12 Best & Cheaper Jasper AI Alternatives For AI Content Generation

Have you been looking for some of the best Jasper AI alternatives? If so, you have arrived at the right blog post…

AI copywriting and content generation is a rapidly growing field, and there are many AI copywriting software available to help you create high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

While Jasper AI is one of the most popular and powerful AI writing tools on the market, it can be quite expensive.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that can offer similar (or sometimes better) features at a much more affordable price.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best and cheaper Jasper AI alternatives that you can use for AI content generation.

By the time you finish reading this blog post, you’re sure to find an AI tool that meets your needs and fits your budget. So let’s dive in and explore the world of AI content generation!

Overview & Comparison Of Best Jasper AI Alternatives

SoftwareOur RatingTemplates OfferedFree Trial/PlanPricing
Writesonic5.0/590+10,000 free wordsStarts at $19/month
Anyword4.8/5100+Free planStarts at $29/month
Copysmith4.7/530+7 daysStarts at $19/month
CopyAI4.7/590+Free planStarts at $49/month
Rytr4.7/530+Free planStarts at $9/month
Article Forge4.7/515 daysStarts at $27/month
Rapide.ly4.6/530+Free trialStarts at $15/month
Scalenut4.6/540+Free planStarts at $29/month
WordHero4.5/560+No free trialStarts at $49/month
Texta4.4/550+7 daysStarts at $25/month
Writecream4.4/540+Free planStarts at $29/month
ClosersCopy4.6/5700+No free trialStarts at $49.99/month

Before we explore each of the alternative software in detail, allow me briefly talk about Jasper AI and the reasons behind your motive to look for other Jasper.ai alternatives.

What Is Jasper or Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is one of the most advanced AI-powered copywriting tools currently available on the digital market. It is a revolutionary tool that uses the latest GPT-3 AI technology to generate content quickly and efficiently. As you know by now, this technology has been developed by OpenAI and is the most advanced artificial intelligence language model available today.

Jasper - AI Copywriting & Content Generation Software

This AI copywriting software helps content creators to generate content in a fraction of the time it would take to create manually. This AI copywriting tool allows users to produce content faster and with less effort.

Jasper also helps to improve accuracy and produce content that is more engaging. It is capable of understanding the intent behind your words, so you can create content that speaks to your audience. The team behind Jasper has manually trained its AI language model or engine so it can analyze and interpret the text you provide. This allows you to produce content that is tailored to the needs of your audience.

Speaking of which, Jasper can be used to create content for blogs, articles, emails, social media posts, ad copies, eCommerce product descriptions, website copies, and more. There are 50+ AI tools and templates to choose from.

Jasper - AI Tools & Templates

Another great benefit of using Jasper is that it helps to reduce costs by eliminating the need for manual writing and editing. The software can quickly generate content that is accurate, error-free, and ready to be published. This means that content creators like yourself can spend more time focusing on other aspects of their business and less time worrying about creating content.

And, that is why over 50,000 customers and enterprise-level businesses are relying on Jasper for their bulk content creation needs.

That being said, using Jasper is not the cup of tea for everyone. Next. we will discuss some top reasons as to why some of its users, like yourself, look for Jasper.ai alternatives.

Why You Should Look For Jasper AI Alternatives? – Cons Of Jasper

  1. Requires Credit Card Details While Signing Up – While signing up for your free trial, Jasper asks you to enter your credit card details. While other alternative solutions offer a free plan.
  2. Expensive Plans – In comparison to other software, Jasper offers an expensive pricing structure. The pricing starts at $29/month for 20,000 words and $59/month for 50,000 words. It will get expensive for you if you have high content creation needs.
  3. Long-Form & Advanced Features In Higher Plans – You will only be able to access its advanced features like Sonic editor, recipes, commands, etc. in its Boss Mode plan.
  4. Lacks Major Integration Options – Only recently Jasper has launched its Chrome extension. Besides this, it does not offer integration with WordPress or Zapier.
  5. Only Offers 50+ AI Tools – Since its launch, Jasper is offering 50+ AI tools and templates. I have not seen any new tools or use cases added to it.
  6. Out-Of-Context Content On Rare Occasions – Every AI writing assistant creates content that is sometimes out of context. The same is the case with Jasper.

