools are powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 language learning model. The text generated by the software (and its AI) is close to that of human quality and checks all the parameters of a highly converting copy. To be able to use the software, all you have to do is provide Jasper with a few details such as email topic, company/business detail, and a call to action. After this, the software will handle everything.

Besides the email and subject generator, Jasper offers you the option to create cold emails in 26+ global languages. Moreover, the availability of multiple copywriting formulas also enhances the conversion and engagement capabilities of your emails. Lastly, if you have a team, Jasper offers you project as well as team management features so that your team can work concurrently on multiple projects.

Jasper - Cold Email Generator

What Makes Jasper The Best Cold Email Generator?

  • Uses Advanced AI For Email Generation – Jasper uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language learning model as the artificial intelligence responsible for content generation. Your emails generated through this AI will sound as if it was written by a professional email marketer.
  • Personalized Cold Email Generator – In the mix of other 50+ copywriting tools, Jasper offers a robust cold email generator module. To be able to use this module, all you have to do is provide a few details about your email and business. After this, the tool will take care of the email generation part.
  • Email Subject Line Generator – Similar to the email generator, Jasper also packs a sleek email subject line generator. With the content generated for email, you can create multiple subject lines for your cold email marketing campaigns.
  • Supports Email Creation In 25+ Languages – Jasper allows you to generate emails and subject lines in as many as 26 global languages. Some of the most used languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, etc.
  • Availability Of Copywriting Formulas – To leave an everlasting impression on your cold leads, Jasper allows you to create cold emails using various copywriting formulas. The software offers AIDA and PAS marketing formulas to employ in your cold email copies.
  • Creates Email With Jasper Commands & Recipes – Apart from the standard input-output technique of content generation, Jasper allows you to use its commands and recipes to generate cold emails. First, you’d have to use a copywriting formula to create content for your product. Next, you can convert this content into a cold email using its recipe.
  • Project & Team Management – If you are a part of a marketing team, Jasper would allow you to add multiple team members and share access with them. In addition to this, this email generator tool will also allow you to seamlessly manage multiple concurrent projects for your clients.
  • Chrome Extension – You can use Jasper’s cold email generator tool on your Gmail or any other email marketing service platform with the help of its Chrome extension.

Jasper Free Trial & Pricing

Jasper is purely a premium cold email generator. This means that to be able to use its tools, you’d have to first subscribe to any of its premium plans. That being said, if you click the link of this (or any of my other) blog posts, you will unlock 5 days worth of free trial with the ability to generate up to 10,000 words.

Once your free trial ends, you’d have to upgrade to a premium plan. Currently, there are two pricing plans that offer multiple pricing tiers with different word generation limits. Rest assured, you’d get access to all of its 50+ copywriting tools and most importantly, the cold email generator in each of its plans.

Here’s the pricing distribution of Jasper –

Jasper New Pricing & Free Trial
  • Free Trial – A free trial of 5 days with a 10,000 words generation limit.
  • Starter – At the starting price of $29/month, you will get to generate up to 20,000 words in a month. It also offers all the copywriting tools, Jasper Chat, browser extension, etc.
    • 20,000 words/month – $29/month
    • 35,000 words/month – $49/month
    • 60,000 words/month – $79/month
    • 75,000 words/month – $99/month
    • 115,000 words/month – $149/month
    • 150,000 words/month – $199/month
    • 240,000 words/month – $299/month
    • 320,000 words/month – $399/month
  • Boss Mode – At the same time, this plan unlocks access to the Boss Mode, Jasper commands, recipes, adding up to 5 team members, Google Docs style editor, and more.
    • $59/month for generating 50,000 words in a month
    • $99/month for generating 100,000 words in a month
    • $279/month for generating 300,000 words in a month
    • $600/month for generating 700,000 words in a month
  • Business – A custom plan for businesses with custom needs.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is one of the finest and most robust AI-enabled copywriting software. It was launched as a lifetime deal on AppSumo during the dreadful times of the Corona Virus outbreak. Since its launch, it has been the go-to software for bloggers, copywriters, marketers, startups, and other marketing agencies. In totality, Writesonic is currently catering to more than 150,000 users from across the globe. To further add more credibility, you’d love to know that Writesonic is highly rated on various review-based platforms.

These high ratings and positive response is a result of constant improvements in the software. For starters, just like other tools, Writesonic uses GPT-3 language learning model as an AI. Next, the team behind this tool regularly rolls out new features to make it even more robust. Lastly, its affordable pricing plans are proving a blessing for users with a tight budget.

