5 Best Articoolo Alternatives To Create SEO Friendly Articles Automatically

Are you trying to find some better Articoolo alternatives?

It’s a known fact that creating content is hard and creating it consistently is even harder.

That’s where article generator software like Articoolo has been offering its services to new bloggers, freelancers, students, scholars, etc.

However, if you have used Articoolo, you must have figured out that it is certainly not the best article generator software. Not to mention, there are several other major drawbacks of using Articoolo too (more on this later).

Consequently, finding some of the best Articoolo alternatives is the only logical step left, and that’s what we are going to do…

Although, before hoping to explore all the alternatives in detail, allow me to briefly talk about Articoolo.

What Is Articoolo?

Articoolo is an online software that allows you to automatically create articles or content by just entering the topic or few related keywords.

In simple terms, it is called an automatic article builder or generator software.


Speaking about the software’s history, it was founded in 2014 by a group of mathematicians, computer scientists, content writers, and marketing experts.

Since then the team behind it has been continuously working to make it the best article generator software.

In 2016, Articoolo was infused with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence technology to further improve the quality of content produced.

But truth be told, the quality never reached a satisfactory level. In addition to this, there are several other flaws that its users have faced and hence made them look for the better Articoolo alternative.

To give you an idea here’s…

Why You Should Look For Articoolo Alternatives? (Cons Of Articoolo)

Here are some of the known drawbacks you’d have to face while using Articoolo –

  • The content generated through Articoolo has readability issues. You’d have to manually read the content and correct it as you go.
  • More often than not, the content is produced broadly. It means that the content doesn’t target your topic or keywords.
  • The overall length of the article produced is also less, ranging from 350-750 words.
  • Articoolo is not ideal for SEO experts who are looking to generate content for their money website.

That being said, I hope you have now realized that exploring all the Articoolo alternatives and finding the best among them is the only logical option left.

So without any further ado, let’s explore them one at a time –

1. Article Forge

There are only a few content generator software available in the digital market and none could come close to the efficiency of Article Forge. Naturally, this makes Article Forge one of the best Articoolo alternatives.

You’d be pleased to know that Article Forge is pretty popular among SEO professionals, bloggers, and students. The reason behind its popularity is its ability to create SEO optimized content and focused articles.

Article Forge - Best Articoolo Alternative

Features That Make Article Forge The Best Alternative

  • The software is powered by Artificial Intelligence and deep learning models to automatically write comprehensive articles from a given keyword.
  • Article Forge also claims to automatically create SEO optimized articles filled with relevant titles, images, videos, and links. Your content will also include LSI keywords for better rankings.
  • If you have a WordPress-based website, you can automate and schedule articles for posting directly on your website. For this, Article Forge offers an extensive set of API and integration options.
  • Article Forge is the only article creator that allows you to automatically create content in seven languages. The available language options are English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

How Much Will Article Forge Cost?

To start things off, Article Forge offers a generous 5 days free trial period that grants complete access to the software.

Once you are satisfied with the performance of this tool or if you have exhausted your free trial period, you’ll have to upgrade to its premium plans. There are monthly and yearly subscription plans that offer all the features and access.

Article Forge Pricing
  • Monthly – It would cost you $57/month to be able to use Article Forge.
  • Yearly – The Yearly plan, however, would be chargeable at the rate of $27/month (billed annually).

2. SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is probably one of the oldest SEO tools available in the digital market. Being the first software of its class, SEO Content Machine is technologically evolved to be classified as one of the top Articoolo alternatives.

And, of course, as the name suggests, the software packs all the tools and features that will enable you to create SEO-optimized content and articles. In addition to this, the software could also come handy in creating essays for students.

SEO Content Machine - Free Articoolo Alternative

Features That Make SEO Content Machine The Best Alternative

  • SEO Content Machine is the only software that can create up to thousands of articles in a single attempt. All you’d have to do is enter the keywords for these articles.
  • Just like Articoolo and a few of its alternatives, SEO Content Machine can create content in multiple languages. If you are a blogger, you can target local or regional traffic with this feature.
  • To make your content more than just a block of text, SEO Content Machine will automatically insert headings, subheadings, questions & answers, lists, etc.
  • The software is also capable enough to schedule and automatically publish blog posts on your WordPress website. This way, you’d have a stream of consistent content for your website.

How Much Will SEO Content Machine Cost?

If you are looking for an Articoolo free alternative then SEO Content Machine is a great option. The software comes with a free trial option that lasts forever i.e. until you upgrade to premium plans.

Although, one thing to keep in mind is that, unlike Articoolo, SEO Content Machine is a downloadable software that works seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. You can install it on as many devices as you like but simultaneous logins are not supported.