Exploring All Jasper AI Alternatives In Detail

Now that you know some major drawbacks of Jasper, it’s the right time for us to explore all of its top alternatives that are not only cheaper but also offer more range of features.

So without any further ado, let’s explore them, starting with my favorite –

1. Writesonic (Overall Best Jasper AI Alternative)

Writesonic - Best Jasper AI Alternatives

Writesonic is an excellent alternative to Jasper AI for people looking for an AI writing assistant. It is a powerful tool that uses GPT-3 AI to help writers compose better, faster, and more accurate content.

The software offers a wide range of features. It has an AI-driven content research engine that can automatically research topics and generate ideas and topics related to your content needs. Speaking of which, it can easily generate content for blog posts, social media posts, ad copies, email subject lines, and so on.

Furthermore, Writsonic’s chatbot – Chatsonic is far better than its counterpart. Unlike Jasper Chat which can only generate textual content, Chatsonic can generate text and graphics very easily.

Writesonic - User Interface - ChatSonic

In terms of its usability, it is simple to learn and use and does not require any coding or technical knowledge. Both beginners and experienced writers alike can use it. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and use. Additionally, I definitely like how the software is regularly updated to ensure it works effectively and efficiently.

Key Features Of Writesonic

  • It uses GPT-3 AI technology for content generation.
  • Chatsonic leverages GPT-3.5 LLM to generate text and images.
  • Writesonic offers 90+ AI tools and use cases.
  • You can generate landing pages with text and HTML.
  • It offers 4 distinct tools to generate long-form blog posts.
  • You can create unlimited projects as you like and add team members for collaboration.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic is one of the cheaper Jasper AI alternatives. It is available at an affordable price (monthly and yearly subscription), making it accessible to everyone who needs it. It is also backed by a strong customer support team that is always ready to help with any issues.

Writesonic - New Pricing
  • Free Trial – Access to all of its essential tools to generate 10,000 premium quality words.
  • Long-form – This plan starts at $19/month for 60,000 words and 1 user. Other advanced features like SurferSEO integration, API access, etc. are also available in this plan.
  • Custom Plan – For custom needs and user access, you’d have to request for a custom plan.

How Does Writesonic Fare Against Jasper?


  • Writesonic offers more AI tools than Jasper
  • Chatsonic is better than Jasper Chat
  • You can integrate Writesonic with WordPress
  • Generate long-form blog posts in a single click
  • More affordable and comes with a free trial
  • Offers 4 different content quality settings


  • The content quality of Jasper can be marginally better than Writesonic
  • Has a bigger community than Writesonic

2. Anyword (Jasper AI Alternative For Copywriters)

Anyword - Jasper AI Alternatives

Anyword is one of the best Jasper AI alternatives when it comes to AI-driven copywriting and content generation. It is a comprehensive platform that enables you to create and generate high-quality content quickly and easily.

The platform provides 100+ AI-driven tools, use cases, and features. To top this, Anyword also offers a predictive performance score feature which isn’t available in Jasper AI. This feature evaluates your generated content and predicts its potential to engage your audience. Mind you, Anyword is the first AI tool to offer this feature to its users.

Anyword - User Interface - Facebook Ad Generator With Predictive Performance Score

Moreover, Anyword also offers a custom persona feature that isn’t available in Jasper. It allows you to generate content based on your users’ preferences, demographics, and interests. This makes the platform one of the best Jasper.ai alternatives for personalizing content.

All in all, Anyword tool is developed to help copywriters, marketers, and businesses create good quality content quickly and easily. To say the least, with the help of Anyword, you are capable of producing original website copies, headlines, articles, long-form blog content, emails, ad copies, and more.

Key Features Of Anyword

  • It uses GPT-3 AI technology along with other technologies for content creation.
  • Anyword now offers 100+ AI tools, templates, frameworks, and use cases.
  • You can use Anyword’s predictive performance score to analyze the potential of your generated content copy.
  • The software now comes with a blog post wizard tool to generate long-form content.
  • You will have the flexibility to generate content in multiple languages.
  • It is the only Jasper AI alternative that offers the custom persona feature. It can be used to create personalized content for different sets of audiences.

