7 ClosersCopy Alternatives That Will Revolutionize Your Sales Copy In 2023

Are you looking for some ClosersCopy alternatives that can create persuasive sales copy that converts?

If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses struggle with writing copy that resonates with their target audience and drives sales. That’s where ClosersCopy comes in and does a decent job.

It’s a powerful tool that helps you write compelling sales copy in minutes, without any copywriting skills.

But it is certainly not the best and has a few flaws as well.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 7 top ClosersCopy alternatives that can help you write great sales copy and boost your conversions.

From AI-powered copywriting tools to simple templates and frameworks, these alternatives offer unique features and benefits that can take your sales copy & content creation to the next level.

Let’s dive in!

Overview & Comparison Of ClosersCopy Alternatives

SoftwareAI Technology UsedFree Trial/PlanPricing
WritesonicGPT-3, GPT-3.5 & GPT-410,000 free wordsStarts at $19/month
JasperGPT-3 & GPT-410,000 free wordsStarts at $59/month
AnywordGPT-37 DaysStarts at $29/month
CopyAIGPT-3 & GPT-4Free planStarts at $49/month
ScalenutGPT-3 + NLP models7 DaysStarts at $39/month
RytrGPT-3 & GPT-4Free planStarts at $9/month
CopysmithGPT-37 DaysStarts at $19/month

Before we explore each of them in detail, allow me to briefly talk about ClosersCopy and why looking for its alternative is beneficial for you.

What Is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is an artificial intelligence-powered copywriting software that provides a wide range of features to its users. In the current digital age where all AI tools rely on GPT-3 or GPT-4, ClosersCopy works on its own proprietary AI.


It offers a large library of templates to create content for various purposes, such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and sales letters. The tool provides over 700 frameworks, drag-and-drop functionalities, and workflow stages to generate all kinds of text quickly.

I particularly liked its copy wizard feature that provides users with advice and suggestions when writing copy.

Additionally, I found that ClosersCopy has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for both beginners and experienced marketers.

That being said, it comes with a host of drawbacks as well. So much so that looking for its alternatives is logically sound and necessary.

Why You Must Look For ClosersCopy Alternatives? – Cons Of ClosersCopy

  • The software does not work on GPT-3 or above but rather on its own proprietary AI. This means that ClosersCopy will not be able to generate topical content.
  • Despite offering 700 frameworks, it is efficient only in creating content for blog posts, sales copies, and stories.
  • A lot of users reported that the content quality is sometimes not up to the mark.
  • ClosersCopy pricing is also a bit expensive. Sure it does offer unlimited content generation credits but it is available in higher plans.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of ClosersCopy I found was that it does not offer any free trial or a free plan.

Exploring All 7 Best ClosersCopy Alternatives In Detail

As I have said earlier, there are several tools that pack all the missing features of ClosersCopy.

Hence, it would be easier for you to make a switch from ClosersCopy to that particular software.

So without any further ado, let’s discuss them in detail. Starting with my favorite…

1. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered content writing and copywriting tool that simplifies & automates content creation. Currently, it is one of the best AI tools in the market that works on GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4. Hence, it is one of the best ClosersCopy alternatives that I can recommend to you.

With its user-friendly interface and a variety of features, Writesonic helps marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies to generate high-quality content such as blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages.

The platform offers integration with Semrush and SurferSEO to get relevant keywords and leverage other SEO features. I particularly liked its long-form “Instant Article Writer” tool wherein it can generate a 1,500+ words article in just a few seconds. You’d be amazed to know that it offers 5 distinct tools for blog post generation. In comparison to ClosersCopy, Writesonic is a good upgrade.

With its mission to empower everyone in the world to write anything and publish anywhere, Writesonic is a must-have tool for you if you are a freelancer, blogger, marketer, start-up, or creative agency.

Writesonic - Best ClosersCopy Alternative

More Reasons For Choosing Writesonic Over ClosersCopy?

