10 Best Copywriting Formulas That Will Get Your User’s Attention

Let’s be honest, at ōne point all you wanted was your writing to be pitch-perfect. Factually speaking, copywriting is a skill that has its formulas to get the user’s attention.

While content marketing services get their jobs done in the best way, these formulas can also be applied by YOU! All you need is a little bit of practice, consistency and you will be there in no time!

So here are 10 best copywriting formulas that you don’t want to miss out on!

1. The 4Cs

The first and one of the best copywriting formulas on this list is the 4Cs. As the name suggests your writing should conclude the four characteristics that are: clean, clear, concise, and compelling.

Clean – Make sure your writing is clean, easy to read. Avoid using unnecessary words and above all make sure that your content is grammatically correct.

Clear – Your writing should be clear and understandable to every reader out there. You can do that by using fewer but clearer words, making your sentences short, using bullets if required but making sure that your point is clear and your audience gets the most out of it.

Concise – Make sure that your writing is to the point. This means to convey your message with the least possible words as exaggeration can lead the reader to lose interest.

Compelling – Your writing should be appealing enough for your audience to read. You can easily do that by understanding your audience, their problems, and their needs.

2. Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS)

One of the most best copywriting formulas used by content writing services is PAS. Claimed to be key dominating on social media, this formula does it all. Here’s the breakdown for PAS:

Problem – Identify the problem that your audience is facing.

Agitate – Agitate the problem by showing its severity in real life or talking about the impacts that the problem could cause.

Solution – The final part is to present a solution to the problem, give them an offer they can’t refuse. Just make sure that your audience gets what they came for.

3. Before After Bridge (BAB)

This copywriting formula can serve as an alternative to PAS as this starts on a positive note. This formula is super simple and the world’s best with blogpost intros and emails. BAB is further described below:

Before – First, describe the life of your audience you are trying to engage with

After – Next up, identify a problem in their lives that can be solved with a little help. Help that you can offer.

Bridge – Lastly, fill the gap by offering the optimal solution for their problem. This bridge can help them realize that their life could be better if they opt for the solution you offer to them.

4. The 4 U’s

The original creator of this formula is the mastermind business guru Michael Masterson himself. The formula is perfect for social media and would work great if used with social media marketing.

The 4 U’s comprise of Useful, Urgency, Unique, and Ultra specific which is further discussed below:

Useful – Make sure that the content you write is useful and without fluffs. Your readers don’t want to waste their time. So make sure to time it all right.

Urgency – Make sure that the reader understands that there is a need to fix things by your product or service. Show that your product or service is limited and you have to act immediately to benefit from it.

Unique – Ensure your readers that the product or service that you are offering is unique in a way that will benefit them and no one in the market is currently offering such value.

Ultra Specific – Share maximum details and be ultra-specific about the three U’s mentioned earlier.


This copywriting formula is famously used by charities and organizations that need to arouse a sense of compassion in people. Reading content that is written through this formula can help people realize how good their life is.

Awareness – Start by sharing a problem with broad-spectrum consequences and your readers aren’t aware of it.

Comprehension – Make sure that the problem is described with extreme levels of detail and you don’t miss out on anything while explaining the consequences to the readers.

Conviction – Make your readers believe that the problem is in your hands and they can be an asset to help solve the problem.

Action – Once that is all done, now the only thing that is left is to direct the conviction that you have created in the right direction. In the path, you want to direct it.

6. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA)

This is one of the oldest, most used, and the best copywriting formulas out there. Tech giant Apple uses AIDA throughout its website to encourage its visitors to join and expand their presence. AIDA is also used in television, radios, and even landing pages. The formula is further described below:

Attention – Grab your reader’s attention by persuasive writing

Interest – Sprinkle refreshing and interesting information about the product that appeals to the readers.

Desire – This part is the pure soul of the formula as you have to describe the benefits of your product or service and prove that it does all that it says.

Action – In the end, ask your reader to make the right action or just simply ask for a response.

7. Feature. Advantages, Benefits (FAB)

This copywriting formula is relatively new and has an approach used by novels. It’s all about the highlights and focuses on the pros of a product or service.

Feature – Firstly, describe the product or service in a way that gets the attention of the audience. Make sure to cover every single positive to attract a potential customer.

Advantages – The second part of the formula describes all the advantages of your product over other products that are already on the market.

Benefits – Lastly, list all the life-changing benefits that your audience will get after using your product or service. Describe all the beneficial outcomes that your audience will get from the product or service.

8. The 3 Reasons Why

This is a compact way of writing and a copywriter has to write answers of all the three “Why’s” that they would strive to answer. Following are the three Why’s that you want to answer while copywriting:

  • Why are you the best in the market?
  • Why should I believe in the product or service that you have to offer?
  • Why should I buy your product or service right away?

If you can manage to answer all three Why’s then making an impact on your product or service will be a piece of cake for you.

9. The Four P’s

This formula is a two-in-one solution for your problem. It has two solutions, the first one goes as follows:

Picture – Create a vivid picture in your audience’s mind about a thing that they need or a problem that is currently out there.

Promise – Make sure that if they follow your tips they will end up with a better future. The product or service you offer will lead them to achieve the results they want in little to no time.

Prove – Now the next thing you want to do is prove to your audience that you have the solution to their problems. You can do so by giving out real-life examples or examples of people that have found your product or service useful.

Push – The final step is to push your Audience to take action, encouraging them to engage with your product or service. You can also add links for your product or service accordingly.

Whereas if we talk about the second solution it is quite similar if compared to the first one. The 4 P’s in the second solution stand for Problem, Promise, Proof, and Proposal.

It is quite similar to the first approach but it is much more problem-based. As it starts with a problem and then you will eventually lead the reader to a proposal to end the problem via your profile or service.

10. The Five Basic Objections

The last one on this list of best copywriting formulas is yet another amazing formula to write. It focuses on the five objections that a reader will have while reading your content.

If you can solve these five objections perfectly then the chances of you selling the product or service to the reader are quite high.

The five objections go as follows:

  1. I don’t need it
  2. I don’t believe in you
  3. I don’t have enough money
  4. I don’t have enough time
  5. It just won’t work for me

Final Words On Best Copywriting Formulas

Now you know the best formulas that are out there. All you need to do is practice each one at a time and you will be a masterful copywriter in no time. Just make sure that you are consistent and follow each formula as discussed.

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