5 Best Wordtune Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

Have you been trying to find the best Wordtune alternative? If so then you have found the right blog post…

It’s true that Wordtune is proving to be a blessing for students, newbie bloggers, SEO professionals, and marketers. It provides stellar paraphrasing, rewriting, summarizing, and content expanding features.

Not to forget, it also offers a Chrome extension as well so that you can use its features anywhere on the internet. And, add-ons for Google Docs & Outlook Web is just the cherry on the top.

But with all the amenities, there are certain areas (will be discussed later in the blog) where Wordtune lacks.

That’s where Wordtune alternatives come into action offering you better paraphrasing and summarizing features.

In this blog, I am going to explore all these alternative software in detail and help you find the best replacement for Wordtune.

Just to give you a sneak-peek, here’s an…

Overview & Comparison Of Wordtune Alternatives

SoftwareOur RatingSoftware TypeFree TrialPricing
Web-based, Chrome extension, & add-onsFree planStarts at $39.95/year
Spin Rewriter⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Web-based & WordPress plugin5 daysStarts at $77/year
Web-based3 daysStarts at $324/year
The Best Spinner 4⭐⭐⭐⭐
Web-basedNo free trialStarts at $67/year
Chimp Rewriter⭐⭐⭐⭐
Downloadable14 daysStarts at $99/year

Now that you know what’s in store, allow me to briefly talk about Wordtune and why you should look for its alternatives.

What Is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI-enabled online application that specializes in paraphrasing and summarizing content.

The software was launched in 2018 by AI21 Labs by a group of people that liked to work with AI. After tons of research and countless hours of development, Wordtune was launched.


As of now, Wordtune is capable of content paraphrasing, summarizing, and expanding. Additionally, it also offers grammar and spelling fixing capabilities.

Due to its use of AI and language learning models, it is able to understand the context of the original text before paraphrasing it. And yes, it also allows you to customize the tone of your paraphrased content.

At last, you can use Wordtune as an online application or use its Chrome extension to paraphrase content on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can also use Wordtune as an add-on in Google Docs and Outlook Web.

Now, with all the amenities available, it is still not the best paraphrasing or article spinning tool.

Just to calm your nerves and to offer you a definitive answer, here’s…

Why Should You Look For A Better Wordtune Alternative? (Cons Of Wordtune)

Here are some reasons that force its users to find a better alternative –

  • While other alternatives to Wordtune proudly tell its users about the AI or language models used by the software, Wordtune likes to keep it a secret. This begs the true efficacy of the software.
  • The software sometimes paraphrases the content and loses its original meaning. Due to this, you’d have to fix the errors and rewrite the content manually.
  • The free plan of Wordtune only allows you to use the rephrasing feature only 20 times a day. If you want to paraphrase more content, you’d have to either do it the next day or upgrade to a premium plan.
  • All the other features like tone changing, content summarizer, and expander are only available in the premium plans.

With that being said, I now hope you feel that finding the right Wordtune alternative is the only option left.

So without wasting any more time, allow me to explore each of the replacement software in detail.

Let’s start with…

1. QuillBot

QuillBot is the best Wordtune alternative that I can ever recommend to you. This paraphrasing tool is similar in terms of features, efficiency, usability, and also pricing. Not to forget, it has been in the business for several years now, and hence, it is the pick of the software for students, bloggers, SEO professionals, and marketing teams. Therefore, it naturally qualifies to be called as an ideal replacement of Wordtune.

Speaking a bit about its ease-of-use, it allows you to copy the original content, paste it into the input box, and initiate the paraphrasing process. Additionally, it also allows you to set the tone. In a matter of few seconds, you will get fresh, paraphrased content for you to use. Due to its set of features, QuillBot is proudly catering to 30+ million users from around the world.

QuillBot - Best Wordtune Alternative

Why QuillBot Is Considered As The Best Wordtune Alternative?

