7 Best Copy AI Alternatives For Better Copywriting & Content Generation

Let me guess, you have been using CopyAI for some time but now, you are actively looking for some of the best Copy AI alternatives.

Well, there’s no doubt that CopyAI is one of the best copywriting software. The software uses GPT-3 language learning artificial intelligence model. Hence it can create good quality content.

But when it comes to the overall content generation efficiency and content quality, CopyAI may not be up to your standards. I am sure you may have felt this.

Consequently, the natural course of action is to find a reliable and robust alternative. But then again, with the boom in the market of AI-powered copywriting software, there are plenty of options available. Some of those options are great and some of them may not be good enough.

Either way, to know for certain which software is the best, you’d have to manually test them out. Or you can go through this article to find some of the best Copy AI alternatives.

Just to give you a sneak-peek, here’s an…

Overview Of Best Copy AI Alternatives & Competitors

SoftwareAI Technology UsedBlog GeneratorTeam MembersFree TrialPricing
JasperGPT-3YesYes10,000 free wordsStarts at $29/mo
ClosersCopyProprietary AIYesYesNo free trialStarts at $29.99/mo
WritesonicGPT-3, GPT-3.5 & GPT-4YesYes10,000 free wordsStarts at $19/mo
CopysmithGPT-3YesYes7 daysStarts at $19/mo
AnywordGPT-3, T5, CTRLYesYes1,000 free wordsStarts at $29/mo
RytrGPT-3 + Proprietary AINoYesForever freeStarts at $9/mo
Peppertype.aiGPT-3YesYes100+ free copiesStarts at $35/mo

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Before we explore each of them in detail, allow me to briefly talk about CopyAI.

What Is CopyAI?

CopyAI is an online application that specializes in offering AI-powered copywriting tools and features. The software was launched in 2020 and is co-founded by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian.


Since its launch, CopyAI has not only grown its team but its users as well. Currently, it caters to more than 500,000 copywriters, marketers, freelancers, marketing agencies, and businesses. Some of its major clients include eBay, Zoho, Nestle, etc.

The surge in CopyAI’s popularity was because of the need of writing engaging and conversion-oriented content. Usually, experienced copywriters have dominated this skill. But seeking their services is not feasible for everyone as they charge hefty fees.

CopyAI and its alternatives saw this gap in the marketing world and offered relatively cheaper copywriting features through its SaaS application. Some of its most used features are ad copy generation, product description generation, marketing copies generation, social media content generation, and so on.

Despite offering a huge array of features and tools, CopyAI is not the best software out there. Here are some of the drawbacks that its users may have to face…

Why You Should Look For Copy AI Alternatives? (Cons Of CopyAI)

Here are some of the most common drawbacks that CopyAI’s users face –

  • CopyAI lacks a one-click blog post generator. However, it now offers a blog post wizard that takes multiple steps to generate a long-form article.
  • CopyAI allows you to create unlimited projects in all of its paid plans. But to get access to team members and collaboration features, you’d have to subscribe to the premium plan. Even if you subscribe to the premium plan, you will only get 5 team seats. For more team seats, you’d have to request for custom pricing.
  • Rarely but surely, CopyAI will generate out-of-context content with the wrong choice of words. Although, this can be corrected by giving an elaborate piece of content as a source of inspiration at the beginning of the content generation process.
  • The software does not offer integration options. While almost all of the Copy AI alternatives come with a set of integration with SEO tools, eCommerce platforms, websites, social media platforms, ad accounts, and so on.
  • CopyAI also does not offer a native plagiarism checker. The software assures that the content generated is 100% unique but to be on the safer side, it’s best to have a plagiarism checker at your disposal.
  • At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much would it cost to use CopyAI. In comparison to its alternatives and competitors, CopyAI is relatively expensive with a monthly plan starting from $49/month. 

With that being said, this is the right time for you to delve deep into exploring and finding the best alternative to Copy AI.

Let’s start with the best option…

1. Jasper

Ever since its launch, Jasper went through a couple of rebranding phases. At first, it was known as Conversion.ai then it was rebranded to Jarvis, and now, it is once again rebranded to Jasper. While it has gone through a series of name changes and rebranding, one thing that remained constant & improved is its high-quality content generation efficiency. Therefore, it becomes one of the best Copy AI alternatives.

Just like CopyAI, Jasper proudly boasts about its set of copywriting tools and features. As of now, it offers more than 50 content generation tools and modules. In addition to this, Jasper also makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology. This is a language learning model that can easily generate content of human-like quality. Besides this, you also get to create textual content in multiple global languages with correct grammar usage.