Not to forget that in its arsenal of 70+ copywriting tools, Writesonic offers a sales email generator, a cold email generator, and an email subject lines generator. Furthermore, it allows you to generate content for your emails in 25 global languages. Besides this, there are several other modules that are surely going to help you curate an impactful email campaign.

Writesonic - Sales Email Generator

What Makes Writesonic The Best Sales Email Generator?

  • AI For Email Content Generation – With the current technological advancements, it is logical to infuse advanced technology into the application. Therefore, Writesonic uses GPT-3 AI to generate content for emails as well as for other needs.
  • Offers 70+ Copywriting Modules – Being a complete AI-powered software, Writesonic offers more than 70 copywriting tools. Just to name a few, apart from emails, you can generate content for blog posts, social media, ad copies, quora answers, website, and more.
  • Provides Proven Copywriting Frameworks – To leave an everlasting impression on your leads and to draw action from them, Writesonic uses proven copywriting formulas while generating emails. As of now, it offers PAS and AIDA frameworks.
  • Sales & Cold Email Generator Tools – Not only does Writesonic offers you a cold email generator but it also offers a sales email generator as well. To be able to use these tools, Writesonic only asks you a few details like your goals, email scenario, etc.
  • Creates Email Subject Lines – After generating content for your cold and sales emails, Writesonic also lends a helping hand with subject lines. For this, it offers an email subject line generator that can create multiple subject lines for the same email.
  • Supports 25 Global Languages – If you have leads from all around the world, you can target them by sending a personalized email campaign in their native language. Writesonic allows you to achieve this by enabling you to create email copies in 24+ languages.
  • Project Management – For marketing teams that handle multiple clients, Writesonic supports unlimited project creation and seamless management. With the help of this feature, you and your team can work concurrently on multiple email projects.

Writesonic Free Trial & Pricing

You’d love to know that for every new user, Writesonic offers 10,000 free words. These free credits can be used to generate content using all of its basic and long-form copywriting tools. Additionally, you are also allowed to generate content in the language of your choice.

Once you use all of your free credits, you’d have to subscribe to a premium plan to continue using the software. For this, Writesonic offers monthly and yearly billing options. There are a couple of pricing plans that offer different content generation credits with AI tools. Furthermore, you can also change the quality of words in each of the plan.

Here’s an overview of Writesonic pricing plans –

Writesonic Pricing & Free Trial
  • Free Trial – A free trial that offers 10,000 premium quality words.
  • Long-Form – Lastly, you get to access Writesonic’s advanced features like Sonic editor, AI article writer, custom branding, bulk processing, Chatsonic, etc. in this plan. Here’s how the pricing for Premium quality words looks like –
    • $19/month – 60,000 premium words with 1 user seat
    • $49/month – 200,000 premium words with 5 user seats
    • $99/month – 400,000 premium words with 5 user seats
    • $199/month – 800,000 premium words with 10 user seats
    • $499/month – 2,000,000 premium words with 12 user seats
    • $999/month – 4,000,000 premium words with 15 user seats

Don’t forget to check out some other Writesonic alternatives as well.

3. Anyword

Another copywriting software that has been getting a lot of attention in the digital marketing industry is Anyword. This software was earlier branded as Keywee but after the official release of its copywriting software in 2021, the team decided to rebrand itself as Anyword. Since its launch, Anyword has been one of the go-to software for email marketers, bloggers, social media marketers, agencies, and startups.

The reason behind its rise in popularity is the availability of the “Predictive Performance Score” feature. It is the first AI-powered copywriting tool to introduce this feature of evaluating the potential of the AI-generated content to engage with your audience. In addition to this, it also offers a cold email generator, as well as a sales email generator. So whenever you generate an email copy, Anyword will predict and provide you with a performance score.

Besides this, Anyword uses GPT-3 along with a couple of other artificial intelligence technologies to generate content. Furthermore, you also have the flexibility to generate email copies in multiple languages. Lastly, it is needless to say that you will be supported by a highly-knowledgeable customer support team.

Anyword - Cold Email & Subject Line Generator

What Makes Anyword The Best Cold Email Generator?

  • Uses Multiple AIs – Unlike other software, Anyword is the only software that uses GPT-3 along with T5 and CTRL artificial technologies. Naturally, it’s logical to assume that the content generated is of the highest quality.
  • Offers Predictive Performance Score – It is one of the only copywriting software that provides predictive performance scores for the copies of your emails. You also have the option to edit the generated content to further improve this score.
  • Creates Subjects Lines Quickly – Anyword enables you to generate multiple subject lines for your email campaigns. All you have to do is either provide it with a few details like a product description or a product link, objective, etc.
  • Packs Cold & Sales Email Generator – The software allows you to generate multiple copies for cold as well as promotional email campaigns. To be able to use these modules, Anyword asks you about your product or a product link, the objective, and the desired call to action.
  • Generate Copies In 24 Languages – You will have the liberty to generate your email copies in as many as 24 global languages. Some of the most used languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and more.
  • Other Copywriting Tools & Features – Besides generating cold and promotional email copies, Anyword is completely capable of generating content for blog posts, ad copies, social media, and product descriptions.
  • Allows Team Management – The email and subject line generator tools are available in the higher plans of Anyword. These plans also offer you the chance to add team members to work concurrently on multiple projects.