  • It offers 90+ AI tools and templates for different content use cases.
  • Writesonic offers a conversational chatbot by the name of Chatsonic that can generate all kinds of content.
  • You can use its AI features across the web as it is available as a Chrome extension. This feature is not available in ClosersCopy.
  • This ClosersCopy alternative allows you to configure language quality settings. You can also adjust the tone of voice.
  • The software allows you to create content in 25+ languages.
  • The team and project management features in Writesonic are better than ClosersCopy.
  • You will also have the flexibility to directly publish your content on WordPress sites.
  • There are plenty of integration options in Writesonic while ClosersCopy offers little to none.

Free Trial & Pricing Of Writesonic

  • Free Trial – 10,000 free premium quality words.
  • Long-Form – Starts at $19 for 60,000 premium quality words.
  • Custom Plan – A custom plan for enterprise-level needs.

2. Jasper

Jasper is an AI-powered writing tool that helps teams create high-quality content with ease. With over 3000 5-star reviews, Jasper is one of the best ClosersCopy alternatives out there in the market.

It offers a variety of features, including a Chrome extension that allows you to create directly on social media and email platforms. It can generate social media content, SEO-optimized blog posts, emails, website copy, and even AI art. Jasper’s AI art can illustrate your story with vivid detail in any style and be used for commercial use royalty-free.

I was also able to brainstorm unique marketing angles and generate long-form content with over 1,000 words in a single shot. Overall, Jasper is a scalable AI-powered content generation solution that will help you increase your revenue by writing engaging ads, emails, web pages, or blogs.

Jasper - ClosersCopy Alternatives

More Reasons For Choosing Jasper Over ClosersCopy?

  • It works on GPT-3 and GPT-4 AI technologies.
  • Jasper contains over 50 copywriting templates for diverse content use cases.
  • The tool comes with team management and collaboration features to create high-quality content with ease.
  • In comparison to ClosersCopy, Jasper offers a wider range of integration options.
  • Jasper offers unique content generation workflows and recipes. These features are not available in ClosersCopy.
  • Unlike ClosersCopy, Jasper comes with a conversational chatbot – Jasper Chat.
  • The tool is available as a Chrome extension and can be used directly on various platforms.
  • You can also generate content in 30+ languages.

Free Trial & Pricing Of Jasper

  • Free Trial – 10,000 free words or a 5-day free trial.
  • Starter – Starts at $29/month for 20,000 words.
  • Boss Mode – Starts at $59/month for 50,000 words and advanced features.
  • Business – A custom plan for users with higher needs.

3. Anyword

Anyword is another AI-powered writing assistant that also acts as one of the best ClosersCopy alternatives. It offers a range of tools to help users create high-quality content with ease using GPT-3 AI technology.

Its AI writer tool allows you to generate various types of content, including ad copy, email copy, blog posts, SEO-optimized copy, and landing page copy. The tool comes with over 100 AI tools and 200+ data-driven copywriting tools, making it an ideal choice for creating unique and effective copies.

Anyword also offers a real-time predictive performance score, analytics, score optimization, and other features to help you improve your content. I for one, definitely like its easy-to-use interface and the ability to generate great copies with very good ideas.

Anyword - Alternative To ClosersCopy

More Reasons For Choosing Anyword Over ClosersCopy?

  • It is an AI writer tool that works on GPT-3 to generate content for different use cases.
  • Anyword comes with multiple team seats and collaboration tools for team-based content creation.
  • The software packs an SEO optimization tool to improve search engine rankings
  • It is the only ClosersCopy alternative that offers predictive performance scoring and score optimization features to provide suggestions for improvement in copies.
  • It comes with a custom audience feature for personalized content for individual users.
  • Anyword offers integration with popular platforms like ad accounts of Facebook, Google, etc. It also connects with Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart.
  • You will be able to generate content in 30 global languages.