Anyword Pricing

When it comes to pricing, it may seem that Anyword is more expensive than Jasper AI. However, that is not the case. Unlike Jasper, Anyword will grant complete access to the software in its Starter plan itself.

This includes essential features like a blog post wizard, multiple seats, access to it AI tools, etc. However, if you want advanced features like real-time predictive performance score, you can opt for its higher plan.

Anyword Pricing
  • Free Plan – A forever-free plan that allows you to generate 1,000 words for free every month.
  • Starter – The plan starts at $29/month for 20,000 words.
  • Data-Driven – It starts at $99/month for 30,000 words.

How Does Anyword Fare Against Jasper?


  • Uses more AI technologies than Jasper
  • Offers predictive performance score & analytics
  • Integrates with ad accounts of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Offers more AI tools and templates than Jasper
  • Can generate content in 30+ languages
  • Comes with a forever-free plan


  • Content quality can be inferior to Jasper
  • Major integrations are missing in Anyword
  • Does not create SEO-optimized content as of now

3. Copysmith (Best Jasper AI Alternative For eCommerce Businesses)

Copysmith - Jasper AI Alternative For eCommerce Businesses

If you have an eCommerce business or are a part of one, Copysmith is one of the best Jasper.ai alternatives for you. It is an AI writing tool that can help marketers create a wide range of content for product descriptions, website copies, ad copies, social media captions, and more.

When you use Copysmith, you’d find that it can quickly generate good-quality content in different tones and styles that are tailored to your target audience. The platform utilizes GPT-3 AI technology to understand your content needs and generate content that meets them.

Similar to other AI-based copywriting tools, Copysmith comes with 30+ tools that are designed to be used by both professional copywriters and non-technical users alike. The easy-to-use interface will allow you to quickly generate content in multiple formats and styles.

In addition to its advanced AI capabilities, Copysmith is the only alternative to Jasper AI that offers bulk content generation features for your eCommerce products. At the same time, it also makes it easier for you to invite your team members and collaborate on concurrent projects.

Key Features Of Copysmith

  • It leverages GPT-3 AI technology to generate content specifically for eCommerce businesses.
  • You can generate bulk copies of product descriptions, ads, social media captions, SEO metatags, etc. with Copysmith.
  • Unlike Jasper, Copysmith comes with a built-in plagiarism checker.
  • It offers integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Frase, and Google Ads.
  • The Chrome extension enables you to use its AI capabilities across Google Docs. Moreover, you can also connect with MS Word.
  • You can build winning content copies with Copysmith’s campaign builder.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith is a cheaper Jasper AI alternative. For starters, it comes with a 7-day free trial period in which you’d get complete access to the software.

Once the free trial expires, you’d have to subscribe to its monthly or yearly subscription plans. Keep in mind that you’d unlock more advanced features and usage limits in higher plans.

Copysmith Pricing
  • Free Trial – A 7-day free trial to test the software.
  • Starter – The plan costs $19/month for 20,000 words, 20 plagiarism checks, and 5 team members.
  • Professional – Similarly, it would cost you $59/month for 80,000 words, 100 plagiarism checks, and 10 team members.
  • Start Up – Lastly, this plan will cost you $299/month for unlimited words and unlimited access to its plagiarism checker.

How Does Copysmith Fare Against Jasper?


  • Best for eCommerce businesses & large teams
  • Supports bulk content generation
  • Integration options are better in Copysmith
  • Better team management & collaboration features
  • Generate content in 60+ languages
  • Native plagiarism checker at no extra cost


  • Cannot generate full-fledged blog posts
  • Suitable only for eCommerce businesses
  • Fewer AI tools than Jasper

4. CopyAI (Jasper AI Alternative For Creative Content Needs)

CopyAI - Jasper AI Alternative For Creative Content Needs

CopyAI is emerging as one of the best Jasper AI alternatives, offering a powerful AI writing tool. The software can help you create an engaging copy with the right tone and words, and can even suggest topics, titles, and headlines to make the process easier.

Furthermore, you can use CopyAI to generate content for websites, blog post outlines, emails, social media captions, ad copies, and other use cases. There are 90+ tools to choose from.