Anyword Free Trial & Pricing

Earlier, Anyword was purely a premium copywriting tool. But the team has changed its pricing model and introduced a forever-free plan. Although, you’d love to know that the cold and sales email generator feature is available in all the “Plans for Everyone”.

Furthermore, Anyword offers custom pricing plans for “Enterprises”. Just to give you an idea, here’s an overview of Anyword’s pricing plans for “Everyone” –

Anyword - Plans For Everyone
  • Free – With this forever-free plan you can get 1,000 words credit every month.
  • Basic – Similarly, the Basic plan has multiple sub-tiers that are built on the basis of word credits. This plan grants access to basic copywriting tools, a blog wizard, and 1 team seat.
    • $29/month to generate 20,000 words
    • $49/month to generate 35,000 words
    • $59/month to generate 65,000 words
    • $79/month to generate 100,000 words
    • $149/month to generate 200,000 words
    • $199/month to generate 300,000 words
  • Data-Driven – In the Data-Driven plan, you’d unlock access to data-driven copywriting tools with predictive performance score. Additionally, you get to generate content in multiple languages, access its blog wizard, and 1 user seat. Here’s what its pricing looks like –
    • $99/month to generate 30,000 words
    • $149/month to generate 60,000 words
    • $179/month to generate 100,000 words
    • $249/month to generate 200,000 words
    • $299/month to generate 300,000 words
    • $399/month to generate unlimited words

4. Peppertype.ai

Peppertype.ai is another option if you are looking for a robust cold email generator and a subject line generator. The software is a part of PepperContent – a content marketplace built specifically for content creators and brands to scale their content needs. Similar to other tools, Peppertype.ai is also built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. But apart from this, it also leverages machine learning algorithms to generate content.

Since its launch in 2021, the software has been making a giant leap in terms of acquiring new customers and clients. As of now, it proudly caters to 2,500+ users. Most of its clientele included Indian conglomerates such as Swiggy, BusinessWorld, Digit, Shiksha.com, Rapido, BookMyShow, UrbanClap, Yatra, YourStory, and many more.

At last, apart from enabling you to generate cold emails, Peppertype.ai proudly offers 33+copywriting modules. To sum it up, with Peppertype.ai you can create blog posts, social media ads, Quora answers, product descriptions, and other website content.

Peppertype.ai - Best Cold Email Generator

What Makes Peppertype.ai The Best Cold Email Generator?

  • Makes Use Of AI – This software is one of the only one that uses GPT-3 along with a machine learning algorithm for content generation. Naturally, the quality of the generated content is great and seems as if it was written by a human copywriter.
  • Offers A Cold Email & Subject Line Generator – Peppertype.ai offers a sleek cold email generator to email marketers, small businesses, and startups. At the same time, the subject line generator tool comes in handy to craft engaging subject lines for your cold emails.
  • Availability Of Multiple Copywriting Formulas – While other software packs only a couple of marketing formulas, Peppertype.ai offers a total of three formulas namely AIDA, PAS, and BAB. This ensures that your cold emails pack the necessary punch to draw the desired engagement.
  • Other 30+ Copywriting Templates – Apart from email generators, Peppertype.ai is also capable of generating content for blog post sections, social media posts, social media ads, and content for the website.
  • Allows Addition Of Team Members – If you represent or are a part of a marketing team, you’d have the liberty to add team members to your Peppertype.ai account. Every plan of this software allows you to add multiple team members and subsequently, is charged accordingly.
  • Collaboration & Results Sharing – After adding your team members, Peppertype.ai gives you and your team the power to collaborate on concurrent projects. In addition to this, the software also allows you to share the final draft of your project with your clients.

Peppertype.ai Free Trial & Pricing

When it comes to the free trial of Peppertype.ai, there’s only a brief mention of a free plan on its pricing page. In this free plan, it seems that the software allows you to generate up to 100+ copies.

After this, to be able to continue using the software, you’d have to subscribe to its monthly or yearly plans. Currently, it offers three pricing plans that have the option to add team members. For every team member you plan to add, the corresponding user seat fee will be charged.

