12 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting In 2024 [Start @ $0.80/mo]

Are you looking for the best cheap WordPress hosting to start your personal or business website?

I know how hard it is for a newbie to invest in a hosting service. If you don’t have adequate knowledge beforehand then you might end up picking the wrong WordPress hosting service.

And, god forbid, you may also wind up paying for more than what you actually require for your website.

So, to guide you through this state of confusion and panic, I have compiled a detailed list of the 12 best cheap WordPress hosting in 2024.

All the below-mentioned services are perfect in providing fast and dependable WordPress hosting while being extremely affordable.

And hey, some of these services also throw in some awesome bonuses like free domain, SSL certificates, 24/7 support, etc.

Summary Of Top Cheap WordPress Hosting Companies

Hosting ServiceCheapest Plan (per month)UptimeResponse Time (seconds)
A2 Hosting$2.9999.92%0.6
InMotion Hosting$5.9999.95%0.87
AccuWeb Hosting $2.99 99.97% 0.56

Note – All the above-mentioned services charge for 1-3 years upfront. And, only because of this, you’d be able to get the hosting services at the cheapest price. Monthly plans are often offered at higher prices.

Before we dive into details, I would like you to gain enough knowledge about –

How To Choose The Best And Cheapest WordPress Hosting?

Our conventional minds make us think that the cheapest plans would be the ultimate deciding factor. But that’s where we make the biggest mistake.

Not only you should look at the cheapest WordPress hosting plans, but you should also check what extra value and features that plan is offering.

Most importantly, after finalizing your budget, you should also consider –

Sign-Up Discounts & Renewal Fees

Almost all WordPress hosting services offer a decent sign-up bonus. You should look for the best discount followed by the plan renewal rates.

Bonus Features

As said earlier, many hosting providers offer additional services in a plan. Some of the most common services include a free domain, SSL certificates, daily backups, etc.

I would recommend that you should make a checklist of what features you absolutely need to start your website. Getting all the required features in a single package will be much cheaper than getting them individually.

For example, a free domain registration would be great along with the SSL certificate. But a certain service provider would offer a cheap WordPress hosting plan but with no free domain. While some other service provider may charge you a bit extra but offers all the necessary amenities for free in their cheapest plan.

Uptime & Support

Let’s agree on one thing that nothing is perfect. It is common that your website will be down for a few minutes overall in a day. So you should look for a WordPress hosting service that has a commendable Uptime record.

Meanwhile, if any problem occurs, you should be able to get in touch with their support team at any time.

Along with all these basic requirements, you should also be aware of other advanced features such as scalability, storage, number of websites, cPanel access, professional email, etc.

But since you are just starting with the new website, you won’t have to worry about them currently.

Now that you know how to choose the reliable cheap WordPress hosting service, here’s the detailed analysis of –

11 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Services Of 2024

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, I have curated the list of the best cheap hosting for WordPress.

So all you are now required to do is explore the services in detail, find the one that fits your budget and start your new WordPress-based website.

However, before we go any further, I would like to clarify that the services mentioned below are in the order of the quality of their hosting services. And, also being pocket-friendly at the same time.

If you would still want to only consider a cheap WordPress hosting plan, I would suggest you sort the above-listed table on the basis of lowest to highest pricing plans.

Let’s start exploring all the cheap WordPress hosting companies in detail –

1. Bluehost – Best WordPress Hosting Service

Bluehost is literally the best cheap web hosting for WordPress available in the market. You could estimate the power and influence of this service provider when you’d know that WordPress itself recommends Bluehost for hosting services.

Talking about the performance, Bluehost has the best uptime record i.e. 99.99% and its minimum response time is 0.62 seconds.

In addition to this, Bluehost is also known for its easy-to-use dashboard, awesome customer support, and most importantly, one-click WordPress installation.

Simply said, Bluehost is the ideal cheap WordPress hosting company to start your new website.

Bluehost - Best WordPress Hosting Service

Cheapest Bluehost Plan (Basic) Includes

  • The plan costs a mere $2.75/month.
  • WordPress hosting for 1 website.
  • SSD storage space of 50 GB.
  • A free SSL certificate.
  • A free domain name of the first year.
  • 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains.
  • One-click and automatic WordPress installation and updates.

Along with all these features, you can also include additional features such as Domain Privacy, SiteLock Security, Codegaurd, etc. at the time of checkout. But adding these features will increase your overall bill.