Free Trial & Pricing Of Anyword

  • Free Plan – A forever-free plan to generate 1,000 words per month.
  • Starter – It starts at $29/month for 20,000 words.
  • Data-Driven – The plan starts at $99/month for 30,000 words and other advanced features.

4. CopyAI

CopyAI is an AI-powered content generation platform that enables professionals and teams to create high-quality marketing copy quickly and easily. The platform offers a variety of tools, including the “Blog Post Wizard,” which can write entire blog posts and generate ideas in just 30 seconds.

The software also provides a Freestyle tool that is capable of writing different types of content, such as stories, product descriptions, ad copy, website copy, blogs, and emails. The platform is highly praised by users for its ability to save time and energy, and some have noted that it outperforms other paid AI copy tools.

The best part about it is that CopyAI has recently made its platform completely free, including all tools, new features, customer support, and access to the CopyAI community. This makes CopyAI one of the free ClosersCopy alternatives.

Additionally, the company has added new features such as Tutorials, Custom Tone, Input Increase, Chat by CopyAI and more, with plans to continue improving its platform with new features and enhancements in the future.

CopyAI - Free ClosersCopy Alternatives

More Reasons For Choosing CopyAI Over ClosersCopy?

  • This AI-powered tool works on GPT-3 and offers 90+ AI tools for different use cases.
  • The Freestyle tool of CopyAI allows you to generate all kinds of content with different frameworks.
  • Unlike ClosersCopy, all tools, new features, customer support, and access to the CopyAI community are free.
  • The newly launched feature “Supercharge” offers suggestions and improvements to existing content to make it more engaging and effective.
  • You can now create or select the tone and style of your content.
  • CopyAI has also increased the input limit of the platform, allowing you to generate longer pieces of content.
  • It also allows you to generate content in 25+ languages.
  • Similar to other ClosersCopy alternatives, CopyAI now offers a conversational chatbot as well.

Free Trial & Pricing Of CopyAI

  • Free – A free plan to generate up to 2,000 words for free.
  • Pro – $49/month for unlimited words with advanced features.
  • Enterprise – A custom plan for enterprises.

5. Scalenut

If you are looking for a ClosersCopy alternative that excels in creating SEO-optimized content then Scalenut is the best choice. It is an AI-powered writing tool that simplifies the SEO content creation process.

Scalenut offers a range of unique features, including topic research, NLP report generation, and competitor analysis. It empowers users like you to create SEO-friendly and engaging content, suitable for both long and short-form writing. The platform also provides an SEO web crawler that monitors and identifies technical issues within a website, contributing to improving SEO content and rankings.

I liked its user-friendly interface and powerful tools. According to me, it is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes looking to scale their content creation needs. Besides this, it also offers a host of AI copywriting tools as well.

Scalenut - ClosersCopy Alternative For SEO Content

More Reasons For Choosing Scalenut Over ClosersCopy?

  • Scalenut offers a topic research tool that will you find popular and trending topics in your niche.
  • Scalenut’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine analyzes the content and provides a report that highlights areas for improvement.
  • The competitor analysis tool helps you identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • The software’s SEO web crawler monitors websites for technical issues, such as broken links, missing tags, and slow loading times.
  • I found Scalenut has a better user-friendly interface than ClosersCopy, making it easy for you to navigate the platform and access its powerful tools.
  • It also offers 40+ AI tools that work on GPT-3 to create various types of content, such as blog posts, product descriptions, and social media updates.
  • It allows multiple users to work on the same project, making it easier for teams to collaborate and create high-quality content together.

Free Trial & Pricing Of Scalenut

  • Free Trial – A 7-day free trial on all plans.
  • Essential – $39/month for 100,000 AI words and 5 articles per month.
  • Growth – $79/month for unlimited AI words, 30 articles, and more.
  • Pro – $149/month for unlimited AI words, 75 articles, and other features.

6. Rytr

Rytr is a powerful and user-friendly writing assistant that leverages GPT-3 AI technology to produce high-quality content in just a few seconds at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

With a broad range of use cases and templates, Rytr can produce original content in over 30 languages. Its formatting options also allow you to improve the presentation quality of your content.