  • Just like Wordtune, QuillBot excels in paraphrasing and rewriting skills. Before paraphrasing the content, it analyzes and understands the context of the content. This helps in generating good quality content.
  • QuillBot offers 6 different paraphrasing tones. Out of these six modes, two are available for free and the rest four come with premium plans. You also have the flexibility to adjust the use of synonyms in paraphrased content.
  • While paraphrasing, QuillBot allows you to save certain keywords from paraphrasing. This feature comes in handy when you are trying to paraphrase keyword-rich articles.
  • Similar to Wordtune, QuillBot also packs a summarizer and a grammar checker module. With the summarizer tool, you can shorten a lengthy text and with the grammar checker, you can remove grammatical errors from your content.
  • This alternative to Wordtune also offers multiple extensions. You can not only use QuillBot as an online application but also as a Chrome extension and add-ons for Google Docs & Microsoft Word.
  • Unlike Wordtune, QuillBot now offers a citation generator module. This module is however in the beta phase but it can still efficiently create APA, MLA, and Chicago style full & in-text citations.

Pricing Plans Of QuillBot

Besides the set of features, QuillBot also impresses us in terms of its pricing plans. To start things off, it offers a forever free plan. The free version of QuillBot offers limited access to the software. But you can get complete access to the tool in its premium plans.

Speaking of which, there’s only a single premium plan but it comes with multiple billing options. This plan allows you to paraphrase up to 10,000 characters and summarize 25,000 characters at once. Also, you’d unlock all the writing modes and other features. Besides this, your purchase is backed up by a 3 days refund policy.

QuillBot Pricing
  • Free – As said earlier, the free plan will allow you to use the paraphrasing feature with 700 characters limit. Similarly, the summarizer feature comes with a 5,000 characters limit. Lastly, you are only allowed to use 2 writing modes.
  • Monthly – If you pick the monthly subscription plan, you’d have to pay $7.95/month.
  • Semi-Annual – This plan is chargeable at the rate of $4.99/month and would be billed $29.95 every 6 months.
  • Annual – Lastly, this plan is charged at the rate of $3.33/month but you will be billed $39.95 every year.

2. Spin Rewriter

If you are trying to find the best QuillBot alternative just for the paraphrasing feature then Spin Rewriter is the right choice. The software has been in the business since 2011 and has been catering to 180,000+ users from around the world. Since then, the tool saw constant developments, and recently, it has been upgraded to version 12. Arguably, with this software update, it naturally becomes one of the best paraphrasing and article rewriting tools.

This level of efficiency is achieved with the help of the ENL or Emulated Natural Language technology. This model first understands the meaning and context of the original content. Next, it logically paraphrases the content and generates new content as if it is written by a human writer. And, all of these processes can be completed in as many as three simple steps. Not to forget, there are several features available in the software that will enhance your paraphrasing experience.

Spin Rewriter - Wordtune Alternative

New Features & Improvements In Spin Rewriter Version 12

  • The ENL technology is further refined to the point where it offers better phrase-level spinning.
  • The synonym database of Spin Rewriter is manually reviewed to further refine the synonym suggestions.
  • Spin Rewriter has a revamped user interface to enhance paraphrasing and article spinning experience. Furthermore, it also has a new and seamless onboarding process.
  • The mobile version of Spin Rewriter finally offers all the features available in the desktop version.
  • The software team has also uploaded a fresh set of video tutorials.
  • You will also get to enrich your spun content with the expanded integration of free stock photos and videos.
  • Spin Rewriter 12 will allows you to instanly create categories inside the Archive section. This way, you can easily sort your spun articles.
  • The new technology of this software will automatically detect if you are copied and pasted broken/partial articles.
  • The auto-capitalization of synonym has been improved so that you get better suggestions for acronyms, abbreviations, initials, etc.
  • Spin Rewriter has also improved its active-to-passive voice converter.
  • After spinning or paraphrasing the article, Spin Rewriter now offers you the choice to export the spun content in text, PDF, and Word (.doc) formats.

Check out the detailed review of Spin Rewriter 12 and find out why it is the best article spinner and paraphrasing tool.

Why Spin Rewriter Is Considered As The Best Wordtune Alternative?