Bluehost’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Basic – Bluehost’s Basic plan costs $3.95/month which includes hosting for 1 website, free SSL, storage space of 50 GB, 5 Parked Domains, and 25 Subdomains.
  • Plus – You’d be charged the rate of $5.95/month for hosting unlimited websites with unmetered space.
  • Choice Plus – You get all the features and benefits at the cost of $6.95/month itself. But this plan includes CodeGaurd Backup services and Domain Privacy feature for free.

Check Out Bluehost In Detail

2. HostGator – Best Cheap Web Hosting

Over the years, HostGator wasn’t considered an ideal hosting service for WordPress. You could very easily see that other bloggers and hosting reviewers have placed HostGator at the bottom of the list. But recently, the hosting services have been improved exponentially to get them placed in the second position.

HostGator has always been providing cheap WordPress hosting plans. But the performance has been upgraded so much that the uptime is 99.98% with minimum response time as 0.43 seconds.

Moreover, some top websites and reviewers like PC Magazine and WPBeginner have rated HostGator as the easiest, cheapest, feature-packed and dependable WordPress hosting provider.

HostGator - Best Cheap Web Hosting

Cheapest HostGator Plan (Hatchling) Includes

  • An introductory plan cost of $2.75/month.
  • Hosting services for 1 domain.
  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth.
  • SSL certificate free of cost
  • A free domain for 1 year.
  • Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer.
  • A free drag & drop website builder.
  • Unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts, and email accounts.

As always, there are some additional premium features like SiteLock Monitoring, Microsoft Office 365, Domain Privacy, etc. which you may or may not choose at the time of checkout.

HostGator’s Hosting Plans

  • Hatchling – HostGator’s Hatchling plan will cost you just $2.75/month. This plan includes hosting for 1 domain, unmetered storage & bandwidth, a free domain, and SSL certificate.
  • Baby – The Baby plan will cost you $3.50/month and will allow you to host unlimited websites with unmetered bandwidth.
  • Business – If you opt for the Business plan, you’d be charged $5.25/month. This plan will offer every feature and some unique ones like Free Upgrade to Positive SSL, Dedicated IP, and SEO Tools.

Check Out HostGator In Detail

3. Hostinger – Best and Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Hostinger has been in the business since 2004. And ever since, they have been providing one of the top hosting services at affordable prices.

Due to their huge experience in the arena of hosting, the performance has reached (& stayed) 99.92% uptime with a whopping 0.36 seconds of minimum response time.

Not just this, Hostinger always listens to the feedback of their customers. And, because of this, they have revamped their dashboard panel, further improved their response time, and also optimized themselves for WordPress.

In simple words, Hostinger is now considered as one of the best cheap WordPress hosting services.

Hostinger - Best and Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Cheapest Hostinger Plan (Single WordPress Hosting) Includes

  • A plan cost of just $0.80/month.
  • Hosting service for 1 website.
  • A 10 GB SSD storage space.
  • 100 GB worth of bandwidth.
  • 1 Business email mailbox.
  • Powerful control panel with all the essential tools.
  • User-Friendly access manager for clients, developers, etc.

You could notice that the cheapest plan of Hostinger doesn’t offer a free domain registration.

Hostinger’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Single – This is literally the cheapest WordPress hosting plan available in the market at a price of $0.99/month. It includes hosting services for 1 website, 30 GB SSD storage capacity, 100 Gb bandwidth, and more. But it doesn’t include a free domain name or a free SSL certificate.
  • Premium – If you choose this plan then you’d have to pay $2.19/month. The plan covers hosting services for 100 websites with 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. You’d also be getting a free domain name with it.
  • Business – At last, Hostinger offers a business plan at a price of $3.99/month. This plan includes both – a free domain and an SSL certificate along with hosting services for unlimited websites.

Check Out Hostinger In Detail

4. SiteGround – Top WordPress Hosting Provider

SiteGround is one such hosting provider who may charge extra but the services provided in return are considered to be industry best.

Speaking about the performance, SiteGround’s uptime is 99.99% and the minimum response time is clocked at 0.69 seconds.

Also, unlike other WordPress hosting companies, SiteGroud boasts about its fluidic and easy-to-use client interface. This comes very handy while managing your websites. Moreover, you can also migrate your old website here for free.

And, not a while ago, WordPress.org came forward to also recommend SiteGround as a best cheap hosting for WordPress.

