10+ Free Christmas Email Templates (100% Responsive & Editable)

Are you looking for some free Christmas email templates to promote your products and services during this holiday season?

Well, the holiday season has already dawned upon us and now is the perfect time to download a set of free Christmas newsletter templates and start your email marketing campaign.

Here, in this blog, I am listing and showcasing some of the top email template for Christmas offered by different email marketing services.

All of these email templates are perfectly responsive, fully customizable and compatible with all the major mailboxes.

Rest assured, all the responsive Christmas email templates are hand-picked and can be used to –

  • Send holiday, Christmas and New Year greetings.
  • Promote seasonal offers on your products & services.
  • Provide shoppers with ideas for their shopping.
  • Remind your customers about the expiring Christmas offer.
  • Invite shoppers to your holiday giveaway contests.

… or anything else.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive-in to explore all the free Christmas email templates that are also 100% responsive and editable –

New Christmas Email Templates by Sendinblue

Sendinblue knows how important is the holiday & Christmas season for business owners.

We, as business owners are already swamped with planning the entire marketing strategy. So Sendinblue lends a helping hand by offering a set of free Christmas and holiday email templates.

Here is a list of few email templates that can be used for –

1. Christmas

Sendinblue is not just a simple email marketing application, rather a complete marketing solution. So keeping this in mind, the designer team at Sendinblue has crafted a stunning email template for Christmas.

This email template can be used by eCommerce store owners, SaaS businesses, service-oriented businesses, local store owners, fashion designers or literally anyone else.

Sendinblue Free Christmas Email Template

Open in Sendinblue Dashboard

2. New Year

Your marketing campaigns shouldn’t stop at just Christmas. Instead, it is wise to extend it to the New Year for the utmost profit generation.

The free email template listed below (and all the other in SendinBlue dashboard) are great for sending New Years’ greeting, offer reminders, discount expiration, etc.

Sendinblue Free New Year Email Template

Open in Sendinblue Dashboard

3. Holidays

Lastly, as we know December is bundled up with lots of holidays, it is certainly impossible to miss out on other holidays.

So Sendinblue has drafted a few of free holiday email templates as well.

Sendinblue Free Holiday Email Template

Open in Sendinblue Dashboard

How To Use & Edit These Templates?

  • Login/Signup on Sendinblue (there’s a free plan too).
  • Create a new campaign and reach the designing step.
  • Click on “Template Gallery” to explore all the free Christmas email templates.
  • Choose the desired template and edit it in the drag & drop builder.

Explore All Templates In Sendinblue

Note – There are over 65 multipurpose email templates available in Sendinblue. And, all of them are absolutely free.

Responsive Christmas Email Template by Mailerlite

Just like other email marketing software, Mailerlite too offers a wide range of Christmas, New Year and Holiday email templates.

The designing maestros at Mailerlite are extremely confident about the conversion rate. So it will be quite safe for you to simply trust the template and start your marketing campaigns.

Here’s a sneak-peek at some of the top converting Christmas and Holiday email templates –

1. Christmas Email Template

If you have an online store (or just an offline store too) you can use this free email template to promote your products.

Since we are following the Christmas theme, this newsletter template is ideal to promote your Christmas apparells, accessories and gifts business.

Mailerlite Free Christmas Email Template

Open in Mailerlite Dashboard

2. Holidays Email Template

Mailerlite wants you to keep the festivities and your marketing campaigns going. So it also provides you some of the top holiday templates.

Just as all the free Christmas email templates are proven to be high converting, all the other templates for holiday season also provide maximum output.

And, the bonus is that they are fully responsive and customizable.

Mailerlite Free Holiday Email Template

Open in Mailerlite Dashboard

How To Use & Edit These Templates?

  • Login/Signup on Mailerlite (a free plan is also available).
  • Create a new campaign and explore all the ready-made Christmas and holiday season email templates.
  • Choose the desired email template and start editing.

Explore All Templates In Mailerlite

Note – You can also access over 100 free email templates in Mailerlite, crafted for different events and occasions.

Free Christmas Newsletter Templates by Mailjet

Mailjet is very much focused on providing you all the possible help during Christmas. And, most notably they do that by offering you responsive email templates for Christmas.