Here’s a brief of Peppertype.ai pricing plans –

Peppertype.ai Pricing
  • Starter – This plan starts at $35/month for 1 team member and goes up to $700/month for 20 team members. Apart from this, each seat will have the ability to generate up to 50,000 words and have access to all of its copywriting tools.
  • Growth – Similarly, this plan will start at $199/month for 5 team members and goes up to $799/month for 20 team members. This plan too grants similar access and word generation limit as the Starter plan. Although, in this plan, you will be able to unlock the collaboration, and results downloading feature.
  • Enterprise – If you have a larger team that requires unlimited content generation credits, you can reach out to the Peppertype.ai team for custom pricing.

5. Rytr

Rytr is yet another application that was launched as a lifetime deal on Appsumo. The deal saw a wholesome response from the users and Rytr soon became the fan-favorite copywriting software. Even after its lifetime deal ended, Rytr continued to impress new users with its set of features, efficiency, and also with its ease of use.

Besides all these characteristics, the stuff that caught the eye of email marketers, copywriters, marketing teams, and businesses is content generation quality. For this, Rytr uses the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology – GPT-3 by OpenAI. The team behind this software has trained these models to create on-point content for every use case. Similarly, by using its cold email generator you can create engaging email campaigns for your cold leads.

In addition to this, to be able to produce human-like content, Rytr offers 18+ writing tones and a few copywriting frameworks. Also, to further enhance your content generation process, it is available as a Chrome extension.

Rytr - Sales Email Generator

What Makes Rytr The Best Sales Email Generator?

  • Employs Advanced AI Technology – Rytr makes sure that it uses the latest and the most advanced artificial intelligence technology i.e. GPT-3. This technology by OpenAI is known to produce human-like content with minimum input.
  • Offers Multiple Copywriting Formulas – In order to leave an everlasting impression on your leads, Rytr allows you to use copywriting formulas while generating content for your sales emails. As of now, it offers AIDA, PAS, FAB, and other formulas.
  • Packs A Sales Email Generator – Rytr not only allows you to create cold emails but with the help of its sales email generator, you can create emails for promotional campaigns as well. You only have to provide key details about your product/business and the desired call to action.
  • Generates Email In 30+ Languages – You get to target your leads in their native language with the help of Rytr’s multi-lingual feature. The software is able to generate email copies in as many as 30 global languages.
  • Other Content Optimization Tools – Apart from generating content in different languages, Rytr also allows you to set the tone of your email copies. It offers 18 tones options for this. Furthermore, it also offers a content expander, rewriter, and grammar checking tool as well.
  • Available As A Browser Extension – It is one of the only copywriting software mentioned in this article that is available as a browser extension. Once installed and activated, it will help you with content generation across your social media accounts, Google Docs, WordPress, and other platforms as well.
  • Project Organization & Management – For starters, Rytr allows you to create unlimited projects and files. Next, it also permits you to view your saved content outputs from history. Lastly, it also enables you to download your work in .docx or .html format.
  • Team Management – Rytr offers you the choice to add as many team accounts as you want. Additionally, you will also be able to manage their account access. Finally, this feature comes in handy for marketing teams and businesses to work on concurrent projects.

Rytr Free Trial & Pricing

The team at Rytr also impresses us when it comes to the pricing. To kick things off, Rytr offers a forever-free plan to all the new users. In this free trial, you get access to all of its features. However, you can only generate 5,000 characters in a month.

Once your free credits end, you will be automatically renewed (according to your sign-up date). Or you can upgrade to a premium plan on your own. There are two pricing plans with monthly and yearly subscription options.

Take a look at an overview of Rytr’s pricing plans –

Rytr Pricing & Free Trial
  • Free – A forever-free plan to generate 5,000 characters in a month.
  • Saver – You’d have to pay $9/month to be able to generate 50,000 characters in a month. Moreover, you will get access to all of Rytr’s features. Also, you’d also have the ability to create a custom use case.
  • Unlimited – As the name suggests, you can pay $29/month to generate unlimited characters in a month. Besides, you’d also get a dedicated account manager and priority support in this plan.

The Verdict – Which Is The Best Cold Email Generator?

After exploring all the cold email and sales email generators, I presume that you have found an ideal one for your needs.

If you still haven’t found one yet, I’d advise you to sign up for their free trials. Almost every software either offers a free trial or a free plan. I strongly feel that after testing the software, you’d be able to decide better.

However, if you are looking for a quick recommendation, I’d suggest you go with Jasper or Writesonic. Both the software packs an excellent set of features and have high ratings to back their efficiency.

Lastly, here are a couple of relevant blog posts that you may want to read –

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