CopyAI is a great Jasper AI alternative for businesses that are looking for miscellaneous or creative content needs. Unlike traditional copywriting tools, CopyAI can also generate content for some unique use cases such as social media bios, wedding vows, short stories, song lyrics, etc.

Additionally, you can further customize your generated content with CopyAI’s advanced editing and optimization capabilities.

Key Features Of CopyAI

  • The software employs GPT-3 AI technology for the content generation process.
  • You have the liberty to use CopyAI’s 90+ AI tools and templates.
  • This tool can effortlessly generate content in 25+ languages.
  • You can create as many projects as you like and invite up to 5 team members to work concurrently.
  • There is a wide range of options available for the tone of voice.

CopyAI Pricing

CopyAI is one of the free Jasper.ai alternatives. It offers a forever-free plan that allows you to generate up to 2,000 words every month.

Besides this, CopyAI is also cheaper than Jasper as it offers flexible pricing plans to meet your budget and content needs.

CopyAI Pricing
  • Free – A forever-free plan that enables you to generate 2,000 words every month.
  • Pro – $49/month for unlimited ai writing and complete access to the software.

How Does CopyAI Fare Against Jasper?


  • Offers more than 90+ AI tools
  • Better for short-form content
  • Comes with team management features
  • A forever-free plan is available
  • Cheaper than Jasper


  • Not as robust as Jasper
  • Major integrations are missing
  • Cannot generate complete blog posts

5. Rytr (Jasper Alternative For Short Form Content)

Rytr - Jasper Alternative For Short Form Content

Rytr is yet another short-form AI writing tool that has quickly become one of the best Jasper.ai alternatives. It is a powerful solution that can be used to generate a wide variety of content, including blog posts outlines, product descriptions, web pages, SEO metatags, ad copies, and more.

The stuff that I like the most about Rytr is that it is easy to use, with an intuitive user interface. All of its AI tools and templates are listed in a drop-down list.

Rytr - User Interface - AITemplates

Also, when it comes to project management, you can create as many as you like and add as many documents to them. Project folder management is just like how you manage files on your computer.

In addition to this, Rytr also packs some content optimization tools that are able to auto-correct errors, expand, paraphrase, and summarize content. Furthermore, you can generate content in more languages in Rytr than in Jasper.

Key Features Of Rytr

  • This software makes use of GPT-3 AI technology on top of its own proprietary AI for content generation.
  • There are 40+ short-form AI tools and templates available in Rytr.
  • You can generate content in as many as 30 global languages.
  • The Chrome extension of Rytr extends your AI writing capabilities across different platforms.
  • There’s a native plagiarism checker to find if the generated content contains any plagiarism.
  • You will also have the flexibility to download your generated content in .docx or HTML formats.
  • It integrates with Semrush so that you can generate SEO-optimized content.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr is among some of the free Jasper.ai alternatives as it comes with a forever-free plan.

Moreover, Rytr is also more affordable than Jasper. It offers pricing plans that are tailored to fit your or the needs of businesses, no matter their budget. This makes it a great choice for solo bloggers, marketers, copywriting, and even small and medium-sized businesses who are looking for an advanced AI tool.

Rytr Pricing
  • Free – A forever-free plan to generate up to 10,000 characters in a month.
  • Saver – $9/month for 100,000 characters in a month.
  • Unlimited – $29/month for unlimited ai writing credits and more.

How Does Rytr Fare Against Jasper?


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Ideal for short-from content
  • Integrates with Semrush, Shopify, & WordPress
  • Packs a native plagiarism checker
  • Offers the widest range of tones of voices
  • Forever free plan & affordable pricing


  • Cannot generate long-form content
  • Fewer AI tools than Jasper
  • Less integration options than Jasper

6. Article Forge (Jasper AI Alternative For Blog Posts)

Article Forge - Jasper AI Alternative For Blog Posts

Article Forge is yet another Jasper AI alternative that is basically an AI-powered content creation tool designed to help users generate high-quality blog posts and articles quickly and efficiently.

When I compared Article Forge with Jasper AI, I found that it is a content creation tool that uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to generate unique and high-quality articles on any topic.

It offers a range of features, including customizable content settings, bulk content creation, and the ability to integrate with WordPress as well. As a matter of fact, the new feature of Article Forge also allows you to generate content in such as way that it passes AI detection tests.