  • Spin Rewriter uses Emulated Natural Language technology to paraphrase your content. This technology spins the content without losing its original meaning.
  • This software also facilitates deep spinning. With the help of this feature, you can create multiple variations of your article. This feature comes in handy when you want to publish multiple articles on the same topic.
  • The ENL semantic spinning technology is capable of offering spinning at phrases, sentences, and paragraphs level. It certainly helps in maintaining the context of the original text.
  • While Wordtune can only paraphrase single content at a time, Spin Rewriter can spin 10 articles in a single attempt. Moreover, you can also export 1,000 versions of a single article at once.
  • This alternative to Wordtune supports up to 5 spintax formats. You can choose the format that you are familiar with. Furthermore, it also allows you to create your own custom spintax format.
  • Spin Rewriter also offers a WordPress plugin. You can directly import your paraphrased content in your blog post with the help of this plugin. Additionally, it also paraphrases content with HTML formatting.
  • The software is efficient enough to allow you to compare original and spun content side-by-side. This enables you to see the difference and also evaluate the overall quality of the content.
  • Spin Rewriter comes with a grammar and spelling checking module to remove errors from your content. Additionally, there’s a word and character counter module as well.
  • This tool seamlessly connects with all the SEO tools and also offers integration with Copyscape.
  • Similar to Wordtune, Spin Rewriter can be used on all kinds of devices. You simply have to use a web browser and should have an internet connection. One thing to note here is that Spin Rewriter does not offer a Chrome extension or other add-ons.

Pricing Plans Of Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is very flexible in terms of pricing. There isn’t a dedicated free plan but it does offer a 5 days free trial with the yearly plan. Besides the yearly plan, you will have the option to pick a monthly or lifetime access plan. And, all the plans are backed by a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Here’s the interesting part, if you pick the yearly plan, you’d also get 6 unique bonuses by Spin Rewriter. Apart from this, all the plans offer complete access to the software and allow you to paraphrase/spin unlimited articles.

Spin Rewriter Pricing
  • Monthly – This plan comes with a price tag of $47/month.
  • Yearly – Similarly, you’d have to pay $77/year for the yearly subscription and for 6 bonuses as well.
  • Lifetime – For lifetime access to Spin Rewriter, you’d have to pay a one-time fee of $497.

3. WordAi

WordAi is yet another one of the best Wordtune alternatives that you can use. The team behind this software has been creating softwares that is helping newbie writers and bloggers to get past their writer’s block. Therefore, in addition to WordAi, the team has developed an article generator tool – Article Forge. But speaking more about WordAi, the software packs all the necessary features to paraphrase high-quality content in a matter of minutes.

WordAi achieves such efficiency with the help of its advanced machine learning models. Similar to Wordtune and some of its alternatives, it initially understands the context of the text before paraphrasing it. This helps in keeping the original meaning of the content intact. Meanwhile, in terms of readability, the content sounds as if it is written by a human writer.

WordAi - Alternative To Wordtune

Why WordAi Is Considered As The Best Wordtune Alternative?

  • As said earlier, WordAi uses advanced machine learning models to spin the content. Not only does this technology speed up the paraphrasing process but it also makes sure that the meaning of your original content remains the same.
  • Since WordAi understands the context of your text, it allows you to restructure sentences and enrich them with LSI keywords. This feature comes in handy if you are trying to rewrite a blog post.
  • Just like Wordtune, WordAi packs a grammar checker tool to remove grammatical errors from your content. Additionally, it also offers a spell checker tool to fix spelling mistakes.
  • While Wordtune offers a summarizing feature, similarly, WordAi can create concise versions of your original content. Furthermore, it can also split longer sentences into shorter ones.
  • Unlike Wordtune but similar to other alternatives, WordAi can generate up to 1,000 versions per original content. All of these content variations will be unique and pass the duplicacy tests as well.
  • WordAi also allows you to import or upload all of your articles at once and initiate the paraphrasing process for each of them. Once the process ends, you will have the ability to bulk download all the rewritten article copies.
  • The software seamlessly connects with the article generation tool – Article Forge. This tool allows you to generate unique articles and later, you can upload these articles in your WordAi account for paraphrasing.
  • WordAi also offers an extensive set of APIs to integrate it with any software.

Pricing Plans Of WordAi

To start things off, WordAi offers a 3 days free trial. You will get enough access to the software to find out if it suits your content paraphrasing needs.