SiteGround - Top WordPress Hosting Provider

Cheapest SiteGround Plan (StartUp) Includes

  • A special price of $3.95/month.
  • WordPress hosting for 1 website.
  • Web storage space of 10 GB.
  • A threshold of 10,000 visitors per month.
  • Other essential features like free SSL certificate, professional email, daily backups, etc.

Now, you’d be asking – Does SiteGround provide free domain name? Well, no. In fact, neither of its 3 WordPress hosting plans provide a free domain name registration.

SiteGround’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • StartUp – The cheapest WordPress hosting plan of SiteGround comes at $6.99/month. You’d get hosting for 1 website with 10 GB web storage space, free SSL certificate, email, Cloudflare CDN, and more.
  • GrowBig – The GrowBig plan costs $9.99/month for unlimited websites and 20 GB of web storage space. You are also entitled to receive a WordPress staging site and SuperCacher for speed improvements.
  • GoGeek – If you have higher hosting needs then the GoGeek plan would be ideal. The plan costs $14.99/month for unlimited websites and 40 GB of web space. Since it’s the advanced plan of SiteGround, you will also get features like Git for WordPress, white-label site management and priority support, etc.

Check Out SiteGround In Detail

Note – Here’s a list of best SiteGround alternatives that’s worth a look.

5. GoDaddy – Top-Rated WordPress Hosting

In the market of cheap WordPress web hosting services, GoDaddy might not be the cheapest. But in spite of this, customers love it and rates GoDaddy as the best and reliable.

As said, Godaddy has spiked its plan prices and so does its performance. The uptime is recorded at 99.97% with a minimum response time of 0.63 seconds.

Now talking about its offerings, GoDaddy has grown from just a domain name registrar to a hosting service provider. It now has different hosting solutions and also provides server solution.

But speaking about just the WordPress hosting, I would definitely recommend GoDaddy if you are starting a new website.

GoDaddy - Top-Rated WordPress Hosting

Cheapest GoDaddy Plan (Basic) Includes

  • A special price of $6.99/month.
  • Hosting for 1 website.
  • Peak performance assurance for monthly visitors’ limit of 25,000.
  • A free business email for the first year.
  • A free domain name for the first year.
  • Website backup protection.
  • Automatic daily malware scans

All the above-mentioned features are adequate for you to start your new business. However, you’d also require an SSL certificate which you’d have to purchase separately as a plan add-on.

GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Basic – You can start your new website by opting for this cheap WordPress hosting plan at $6.99/month. It will offer hosting service for 1 website with 30 GB storage space, free domain registration, daily backups, and malware scans.
  • Deluxe – GoDaddy will charge you $9.99/month for providing hosting services for 1 website with 75 GB storage space. You will also get an SEO optimizer and a testing/staging site.
  • Ultimate – If you opt for this plan, you’d be charged $12.99/month. The plan offers WordPress hosting service for 1 website only but the storage space and bandwidth offered are unlimited. Also, the plan covers unlimited malware removal and hack repairs.
  • Ecommerce – If you are planning to launch an eCommerce website, this plan would be the best. The plan comes at an introductory price of $15.99/month for 1 website. The storage space and bandwidth are unlimited. Along with this, you are also entitled to get free access to $1,000 of WooCommerce extension, bookings & appointment scheduling, and real-time shipping rates.

Check Out GoDaddy In Detail

6. A2 Hosting – Affordable WordPress Hosting Service

A2 Hosting is one such cheap WordPress hosting company that is underrated for its services. Nevertheless, if you choose A2 Hosting, it will surely amaze you with its performance.

Speaking of which, A2 Hosting claims to provide 20X faster page loads because of their Turbo Servers. Hence the uptime is recorded at 99.92% with 0.60 seconds minimum response time.

Along with its impeccable performance, your site will also get other important features like SSL certificate, PHP 7, etc. for free.

So if you are looking to start out or trying to migrate your site to a new hosting service, A2 Hosting could be a much cheaper option.

A2 Hosting - Affordable WordPress Hosting Service

Cheapest A2 Hosting Plan (Lite) Includes

  • An affordable price of $2.96/month.
  • WordPress hosting for 1 website only.
  • Unlimited SSD storage space.25 Professional email addresses.
  • Free site migration service.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • A choice of data center location.
  • 1 Click WordPress installation.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN.