Article Forge - Settings Configuration With AI Detection

Overall, both Article Forge and Jasper AI are powerful content-creation tools that offer a range of features designed to help businesses and individuals create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. However, the key difference between the two platforms is that Article Forge is designed for users who need to create large volumes of blog posts or articles, while Jasper AI is best for users who need to create high-quality content copies that are optimized for conversions.

Key Features Of Article Forge

  • It uses natural language processing technology to generate high-quality articles on any topic.
  • The platform includes a research assistant feature that helps users find relevant information and data to include in their articles.
  • Article Forge offers customizable templates that allow users to modify the structure and format of their articles to suit their needs.
  • The software optimizes content for SEO, ensuring that it ranks well in search engine results pages.
  • Article Forge supports multiple languages, allowing you to generate content in different languages quickly and easily.
  • You can generate multiple articles at once, making it easy to create large volumes of content quickly and efficiently.

Article Forge Pricing

You can sign up for Article Forge’s 5-day free trial period and test its efficacy. You would be able to get complete access to the software in the free trial.

Once you are satisfied or when your trial period ends, you’d have to subscribe to its premium plans. It offers monthly and yearly subscription options.

Article Forge - Pricing
  • $27 per month for 25,000 words.
  • $57 per month for 100,000 words.
  • $127 per month for 250,000 words.
  • $247 per month for 500,000 words.

There’s also a Business plan with custom pricing.

How Does Article Forge Fare Against Jasper?


  • Uses advanced artificial intelligence & deep learning
  • Best for creating blog posts and articles
  • Allows content creation in bulk
  • Can also create SEO-optimized content
  • Offers team member access
  • Content can pass AI detection tests


  • Ideal only for blog posts and articles
  • Does not offer any other AI content templates besides blog posts
  • Generated content may require manual editing

7. Rapide.ly (Jasper Alternative For Social Posts)

Rapide.ly - Jasper Alternative For Social Posts

With Rapide.ly, you can create captivating content for social media in no time at all! Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and tailored questions to match your industry and target market, this powerful platform gives users access to multiple post caption suggestions that are guaranteed to spark engagement on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin – all with minimal effort and time.

For busy entrepreneurs, community managers, and social media managers, Rapide.ly is the perfect Jasper AI alternative to get AI-generated content based on your industry! With a package tailored for multiple account management and brand recognition development, this easy-to-use tool provides cutting-edge solutions for businesses looking for streamlined social media success.

Need help to come up with new ideas? Don’t worry, the AI assistant works for you to come up with inspiring & fresh concepts!

Key Features Of Rapide.ly

  • Rapide.ly uses GPT-3 AI technology to generate impactful & engaging content.
  • It is simple to use as you’d have to simply answer quick & easy questions to create great posts.
  • You can also ask the AI to help you find content ideas.
  • You have your own content calendar & workflow, and will soon have the ability to schedule posts straight to your social platforms.
  • Every week you will find the latest trending audios with ideas to create your own reels.
  • Every month, the software shares a challenge that will help you improve your content creation skills.

Rapide.ly Pricing

If you want to test the platform out for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial. This will allow you to have an internal view of the platform and test the overall efficiency of the software.

Rapide.ly Pricing
  • Free trial – A generous free trial without the need to enter credit card details.
  • Pro – $15/month for 150,000 AI tokens/month with 1 user and 1 business account.
  • Community Manager – The plan starts at $39/month for 150,000 A.I. tokens/month, collaboration features with team members, and 3 business accounts.

How Does Rapide.ly Fare Against Jasper?


  • AI-driven app that works without providing the text prompt
  • Offers unlimited ideas
  • Scalable workflows


  • Cannot generate long-form content
  • Content only for social media platforms

8. Scalenut (Jasper AI Alternative For SEO Content)

Scalenut - Jasper AI Alternative For SEO Content

Scalenut is one of the most advanced and efficient AI writing tools available in the market today. It is a comprehensive platform that provides AI-based solutions for content generation and optimization as well.

On top of GPT-3, the platform uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand the context and intent of the content being generated. This allows it to generate content that is accurate, relevant and optimized for search engine rankings.