Next, similar to other alternatives to Wordtune, WordAi provides complete access to the software and offers unlimited paraphrasing/spinning limits. Speaking about the billing cycles, WordAi offers a couple of plans with monthly and yearly subscriptions. Apart from this, there’s a custom plan for high volume usage.

As always, all the WordAi plans are supported by a 30 days money-back guarantee (only if you have rewritten less than 10 articles).

WordAi Pricing
  • Monthly – By paying $57/month, you will be able to use WordAi without any restrictions.
  • Yearly – At the same time, the yearly subscription will be billed at $324/year (charged at the rate of $27/month).
  • Enterprise – For a higher volume of paraphrasing & content rewriting and getting multiple seats for your team, you’d have to request for a custom pricing.

4. The Best Spinner 4

The Best Spinner 4 is yet another software created by the team at Prosperative. The company has a prolific history in developing SEO and content generation tools for users. Among its multiple products, The Best Spinner 4 comes out to be the best alternative to Wordtune as it offers stellar content spinning and paraphrasing capabilities. And, that is why more than 92,000+ bloggers, writers, SEO professionals, etc. are using it for their paraphrasing needs.

The “4” at the end represents that the software is currently in its 4th version. It clearly says that the team has upgraded the software to provide the best paraphrasing efficiency. Not just this but The Best Spinner 4 also offers a simple user interface. You simply have to enter the original content in the input box and start the paraphrasing process with just a single click. Besides this, there are tons of other features as well that enhance your overall experience.

The Best Spinner 4 - Wordtune Competitor

Why The Best Spinner 4 Is Considered As The Best Wordtune Alternative?

  • From spinning a single sentence to a complete paragraph, this software offers complete flexibility to its users. This way you’d be able to protect certain phrases or keywords from paraphrasing.
  • The Best Spinner 4 offers unlimited nested spinning. This feature allows you to paraphrase an article as many times as you want. The best part with this feature is that all the versions are completely unique.
  • This is the only Wordtune competitor that offers you a library of 132,000+ PLR articles on different topics. You can pick the one according to your requirements, paraphrase it with the software, and use it as a new article altogether.
  • The software has the potential to generate up to 100 versions of an article in a single run. Later, it also allows you to download all of these newly paraphrased articles in bulk.
  • Just like a couple of other alternatives, The Best Spinner 4 will also automatically publish newly paraphrased articles on your WordPress website. If you have multiple websites, you can automate the complete process and save a lot of time.
  • Such a high level of paraphrasing efficiency is achieved with the help of its cloud thesaurus. All the synonyms in its database are regularly updated and managed by real users.
  • It is one of the only Wordtune competitors that can translate your articles into 14 different languages. If you want to offer textual content to the audience in their native language then this feature is very useful.
  • Unlike any other software mentioned in this article, The Best Spinner 4 can generate an mp3/audio file from your article.

Pricing Plans Of The Best Spinner 4

Unlike other Wordtune alternative, The Best Spinner 4 is the only software that does not come with a free trial. To compensate for the lack of a free trial, it offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. After becoming a paid user, if in any way you feel that the paraphrasing or spinning is not up to the mark, you can ask for a full refund.

Speaking about the premium plans, The Best Spinner 4 offers three pricing plans but with a yearly subscription. All these plans offer unlimited content spinning and paraphrasing credits. But text-to-audio conversion limits are different in each plan.

The Best Spinner 4 Pricing
  • Basic – $67/year with 30 monthly credits for audio conversion and translations.
  • Standard – At the same time, this plan comes at $127/year and offers a couple of bonuses and 60 monthly credits for audio conversion & translations.
  • Pro – Lastly, you’d have to pay $297/year for 300 monthly credits for audio conversions.

5. Chimp Rewriter

While most of the Wordtune alternatives are online or web-based, Chimp Rewriter takes a convention route and comes as a downloadable software for Windows. Despite being a downloadable tool, Chimp Rewriter is still very efficient. It offers stellar article rewriting and spinning services. And, just like Wordtune, the newly paraphrased content has near to perfect readability, as if it was written by a human writer.