Jasper - Best Copy AI Alternatives

Features That Make Jasper The Best Copy.AI Alternative

  • Generates On-Point & Relevant Content – Both Jasper and CopyAI use GPT-3 language learning model as the core AI to generate the content. Despite using the same AI technology, Jasper tends to create better content (in terms of readability, uniqueness, and relevancy) than CopyAI.
  • Offers A Blog Post Generator – One of the major flaws in CopyAI is the inability of producing a full-fledged blog post. While in the case of Jasper, you can very easily generate a long blog post with the help of its Boss Mode feature. From the introduction to the conclusion, Jasper will create all the core sections of the blog.
  • Can Create SEO-Optimized Content – Jasper allows you to integrate your account with Surfer SEO. With the help of this integration, you get to optimize your blog posts and other content for SEO. In the case of CopyAI, you cannot generate SEO-optimized content.
  • Readymade Content Recipes – Jasper is the only Copy AI alternative that offers its users an array of content-generation recipes. In simple terms, Jasper offers simple commands to generate any type of content. For example, to be able to generate product descriptions, you simply have to type in – Jasper, write a product description.
  • Creates Content In 25+ Languages – Similar to CopyAI, Jasper is capable of generating content in 25+ global languages. Some of the notable language options are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, etc.
  • Offers 50+ Copywriting Templates – Despite offering only 50+ copywriting tools in comparison to 90+ CopyAI tools, Jasper offers better efficiency. With the help of these modules, you can create textual content for blog posts, social media, paid ads, eCommerce sites, etc. Additionally, it is also available as a Chrome extension which enables you to use its features across different platforms.
  • Team Members, Collaboration & Project Management – Jasper allows you to create unlimited projects and add 5 team members. These features are available in all of its plans. In addition to this, you can also collaborate on any project with your team members.

Jasper Free Trial & Pricing

To start things off, if you use my special link, you’d unlock Jasper’s 5 days free trial with a 10,000 words generation limit. In the free trial, you can access all of its 50+ copywriting tools and features.

Next, once your free trial ends, you’d have to upgrade to a premium plan to be able to continue using the software. Currently, you can subscribe either on monthly or yearly billing. Rest assured, just like other Copy AI alternatives, the pricing is built on the number of words generated in a month.

Jasper - Free Trial & Pricing
  • Free Trial – You’d get 5 day free trial with a 10,000 words generation limit.
  • Starter – The plan starts at $29/month for 20,000 words in a month. You will get access to all AI tools and templates along with Jasper Chat. Moreover, you’d get 5 user logins and unlimited project folders.
    • $29/month for 20,000 words/month
    • $49/month for 35,000 words/month
    • $79/month for 60,000 words/month
    • $99/month for 75,000 words/month
    • $149/month for 115,000 words/month
    • $199/month for 150,000 words/month
    • $299/month for 240,000 words/month
    • $399/month for 320,000 words/month
  • Boss Mode – Next, this plan offers access to Jarvis’s commands, recipes, and long-form editor to create blog posts. It starts at $59/month for generating 50,000 words.
    • $59/month for 50,000 words/month
    • $99/month for 100,000 words/month
    • $279/month for 300,000 words/month
    • $600/month for 700,000 words/month
  • Business – A custom plan with custom needs for enterprise-level businesses.

A Quick Jasper vs CopyAI Comparison

AI Technology UsedGPT-3GPT-3
Copywriting Tools50+90+
Blog Post GeneratorYesNo
(blog post wizard available)
Key IntegrationsSurfer SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Chrome extensionNone
Languages Supported25+25+
Project ManagementUnlimited (available in all plans)Unlimited (available in all plans)
Team MembersUp to 5 (available in all plans)Up to 5
Content Recipes & FrameworksYesNo
Free Trial5 Days with 10,000 words generation limitForever free with 1,000 words every month
PricingStarts at $29/monthStarts at $49/month

2. ClosersCopy

In the current digital marketing world where the majority of copywriting software uses the GPT-3 model as AI, ClosersCopy chooses to opt for a different route. Instead of relying on GPT-3, ClosersCopy has developed and employed its own proprietary AI technology for content generation. The team claims that it offers better content generation capabilities and that too without any restrictions or filters. Hence it automatically becomes one of the best Copy AI alternatives.

As a result of its unique offerings, it soon caught the eye of several marketers, bloggers, marketing teams, and businesses. To top this offer, ClosersCopy also offers 300+ plug & play marketing frameworks and 30+ marketing workflows to further streamline your content generation needs. And lastly, it comes with robust team and project management features so that multiple users can access and collaborate at the same time.