Scalenut - AI Copywriting Tools & Templates

I was amazed to find that not only does it offers AI copywriting features but also SEO optimization tools. Not only you can perform keyword research, you can also create topic clusters for your upcoming blog posts. Mind you, this feature is not available in Jasper (available through SurferSEO integration).

Lastly, this alternative to Jasper AI can be integrated into multiple platforms, providing you with a range of customization options and a comprehensive experience.

Key Features Of Scalenut

  • In addition to GPT-3 AI technology, Scalenut leverages NLP for content creation.
  • Besides 40+ AI tools and templates, you can research and create SEO-optimized content.
  • The “Cruise Mode” of Scalenut will enable you to create 1,500+ words blog post in just a few minutes.
  • The topic cluster feature of Scalenut will automatically group similar keywords together for your next blog posts.
  • It also integrates with Semrush, WordPress publisher, and Copyscape. Chrome extension is also available.

Scalenut Pricing

Despite offering a wide range of features, Scalenut is an affordable AI writing tool. For starters, it comes with a forever-free plan with 2,000 free AI words.

Next, if you want to generate more words and utilize its SEO features, you can sign up for its paid plans. The pricing point in Scalenut is similar to Jasper. But you’d find that Scalenut offers more word generation limits and features.

Scalenut Pricing
  • Free – A forever-free tier that offers 2,000 words, 2 SEO reports, and all essential features.
  • Individual – $29/month for 100,000 words and 5 SEO reports.
  • Growth – $79/month for unlimited word credits, 30 SEO reports, 30 topic clusters, collaboration, and other features.
  • Pro – $149/month for unlimited words, unlimited SEO audits, and 100 topic clusters.

How Does Scalenut Fare Against Jasper?


  • Uses GPT-3 and NLP together
  • Best for writing long-form content
  • Offers SEO features and tools
  • Other 40+ AI text generator also available
  • Cruise mode to write blog posts
  • Seamless collaboration features


  • Supports content generation in English only
  • Fewer AI tools than Jasper
  • Third-party plagiarism checker, just like Jasper
  • Adding team members is costly

9. WordHero (All-In-One Jasper AI Alternative)

WordHero - All-In-One Jasper AI Alternative

WordHero is an AI writing software that can be used as one of the best Jasper AI alternatives. The software offers as many as 60+ AI-driven content generation solutions designed to help you create engaging content quickly and cost-effectively.

The software uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 artificial technology to generate different types of content. Just to give you an idea, WordHero can generate blog posts, articles, product descriptions, emails, Google ads, etc.

It also offers a range of customizations such as keyword assistance and tone control. With the help of keyword assistance features, you can easily create content for your SEO needs.

Moreover, the “Editor Mode” of WordHero possesses the power to generate content 10 times faster. For instance, with minimal manual effort, the software can write long-form articles in just a few seconds.

Key Features Of WordHero

  • Similar to other alternatives to Jasper AI, WordHero uses GPT-3 AI technology for content generation.
  • WordHero offers 60+ AI-powered tools and templates to generate content.
  • Unlike Jasper, WordHero can generate text in 100+ languages.
  • It comes with a few unique use cases like food recipes, poems, quotes, lyrics, etc.
  • The app comes with a long-form content editor with keyword assistance.

WordHero Pricing

WordHero has kept its pricing model pretty simple and straightforward. For starters, it does not offer any free plan.

Rather, you can subscribe to its monthly or yearly subscription plan. The best part about its pricing is that it comes with 14 days money-back guarantee.

WordHero Pricing
  • Pro Monthly – $49/month for unlimited credits and complete access to the software.
  • Pro Yearly – $348/year for unlimited credits and complete access.

How Does WordHero Fare Against Jasper?


  • It is relatively simpler to use
  • Offers more AI tools
  • Generates content in 100+ languages
  • Unlimited plans with full access


  • Not as robust as Jasper
  • Lacks a few advanced features like workflow, team management, etc.

10. Texta (Jasper AI Alternative For 1-Click Blog Writing)

Texta - Jasper AI Alternative For 1-Click Blog Writing

Texta primarily functions as an AI blog wizard tool that is quickly becoming one of the best Jasper.ai alternatives. It enables you to quickly generate articles, blog posts, video scripts, and other types of content quickly.