Also, there are some other unique features available in the A2 Hosting’s cheapest plan. But in spite of so much value, all the plans of A2 Hosting won’t be providing a free domain name. You’d have to get that separately.

A2 Hosting’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Startup – A2 Hosting’s cheapest plan, Startup is priced at $2.99/month for WordPress hosting service for 1 website. In addition to this, you get key features like 25 professional email addresses, 100 GB storage space, free SSL, Cloudflare CDN, website staging, etc.
  • Drive – The subsequent plan, Drive has a price tag of $4.99/month. It provides hosting for unlimited websites with unlimited storage.
  • Turbo Boost – The Turbo Boost plan will cost you $9.99/month for hosting unlimited websites. It also comes with some high-tech features.
  • Turbo Max – $14.99/month is the cost of this plan and its offers 20 times faster & 5 times more resources for hosting unlimited websites with unlimited NVMe storage. Other advanced features are also included in this plan.

Check Out A2 Hosting In Detail

7. DreamHost – Low-Priced WordPress Web Hosting

While we are busy discussing some top WordPress hosting services, DreamHost has silently established itself as one of the best cheap web hosting for WordPress.

In all honesty, DreamHost wasn’t considered to be an ideal hosting service in spite of its cheap pricing plans. But the team at DreamHost realized what has been missing and fixed it. Now, the performance is high and enough to compete again some other cheap WordPress hosting companies.

The latest stats for DreamHost uptime is recorded 99.96% with a minimum response time of 0.71 seconds.

Apart from this, DreamHost is one such rare company that also provides hosting services on a monthly basis too.

DreamHost - Low-Priced WordPress Web Hosting

Cheapest DreamHost Plan (Shared Starter) Includes

  • An affordable price of $2.59/month.
  • Hosting services for 1 website.
  • Unlimited site storage space.
  • No limit on traffic.
  • A pre-installed WordPress.
  • A free domain name.
  • A free SSL certificate
  • New WP website builder.

Now, you could clearly see the amount of value packed in this plan. Although, the plan doesn’t include a free professional email address. But you could get it as a premium add-on during checkout.

DreamHost’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • WordPress Starter – The cheapest plan of DreamHost will cost you $2.59/month. You will receive hosting services for 1 website with unlimited storage, unmetered traffic, free domain, SSL certificate and more.
  • WordPress Unlimited – The second and the final plan of DreamHost will be charged at $3.95/month. You will get all the features without any limit.

Check Out DreamHost In Detail

8. Namecheap – Cheap WordPress Web Hosting

Namecheap is usually one of the best choices for domain name registrations but the WordPress web hosting services are also exemplary.

I was amazed when I saw the performance stats of Namecheap hosting services. The uptime was 99.82% while the minimum response time was 0.48 seconds.

Not only this, while choosing the plan, Namecheap gives you an option to pick your data center between the US and UK. Since you should have the data center close to your target audience, this feature will empower your website even more. Also, if you already have a website, Namecheap offers a free hosting migration.

Unlike other cheap WordPress web hosting services, Namecheap has a simplified pricing structure. It charges you on the basis of hosting service per month and per year.

Namecheap - Cheap WordPress Web Hosting

Cheapest Namecheap Plan (Stellar) Includes

  • An introductory price of $1.44/month.
  • Hosting services for 3 websites.
  • SSD storage space of 20 GB.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.

You might think that’s not a good package. Believe me, that’s not the case. All the plans of Namecheap include a free domain name, 50 PositiveSSL certificates, free website builder, privacy protection and more.

Namecheap’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Stellar – Namecheap charges you $1.44/month for hosting 3 websites with 20 GB worth of SSD storage space.
  • Stellar Plus – Similarly, you would be charged $2.44/month for hosting unlimited websites with unmetered storage space. Automatic backups are also included in this plan.
  • Stellar Business – This plan is chargeable at $4.44/month and is ideal for established businesses that would want to host unlimited websites with unmetered storage. Along with all the features, this plan provides you with a cloud storage space.

Check Out Namecheap In Detail

9. InMotion Hosting – WordPress Web Hosting Solution

InMotion Hosting is probably not popular or not a cheap hosting for WordPress. But it doesn’t mean that the hosting services are bad.

According to the recently conducted tests, InMotion Hosting was found to have a 99.95% uptime record. Meanwhile, the minimum response time was recorded as 0.87 seconds.

Other than this, the InMotion Hosting team proudly boasts about their high-speed solid-state drives, PHP 7 availability, server caching and other advanced features.