This level of content paraphrasing efficiency is achieved with the help of artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology. With the help of these technologies, the software first understands the context of your content and after that, it logically spins the content by keeping its meaning intact. And, this process is completed in as many as 3 simple steps.

Chimp Rewriter - Wordtune Alternative

Why Chimp Rewriter Is Considered As The Best Wordtune Alternative?

  • It is one of the fewest alternative tools that use both A.I. and NLP for rewriting your content. The software researches, analyzes, and rewrites content at lightning speed.
  • Besides article spinning and paraphrasing, Chimp Rewriter is also capable of automatically adding relevant images and videos to your newly generated content.
  • Despite Chimp Rewriter being an offline/downloadable software, it works on a robust thesaurus. This thesaurus is constantly updated and improved so that you get the best synonym recommendations.
  • The conventional article spinning tool of Chimp Rewriter also offers various features like nested-level spinning, bulk directory rewrites, and list reordering. Ultimately, the tools maintain the complete uniqueness of the content.
  • Similar to other alternatives to Wordtune, Chimp Rewriter supports paraphrasing in multiple languages. The supported languages are English, Italian, French, Danish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovak, and Swedish.
  • To further improve the efficiency and functionality of Chimp Rewriter, it comes with APIs. With the help of this API, you can integrate it with various SEO tools like WP Robot, Ultimate Demon, SEO Content Machine, Kontent Machine, and more.

Pricing Plans Of Chimp Rewriter

To start things off, Chimp Rewriter offers a whopping 14 days free trial period. In the free trial, you will be given complete access to the software so that you can test out its features. Once you are satisfied or after your trial period expires, you would have to upgrade to a paid plan.

But before this, you should also know that the software offers 3 bonuses when you become a premium user.

If you are a solo user, you can pick its monthly or yearly subscription plan –

Chimp Rewriter Pricing
  • Monthly – $15/month for using the software on 2 devices with 1,500 API requests.
  • Yearly –  $99/year with similar access to 2 devices and 1,500 API requests.

Similarly, if you just want the API access, you can then pick any of the Chimp Rewriter’s API plans –

Chimp Rewriter API Pricing
  • Standard API – $9/month for 3,000 monthly credits.
  • Premium API – $19/month for 7,500 monthly credits.
  • Professional API – $29/month for 15,000 monthly credits.
  • Standard API – $49/month for 30,000 monthly credits.
  • Super API – $99/month for 120,000 monthly credits.

Lastly, if you require bulk licenses, Chimp Rewriter has plans for this also –

Chimp Rewriter Bulk License Pricing
  • Startup Package – $25 per month for 5 licenses.
  • Professional Package – $35 per month for 10 licenses.
  • Bulk Package – $50 per month for 20 licenses.

The Verdict – Which Is The Best Wordtune Alternative?

Now that you have explored all the Wordtune alternatives, I hope that you have found the best replacement for yourself.

If you still haven’t found an ideal replacement, I would suggest you sign up for their free trials. Almost all the software either offers a free plan or a free trial.

After testing out these software yourself, you would be able to make a better decision.

If you want a quick piece of advice, I would suggest you go with QuillBot. This alternative software packs exactly the same set of features and offers similar efficiency. Moreover, the pricing is almost the same.

The only difference is the credit limits in the free and premium plans.

Besides this, if you are looking for the best content rewriting and paraphrasing quality, I would definitely recommend Spin Rewriter.

At last, here are a couple of relevant blog posts that you may want to read –

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an online software that offers content paraphrasing, rewriting, summarizing, and grammar checking features. The tool can be used as an online application, Chrome extension, and add-ons for Google Docs & Outlook Web.

Is Wordtune any good?

Yes, in recent times, Wordtune is considered one of the best paraphrasing and summarizing tools. It can be used anywhere on the internet (after installing it as a Chrome extension) but also on Google Docs as well. The content paraphrasing quality is top-notch and rightfully serves the purpose.

Are there any software better than Wordtune?

If you are just looking for a better article rewriting and paraphrasing factor, Spin Rewriter is definitely the best. It also offers a WordPress plugin to automatically publish your newly paraphrased content. Similarly, if you want a similar feature set, QuillBot is the best choice.

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