Texta utilizes the latest advancements in the GPT-3 AI technology to generate meaningful content. In addition to this, a partnership with Grammarly enables you to remove all grammatical errors from your generated content.

But the feature that caught my eye was its one-click 1,500+ words blog post generator. All you have to do is enter the seed phrase of keywords and get ready to publish content. Besides writing blog posts, Texta can also generate different types of video scripts for you.

Texta - Long-Form Blog Post Generators

The availability of 50+ tools and integration with Zapier makes Texta a decent alternative to Jasper AI. So if you are a blogger, author, student, YouTuber, etc. Texta could be your go-to AI software.

Key Features Of Texta

  • Texta makes use of GPT-3 AI technology to generate meaningful and coherent content.
  • There are 50+ AI tools available in Texta for diverse content creation needs.
  • It can generate content in 27+ languages, more than what you can in Jasper.
  • Unlike Jasper, you get access to its API to integrate it with any third-party application.
  • You can also use its Zapier integration to connect with 4,000+ apps.

Texta Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Texta comes out to be a cheaper Jasper alternative. For every new user, Texta offers a 7-day free trial with 4,000 free words.

Next, it offers yearly and monthly subscription plans with different sets of features.

Texta Pricing
  • Free Trial – A 7-day free trial with 4,000 words.
  • Starter – $25/month for 25,000 words and 1 seat.
  • Pro Max – $49/month for 50,000 words, 5 seats, and integrations.
  • Pro Max Plus – $79/month for 100,000 words, 10 seats, and other features.

How Does Texta Fare Against Jasper?


  • Offers one-click blog post generator in different niches
  • Enables you to create different types of video script
  • Grammarly and Zapier integration
  • Multiple user seats


  • Other AI tools are not as robust as Jasper’s
  • Detailed documentation & tutorials are missing

11. Writecream (Jasper AI Alternative With Text-to-Speech Feature)

Writecream - Jasper AI Alternative With Text-to-Speech Feature

Writecream is another best Jasper AI alternatives available to marketers, YouTubers, email marketers, bloggers, and all kinds of businesses. All of its 40+ AI tools work on GPT-3 technology to replicate human writing styles.

The first advantage of using Writecream as an alternative to Jasper AI is that it offers a wide range of flagship features such as AI article writer, Facebook & Google ads, social media content, and so on. Similar to Jasper Chat, it offers a ChatGPT-powered chatbot, ChatGinie, and an AI image generator tool as well.

Writecream - User Interface - AI Generated Content Using BAB Framework

Another major advantage of Writecream is that it offers a text-to-speech feature. This would allow you to create an audio or voice-over of your generated content which can be used for podcasts, YouTube videos, explainer videos, and more. Moreover, you can choose from 40+ voice options with multilingual support.

Besides this, similar to Jasper, Writecream packs a “Command” mode. Using this mode, you can instruct Writecream to create different types of content.

Key Features Of Writecream

  • This AI writing software works on GPT-3 AI technology and offers 40+ tools.
  • You get to generate content in 75+ different languages.
  • Unlike any other alternatives to Jasper, Writecream is also available as a mobile application.
  • You can extend Writecreams’s AI writing assistance by installing its browser extension.
  • The software is also proficient in generating content for cold and outreach emails.

Writecream Pricing

Another major advantage of Writecream is that it is more affordable than Jasper AI. Writecream offers a variety of plans that can be tailored to fit any budget.

Additionally, the platform offers a forever-free plan that allows you to test out the features and tools before committing to a plan. This makes Writecream a great choice for those who are on a tight budget.

Writecream Pricing
  • Free Forever – A forever-free plan with a 40,000 characters limit.
  • Unlimited – $29/month to generate unlimited content.
  • Standard – $49/month with 400,000 characters limit.
  • Extended – $69/month to generate up to 1,500,000 characters.

How Does Writecream Fare Against Jasper?