Rytr offers strong collaboration, team billing, and project management features without a hefty price tag, making it one of the best ClosersCopy alternatives. Furthermore, Rytr integrates with third-party applications such as Semrush for SERP analysis and keyword research.

With a starting price of just $9.00 per month and a free plan, Rytr is a top recommendation for anyone who is looking to find a decent alternative to ClosersCopy.

Rytr - Free ClosersCopy Alternative

More Reasons For Choosing Rytr Over ClosersCopy?

  • Rytr comes with as many as 40+ use cases and AI templates for content generation.
  • You will have the flexibility to create content in 30+ languages.
  • The latest feature in Rytr is a conversational chatbot – Rytr Chat that can generate any type of content with a simple prompt.
  • Furthermore, you can also customize the tone of your content with its 20+ tones of voice options.
  • Similar to ClosersCopy, Rytr comes with a rich-text editor to format your content.
  • Unlike ClosersCopy, Rytr packs an in-built plagiarism checker tool.
  • You can seamlessly collaborate with your team members and it also offers robust project management features.

Free Trial & Pricing Of Rytr

  • Free Plan – A forever-free plan to generate 10,000 characters for free, every month.
  • Saver Plan – It will cost you $9/month to generate up to 100,000 characters.
  • Unlimited Plan – $29/month for generating unlimited content in a month.

7. Copysmith

Copysmith is an AI-powered writing assistant that simplifies the content creation process for eCommerce businesses and retail platforms. It specializes in creating high-converting ads, product descriptions, emails, and more.

Such is the level of Copysmith’s efficiency that many users have reported a significant increase in their conversion rates compared to traditional copywriting methods. It employs various marketing and copywriting frameworks for achieving such results. Furthermore, the AI model of Copysmith has been trained to write winning copies every time.

Additionally, the platform is designed for teams and integrates with existing tools or systems through its powerful API. I really liked its bulk content generator tool. It can generate hundreds of content copies in a matter of a few seconds. This feature definitely makes Copysmith one of the top ClosersCopy alternatives for teams and agencies.

Besides eCommerce businesses, Copysmith can also produce content for blogs, ads, and social media platforms. Moreover, it supports long-form content for blog writers and can rewrite paragraphs, generate blog outlines, enhance the content, and write press releases.

Copysmith - ClosersCopy Alternatives For eCommerce Business

More Reasons For Choosing Copysmith Over ClosersCopy?

  • Unlike ClosersCopy, it uses GPT-3 AI to generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently.
  • You can create multiple pieces of content at once using its bulk content generator tool.
  • Copysmith has a campaign builder that helps you create campaigns with ease and distribute them across different platforms.
  • The software integrates with third-party tools like Frase, Shopify, and WooCommerce to streamline content creation.
  • It also allows you to add team members to collaborate on a project, making it easy to work on the content together.
  • You will have the flexibility to generate content in 65+ languages.
  • Unlike a few other CloersCopy alternatives, Copysmith comes with a native plagiarism checker.

Free Trial & Pricing Of Copysmith

  • Free Trial – A 7-day free trial period.
  • Starter – The plans will cost you $19/month for generating 20,000 to unlimited words.
  • Professional – This plan charges $49/month for unlimited words and 5 team seats.
  • Enterprise – A custom plan for higher content generation needs.

The Verdict – Which Is The Best ClosersCopy Alternative?

After exploring all the top ClosersCopy alternatives, I hope you have found the perfect replacement software for your content generation needs.

All the software mentioned in this blog post offers a decent free trial or a free plan. You can sign up and use them. Once you use the software, you will be able to analyze better if it will cater to your needs.

That being said, if you are short on time and looking for a piece of quick advice, I’d recommend you go with either Writesonic or Jasper.

Both the software are regarded as the best AI-powered content generator tools. You won’t be disappointed with them.

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