Finally, when it comes to pricing, SEO Content Machine offers various flexible subscription plans. All of these plans grants complete access to the software and promises software updates –

SEO Content Machine Pricing
  • Monthly – This plan would cost you $27 per month.
  • Quarterly – It is chargeable at the rate of $57 every 3 months.
  • Yearly – The yearly subscription is available at $120 per year
  • Perpetual – It is a lifetime access plan that comes with a one-time fee of $197. Although, unlike other plans, you’ll be given software updates for one year only.

3. Article Builder

The software stays true to its name by helping you to build articles from just a few keywords. No matter if you are a new blogger, freelance writer, scholar, or anyone who needs to publish content regularly, Article Builder will help you with your needs.

Due to its huge user base and performance as an article generator, it’s safe to classify Article Builder as a reliable Articoolo alternative. The software also comes with a couple of bonuses for its users.

Article Builder - Paid Articoolo Alternative

Features That Make Article Builder The Best Alternative

  • Article Builder is the only software mentioned in this blog post that covers more than 140 topics and niches. The range includes some highly popular topics as well.
  • The software packs a great collection of super spun articles as well. All the articles created from this software are claimed to be at least 90% unique.
  • You will also have the access to a huge collection of high-quality images. You can use these images any number of times in your articles.
  • Article Builder also comes with an extensive set of API that will allow you to integrate it with your website or any other tools and software.

How Much Will Article Builder Cost?

Great things come at a great price. The same is the case with Article Builder. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free plan or free trial period for this software. However, your purchase is backed by a 30 days money-back guarantee.

The software is available for purchase via a single yearly plan –

Article Builder Pricing
  • $127 per year is the yearly subscription fee of Article Builder.

4. AI Writer

As the name suggests, AI Writer is an advanced text generator software that uses artificial intelligence. The content generated by the software is fairly unique as according to them, the content comes out to be 94.47% (on average) unique after the Copyscape test.

This characteristic along with a few others makes AI Writer a decent alternative to Articoolo. And yes, it is actively used by SEO professionals, bloggers, and students for their projects.

AI Writer - Best Alternative To Articoolo

Features That Make AI Writer The Best Alternative

  • Just as I have mentioned earlier, AI Writer uses state of the art artificial intelligence to generate articles for you.
  • AI Writer is one of the few software that also packs an inbuilt article rewriting module as well. This module will help you reword your pre-written content.
  • The software also has to offer APIs that allow you to integrate it with your website or any other SEO software. Connecting AI Writer with your website would enable you to auto-publish blog posts.
  • It is the only software that also offers a content research feature. Using this feature, you can discover new topics for your blog posts.

How Much Will AI Writer Cost?

AI Writer is yet another paid Articoolo alternative. Meaning, there isn’t any free plan or free trial period for this software.

And, when it comes to pricing, AI Writer is available only with monthly subscription plans. The best part about these plans is that all of them offer similar access and features like content research, article rewriter, AI blog writer, auto article writer, etc.

The only difference between these plans would be the number of content pieces generated in a month.

AI Writer Pricing
  • Basic $19/month for generating at max 40 content pieces in a month.
  • Standard – To generate up to 120 articles per month, you’d have to pay $49/month.
  • Custom – For bulk article generation needs, the AI Writer team invites you to request for custom pricing.

5. Article Generator Pro

Another gem of a software that has managed to get a lot of attention from bloggers, students, and SEO professionals is Article Generator Pro. And, as the name suggests, the software provides you all the utilities to create content just by entering a few keywords.

No matter if you need articles for a school report, essays, website blog posts, or literally anything else, Article Generator Pro will help you generate content in no time. And, therefore, it qualifies to be an ideal Articoolo alternative.

Article Generator Pro - Reliable Articoolo Competitor

Features That Make Article Generator Pro The Best Alternative

  • The software packs an auto topic research technology that allows you to automatically generate articles on any topic or niche.
  • It is one of the few software that also offers article spinning or paraphrasing features. Using the rewriting module, you can easily pass the duplicate content test.
  • Unlike Articoolo and any of its alternatives, Article Generator Pro offers a bibliography creation feature. Using this feature, you can add references at the end of your articles.
  • You also have the flexibility to include images that are relevant to your content. This is an automated process and can be enabled with just a single click.

How Much Will Article Generator Pro Cost?

Article Generator Pro is also a premium Articoolo alternative. There isn’t a free plan but all the premium plans come with a 7 days refund policy.

The best characteristic of the premium plans is that it offers complete access to the software. You can generate unlimited articles and get 24/7 support.

Article Generator Pro Pricing
  • Monthly – It would cost you $19/month.
  • Yearly – The yearly subscription would cost you $99/year.
  • Lifetime – And, you can get lifetime access to the software with a one-time payment of $180.

Which Is The Best Alternative To Articoolo? – The Conclusion

Now that you have explored all the free and paid replacements, I hope that you have found the best Articoolo alternative.

If not then I strongly suggest that you at least try the ones that offer a free trial. Doing this would help you decide better.

Although, if you are short on time and want my personal opinion then I would advise you to go with Article Forge. The software packs all the features and offers a better quality of generated articles.

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