Apart from these, the things that really caught my attention were that every plan offers free site migration, free SSL, and a domain. Additionally, InMotion Hosting’s 1-click installer automatically installs over 400 applications and also provides Google Apps integration as well.

InMotion Hosting - WordPress Web Hosting Solution

Cheapest InMotion Hosting Plan (Launch) Includes

  • A price of $6.39/month.
  • WordPress based web hosting for 2 websites.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Unlimited professional email addresses.
  • A free domain name.
  • A free SSL certificate.
  • Other marketing tools.

I could very well say that in spite of a slightly high price point, you’ll get the most value in this plan. So, if you already have a website and planning to start a new, InMotion Hosting’s Launch plan would be the best.

InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Launch – If you have opted for InMotion Hosting’s Launch plan then you’d have to pay $5.99/month. The plan includes WordPress web hosting for 2 websites with free domain, SSL certificate, and more.
  • Power – The next plan i.e. Power will also cost you $5.99/month for hosting 50 websites. The plan includes all the necessary features along with 4X performance enhancement.
  • Pro – At last, the Pro plan has a price tag of $14.99/month and offers all the features along with 6X performance and priority support.

Check Out InMotion In Detail

10. iPage – Cheap Hosting Service

iPage is yet another best and cheapest WordPress hosting service that remains unknown to many.

Taking a look into the performance perspective, even though iPage has a stellar uptime record of 99.97% but the minimum response time was recorded as 0.78 seconds.

Earlier, iPage had some different and restrictive hosting plans. But now, all the plans have been revamped and includes all the core features like free domain names, 1-click WordPress installation, professional email addresses, and more.

Also, unlike other WordPress hosting providers, iPage provides a web hosting plan ($1.99/month) and a couple of dedicated WordPress hosting plans.

iPage - Cheap Hosting Service

Cheapest iPage WordPress Hosting Plan (WP Starter) Includes

  • A special intro price of $3.75/month.
  • WordPress hosting for 1 website.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Customized cPanel.
  • A free domain name registration for 1 year.
  • Pre-installed themes & plugins.

Before you lock-in and move to the checkout process, you must know that the iPage’s web hosting plan ($1.99/month) and WordPress hosting plans provide hosting for 1 website only.

iPage’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • WP Starter – You’d have to pay $3.75/month to get WordPress hosting services for 1 website. The plan also includes a free domain name registration for the first year, unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • WP Essential – iPage will charge you $6.95/month for hosting unlimited WordPress sites with unlimited storage and bandwidth. After purchasing this plan, iPage will also provide you with expert WordPress support and SiteLock security.

Check Out iPage In Detail

11. GreenGeeks – Best Cheap Hosting For WordPress

GreenGeeks is the last entry in the list of best cheap WordPress hosting services. But it doesn’t mean that they compromise in providing the best hosting services.

Regardless of being a not so famous hosting service, GreenGeeks has a spectacular uptime record of 99.95%. And, the minimum response time was recorded at 0.53 seconds.

The team at GreenGeeks has a dedicated geek squad of WordPress experts. This enables them to provide you with all the assistance and resources to either start a new website or migrate an existing one.

Talking about the plan packages, I was surprised to see the value it held. The plans offer everything you could possibly ask for to launch a website. Some of the most required features include auto-updates, use of latest technologies like SSD storage, CDN, PHP 7, etc. and more.

GreenGeeks - Best Cheap Hosting For WordPress

Cheapest GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Plan (WP Starter) Includes

  • An introductory price of $2.95/month.
  • WordPress hosting service for 1 domain.
  • Unlimited SSD storage space.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Free domain name registration.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Unlimited professional emails.
  • Free website migration.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN integration.

As you could see, the features included in the cheapest and basic plan of GreekGeeks are way better than some WordPress hosting services. However, the performance is kept standard. But if you want, you can switch to 2X or 4X in the subsequent plans.

GreenGeeks’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Lite – If you are looking to host 1 WordPress website, you can get this plan at $2.49/month. You’d also get unlimited storage and bandwidth with 1 click Cloudflare integration.
  • Pro – The subsequent GreekGeeks plan comes with a price tag of $4.95/month. You can host unlimited websites with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Moreover, you’d get a 2X performance boost along with other amenities.
  • Premium – This plan will cost you $8.95/month for hosting unlimited websites. Along with this, you’d be entitled to get unlimited resources, a 4X performance boost, and a premium Wildcard SSL certificate.