ClosersCopy - Copy AI Alternatives

Features That Make ClosersCopy The Best Copy.AI Alternative

  • Flagship AI With 3 Models – ClosersCopy uses its own native AI for content generation. In addition to this, the software also offers you the option of choosing the AI models. There are a total of 3 models that specializes in creating sales copy, blog posts, and stories.
  • Marketing Frameworks & Workflows – The software packs a whopping 300+ marketing frameworks that are known to create content for ad copies, blog outlines, social posts, and more. In addition to this, it also offers 30+ marketing workflows that use multiple frameworks together to create engaging content.
  • Full-Fledged Text Editor – While other alternatives to Copy.AI offer a basic text editor, ClosersCopy offers a robust content editor. With the help of this module, you can include various elements like images, tables, emojis, etc. in your textual content.
  • Long-form Blogs & Article Generator – Unlike CopyAI, the software offers a long-form blog generator. To get started, all you have to do is enter a couple of sentences. After this, the AI model will take care of the complete process. Not to forget, it also packs a content expander, shortner, thesaurus, etc. to further improve your content.
  • Team Management With Collaboration Feature – This application allows you to invite and add team members. Next, you can also use the collaboration feature to assign projects to your team members with different permissions.
  • Supports 120+ Languages – Out of all the alternative software mentioned in this article, ClosersCopy offers the biggest range of language support i.e. more than 120. In simple terms, you can create content in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese, and more.

ClosersCopy Free Trial & Pricing

While ClosersCopy excels in offering you a better AI-powered copywriting experience, it still has one major flaw. Unfortunately, the software does not offer a free trial or a free plan. But it compensates for it by offering you a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Talking about the paid plans, there are 3 subscription plans with monthly and yearly billing options. Furthermore, you’d love to know that all of its plans offer complete access to the software and its tools. The only difference between its plans is the credits for content generation. Besides this, the team members and collaboration features are available in all plans.

ClosersCopy - Pricing
  • Power – By paying $49.99/month, you would be able to get 300 AI runs, 50 SEO audits, 2 team seats, and limited updates.
  • Superpower – Similarly, this plan will charge you $79.99/month and offers unlimited copywriting runs along with unlimited SEO audits, updates, and 3 team seats.
  • Superpower Squad – Finally, this plan will also allow unlimited AI runs in a month by paying $99.99/month. Also, you’d be able to add 5 team members in your ClosersCopy account.

A Quick ClosersCopy vs CopyAI Comparison

AI Technology UsedProprietary AIGPT-3
Copywriting Tools700+ Marketing frameworks90+
Blog Post GeneratorYesNo
(blog post wizard available)
Languages Supported120+25+
Key IntegrationsNoneNone
Team MembersUp to 5Up to 5
Free TrialNo free trialForever free with 1,000 words every month
PricingStarts at $49.99/monthStarts at $49/month

3. Writesonic

Writesonic was launched in 2021 as a lifetime deal on AppSumo. As soon as it was launched, it left an everlasting impression on its early customers. You can still see good reviews and high praises on Writesonic’s AppSumo deal page. After getting a significant number of new customers, the software spread like a fire in the digital marketing world. Soon bloggers, marketers, eCommerce businesses, and marketing agencies started using Writesonic for their copywriting needs.

The reason behind its huge success is the availability of some robust copywriting tools and features. Not to forget, Writesonic also uses GPT-3 language learning model as the artificial intelligence technology for content generation. Besides this, the software team is continuously working to add more features to the software such as a Chrome extension and a Shopify plugin. Therefore it is logical to classify Writesonic as one of the best Copy AI alternatives.

Writesonic - Copy.AI Alternatives

Features That Make Writesonic The Best Copy.AI Alternative

  • Uses AI For Better Content Generation – Writesonic is yet another software in this list that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence. This language learning model enables you to generate human-like content with better engagement and conversion.
  • Creates Complete Blog Posts In Seconds – Unlike CopyAI, Writesonic comes with a blog post generator. This module packs all the necessary means to create an introduction section, a conclusion section, and other important sections of the blog.
  • Offers Multiple User Seats – In comparison to CopyAI, Writesonic offers user seats in each of its plans. In the starting-level plans, there is only 1 user seat. But as you go higher in the plan hierarchy, you’d be able to get up to 4 user seats. Consequently, you’d be able to collaborate better with your team members.
  • Manage Unlimited Projects – Writesonic also allows you to create and manage unlimited projects. If you represent a marketing team or have multiple clients, this feature will allow you to create dedicated projects for your clientele. Hence, you can easily shuffle and access the required project.
  • Provides Various Content Optimization Tools – Besides all the conventional content generation tools, Writesonic offers various content optimization tools like a content expander, rephraser, summarizer, grammar fixer, and readability checker.
  • Supports 25 Languages – Similar to CopyAI which supports 25+ languages, Writesonic is not that far behind as it also supports 25 languages. Some of its most used languages are English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc.
  • 90+ Copywriting Tools & Features – At the end of the day, Writesonic comes out to be one of the most decent Copy AI alternatives that offer more than 40 copywriting tools. These tools can be utilized to create content for blog posts, social media, paid ads, product descriptions, landing pages, and more.