  • Offers ChatGinie, a chatbot for content creation
  • Supports text-to-art generation
  • Can create content in 75+ languages
  • Text-to-audio feature with 40+ voice options
  • Browser extension and mobile app
  • Offers a free plan and affordable plans


  • Lacks a few AI tools
  • Content quality can be better
  • Does not offer project management features

12. ClosersCopy (Jasper Alternative With Proprietary AI)

ClosersCopy - Jasper Alternative With Proprietary AI

ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting tool that can be used as one of the best Jasper AI alternatives. It is designed to help businesses generate good-quality, engaging, conversion-oriented, and SEO-friendly content at scale.

Unlike Jasper or any of its alternatives, ClosersCopy uses its own proprietary AI that works on NLP to generate copies in just a few seconds, giving businesses the ability to quickly create content for different use cases. The AI algorithms used by ClosersCopy claims to understand the context of the content, allowing it to generate more intelligent and relevant copy.

In comparison to Jasper AI, ClosersCopy offers a range of 700+ frameworks and AI features that make it an attractive alternative. It is easy to use, and has powerful AI-driven algorithms. The part about it is that it comes with a similar Google docs editor tool for rich editing.

At the same time, while you’d have to rely on SurferSEO integration in Jasper for SEO features, ClosersCopy offers in-house SEO features. Not only you can perform SEO audits but you can also create an SEO planner with this software. Clearly, it is a better alternative to Jasper AI.

Key Features Of ClosersCopy

  • You can make of CloserCopy’s proprietary AI to generate content for different use cases.
  • The software offers 3 flagship AI models to create content for blog posts, sales copies, and stories.
  • Out of all Jasper AI alternatives, ClosersCopy packs the biggest range of tools i.e. 700+.
  • You will have the liberty to perform SEO audits and create a robust content plan with ClosersCopy.
  • With this software, you can create as many projects as you like and add team members to work concurrently.

ClosersCopy Pricing

Great feature comes at a great price. But this is not the case with ClosersCopy. The pricing of CloserCopy is pretty affordable and suitable for everyone.

However, you will not get any free trial. But the software comes with a solid 14-day money back guarantee if you feel that it isn’t for you.

ClosersCopy Pricing
  • Power -$49.99/month for 30 AI runs, 50 SEO audits, and 2 seats.
  • Superpower – $79.99/month for unlimited credits, SEO audits, and 3 seats.
  • Superpower Squad – $99.99/month for unlimited credits, SEO audits, and 5 seats.

How Does ClosersCopy Fare Against Jasper?


  • Uses its native AI technology
  • Offers 700+ AI tools and frameworks
  • Native SEO tools
  • Robust project and team management
  • Detailed software tutorials
  • Text-to-image generator tool


  • Lacks integration options
  • No free trial or plan

The Verdict – Which Is The Best Jasper AI Alternative?

Now that you have explored all the best Jasper Ai alternatives in detail, I hope you have found a good replacement.

In case you are still trying to figure out the best alternative solution, I’d recommend you first sign up for their free trial and test the software. Once you use the software, it would help you decide better.

Although, if you are short on time and looking for quick advice, I’d suggest you go with Writesonic. The software uses GPT-3 AI technology and offers similar if not better features than Jasper.

Besides this, ClosersCopy is also a good option.

Lastly, here are a few other blog posts that you can go through –

Frequently Asked Questions On Jasper AI Alternatives

What AI does Jasper use?

Jasper works on OpenAi’s GPT-3 language learning model to generate content for diverse needs.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

The pricing of Jasper’s Starter plan starts at $29/month for 20,000 words. Similarly, its Boss Mode plan starts at $59/month for 50,000 words.

Is there a free version of Jasper AI?

Unfortunately, Jasper does not offer a free plan. However, if you are a new user, you can sign up for its 5-day free trial that comes with 10,000 words limit.

What is better than Jasper?

The right answer to this question depends on your needs. For instance, if you are simply looking for an outright alternative then it’s Writesonic. If you want to generate short-form content then it’s Rytr. If you want copies for your marketing campaigns then it’s Anyword, similarly, for eCommerce users it’s Copysmith. Lastly, if you do not want to use GPT-3 tools then you can opt for ClosersCopy.

Is there a free alternative to Jasper AI?

Yes, you can use Writesonic’s free trial to generate 2,500 premium-quality words. Furthermore, tools like Anyword, Rytr, CopyAI, etc. come with a forever-free plan.