As per Mailjet, they have curated a Holiday Toolkit for 2019. It covers all the major holidays and events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year.

While you might have missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can still make the most by incorporating conversion-oriented free Christmas email templates.

Here are some of the email templates for Christmas –

1. Christmas Email Template for Toy Stores

We all know how much children expect toys as their Christmas presents. So keeping this in mind, Mailjet has created a Christmas holiday based newsletter template for toy store owners.

Mailjet Free Christmas Email Template For Toy Stores

Download & open in Mailjet

2. Christmas Email Template for Bakery

As a bakery owner, your ideal Christmas present would be to receive tons of customers at your shop. This can come true by using the email template shown below.

Mailjet Free Christmas Email Template For Bakery

Download & open in Mailjet

3. Christmas Email Template for Fashion Store

Everybody wants to update their wardrobe but you’d want them to visit your online fashion store. Mailjet offers another top newsletter for Christmas that can be used to promote your clothing line, accessories, and footwear.

Mailjet Free Christmas Email Template For Fashion Stores

Download & open in Mailjet

Apart from Christmas newsletter templates, you also get tons of other holiday season based email templates in Mailjet’s Holiday Toolkit for 2019.

How To Use & Edit These Templates?

  • Download the Holiday Toolkit 2019 here.
  • Login/Signup on Mailjet (a free plan available too).
  • Choose the desired email and upload it to the editor for further customization.

Download & Open Templates In Mailjet

Email Template For Christmas by SendPulse

SendPulse is also known to offer some the finest and attractive email templates for the holiday season. The template gallery covers some generic templates too but Christmas and New Year email templates are worth using for your marketing campaigns.

Rest assured, all these templates are mobile-friendly and compatible with every mailbox.

Here are some of the free Christmas email templates that you can use –

1. For Christmas Greeting & Discounts

Although there are several other Christmas based newsletter available in SendPulse, according to me, this is the best one to promote your products.

SendPulse Free Christmas Email Template

Open in SendPulse Dashboard

2. For New Year Events

If you are all set for your Christmas marketing campaign, SendPulse wants you to be prepared for New Year as well. Here is the optimal email template for New Year event management businesses.

SendPulse Free New Year Email Template

Open in SendPulse Dashboard

How To Use & Edit These Templates?

  • Login/Signup on SendPulse (a free plan is available).
  • Explore all free Christmas email templates.
  • Choose the desired newsletter template and start customizing.

Explore All Templates In SendPulse

Note – SendPulse offers 60+ free responsive email templates. Each of them created for different events, occasions or goals.

Found The Best Christmas Email Template. Now What?

If you have found the best email template for Christmas then you are all set to take off your email marketing campaigns.

Simply open the template in the respective email builder, customize it according to your brand and hit send.

After that, all you have to do is wait patiently for profits and customers to drive to your store. All of this while you are enjoying eggnog near your Christmas tree..!!

However, if you are still in a bit of a pickle and don’t know what to do, here’s –

Digital Marketing Tipsy’s Tip

No matter if this is a one-time marketing campaign or you are here for a long haul, I would recommend you to go with Sendinblue


  1. Sendinblue offers 65+ free email templates. You don’t have to manually create any email templates again. All the templates are available for different events and occasions.
  2. Sendinblue works great with e-shops because it is bundled with email marketing and marketing automation. Facebook Ads, CRM, SMS marketing, signup forms, etc. are all offered in Sendinblue. It also has solid integrations with Prestashop and Magento as well.
  3. Sendinblue works great with non-profits. It charges only on a per-email sent basis, which allows non-profits to store all their contacts in one place, and segment their lists better to send emails only to those who are likely to read them.
  4. Sendinblue will work great with your developers. Your tech-heads can get your marketing team to create beautiful transactional templates, and send the templates through our flexible API extremely easily.
  5. Sendinblue offers cart abandonment email triggers. Sendinblue won’t let you miss any opportunity of sale with the cart abandonment feature. No other service offers this.

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Also, if you are looking for some top-notch SMTP services, consider reading this blog too –

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