Check Out GreenGeeks In Detail

12. AccuWeb Hosting – Best Hosting For WordPress

Next on the list of the best cheap WordPress hosting is AccuWeb Hosting. Over the past few months, the team behind this software has taken giant leaps in terms of the quality and efficiency of the hosting service provided. So much so that more than 100,000 users now use AccuWeb Hosting as their hosting provider.

Speaking about its performance, you’d be glad to know that it has a stellar uptime of 99.97% and clocks a minimum response time of 0.56 seconds.

Besides this, to even boost your site loading time, it comes with a LiteSpeed and LSCache plugin. Also, it uses Cloudflare as CDN and also a web application firewall.

If you are new to website hosting, this hosting service would be the best first choice you can make for your website. To further support and make your hosting experience better, AccuWeb Hosting has a fleet of customer support representatives.

AccuWeb Hosting - Best Hosting For WordPress

Cheapest AccuWeb Hosting Plan (Personal) Includes

  • It costs only $2.99/month.
  • Offers hosting for unlimited WordPress-based websites.
  • Comes with 1 GB RAM.
  • 20 GB worth of SSD storage space.
  • Ideal for up to 75,000 monthly vistors.
  • 1 TB bandwidth.
  • Up to 150 email accounts.

In addition to all of the above-mentioned amenities, all the AccuWeb Hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate, LiteSpeed web server, LSCache plugin, free WordPress installs, and migration service.

AccuWeb Hosting’s WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Personal – The plan start at $2.99/month for hosting unlimited websites with 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD storage, 1 TB bandwidth, and up to 75,000 monthly visitors.
  • Small Business – By paying $9.99/month, you’d again be able to host unlimited websites with 1.5 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD storage, and up to 200,000 monthly visitors.
  • Enterprise – This plan will use VPS for hosting your website and will cost you $199/month. The available resources in this plan are 8 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, 2 TB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.
  • Scale – Lastly, this plan will cost $549/month for unlimited websites and resource extension of up to 32 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD storage, 3.5 TB bandwidth, and unlimited website accounts.

Check Out AccuWeb Hosting In Detail

Conclusion – Which WordPress Hosting Should I Choose?

Well, you have a very detailed list of the 12 best cheap WordPress hosting in 2024. Each of them is unique and specialized in certain aspects.

But I can agree with you that it can be still confusing to pick the ideal WordPress hosting service.

Don’t worry, I am going to guide you to enlightenment by giving –

Digital Marketing Tipsy’s Tip

Just for convenience, I am narrowing down and giving you my personal recommendations for WordPress hosting services.

1. OverallBluehost is my personal favorite WordPress hosting. The Bluehost packages are complete in every sense and perfect for all WordPress site needs. Moreover, the support and the technical team doesn’t compromise in performance.

2. Cheapest – The cheapest WordPress hosting service would be hands down Hostinger. Its cheapest plan starts at $0.80/month and despite being cheap, the performance is also rated “good”. If you want alternatives to Hostinger (as per price), then Namecheap is a decent option along with DreamHost.

3. Performance-Oriented – If performance is your utmost priority then I would recommend you to consider HostGator, Bluehost or SiteGround. The performance of these hosting services has been rated as top-notch and they are also very affordable.

Well, there you have it – The 11 best cheap WordPress hosting in 2021.

Also, if you want to consider more advanced hosting services like cloud hosting, you should consider having a loot at cheaper Cloudways alternatives.

I hope you have now found out your new/next hosting provider. Now, you should be focusing on starting a WordPress blog or any kind of website. This also involves you to choose the free and premium WordPress themes for your blog.

And, after that, you may want to check out 22 best blogging tools for optimal growth.

However, if you still have doubts or require more help in picking up your ideal service, feel free to drop your queries in the comments section. And, hey, you can also drop in suggestions and other services that I have missed too.

Bonus Takeaway

Meanwhile, once you have chosen a hosting service, you would be required to create a professional email address. It would look like something like – mail@yourdomain.com or support@yourdomain.com.

Through this, you’d be able to conduct email marketing campaigns, send transaction emails and more.

But to get started, you’d need an SMTP service or an email marketing service.

The process of finding the best SMTP or bulk emailing solution is yet again cumbersome. Hence to save your time, I have compiled up a few blogs –

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