Writesonic Free Trial & Pricing

To give a tough competition to CopyAI, Writesonic comes with a trial plan that offers 10,000 free words. You can use these credits to generate any type of content and also access all of its copywriting features.

Once you exhaust your free credits, you will then have to subscribe to its paid plans. As of now, there’s only one paid plan with monthly and yearly billing options that grant access to its copywriting tools. At the same time, it consists of multiple sub-tiers with different content credits. Lastly, you’d also have the flexibility to change the quality of words from Premium, Superior, and Ultra.

Here’s the pricing for Premium quality words –

Writesonic - Free Trial & Pricing
  • Free Trial – A free trial to generate 2,500 premium quality words. These free words can be used on Writesonic’s short-form and long-form tools.
  • Long-Form – Lastly, you can get Writesonic’s long-form features like Sonic editor, AI article writer, custom branding, etc. in this plan. Here is the pricing distribution for Premium quality words –
    • $19/month for 60,000 premium words and 1 user seat
    • $49/month for 200,000 premium words and 5 user seats
    • $99/month for 400,000 premium words and 5 user seats
    • $199/month for 800,000 premium words and 10 user seats
    • $499/month for 2,000,000 premium words and 12 user seats
    • $999/month for 4,000,000 premium words and 15 user seats

Please note that whenever you change the quality of words, accordingly your word credits will be adjusted.

A Quick Writesonic vs CopyAI Comparison

AI Technology UsedGPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4GPT-3
Copywriting Tools90+90+
Blog Post GeneratorYesNo
(blog post wizard available)
Key IntegrationsWordPress, Semrush, GrammarlyNone
Languages Supported2525+
Project ManagementUnlimited (available in all plans)Unlimited (available in all plans)
Team Members1 – 10 (depending on your subscription plan)Up to 5
Free Trial2,500 free wordsForever free with 1,000 words every month
PricingStarts at $15/monthStarts at $49/month

4. Copysmith

Copysmith is one of the best Copy AI alternatives that are available for eCommerce businesses, marketing agencies, and in-house marketing teams. The software has already made a mark as the “go-to” content generator software for eCommerce websites and platforms. But apart from being a specialist in the eCommerce niche, Copysmith can also be used by solo marketers, copywriters, bloggers, founders, etc.

This software was also launched as a lifetime deal on AppSumo in 2020. Without any doubt, the early users were blown away by its simplicity and efficiency at the same time. Similar to CopyAI and almost all of its alternatives, Copysmith works on GPT-3 AI. Not to forget, the Copysmith team has recently released its native content creator persona – Ali. This module can very easily create up-to-date content on Technology, Men and Women’s fashion, COVID-19, and more. Besides this, there are several other features and tools available in this software that makes it superior to CopyAI.

Copysmith - Copy AI Alternative

Features That Make Copysmith The Best Copy.AI Alternative

  • Use Of AI For Content Generation – To be able to generate relevant content with good readability, Copysmith uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language learning model. You simply have to enter a couple of sentences as a source of inspiration for the AI to start the content generation process.
  • Supports Content Generation In Bulk – While other alternatives to Copy.AI allows creating 2-3 content copies at a time, Copysmith can generate hundreds. To be able to do so, you need to upload a CSV file with key details like company name, webpage URL, description, keywords, etc.
  • Export Content In Multiple Formats – Copysmith is one of the only software mentioned in this list that allows you to export your generated content. You can export files in TXT, PDF, CSV, and DOCX. Later, you can share these files with your team or clients.
  • Project Sharing & Collaboration – Speaking about the team, Copysmith offers a sharing feature that allows you to share projects, folders, and files with your team members. In addition to this, the software also packs an in-app collaboration feature. This can be used to work together with your team to get things done faster.
  • Long-Form Blog Generator With Plagiarism Checker – It’s evident that CopyAI doesn’t offer a blog post generator. While on the other hand, Copysmith comes with a full-fledged blog generator. To further assert superiority, this software also packs a native plagiarism checker.
  • Multiple Integration Options – Copysmith is one of the only tools that comes with a plethora of integration options. For starters, you can integrate your Google Ads account with Copysmith to create ad copies. Next, you can integrate Frase for creating SEO-optimized content, the Shopify plugin to create product descriptions, Hootsuite to automate social media marketing. And, you get a Google Docs add-on as well.
  • Generate Content In 60+ Languages – You can also use Copysmith to generate content in 60+ languages. The software declares that the best quality content is produced in the English language. But it definitely can create content in different languages as well.
  • Other 30+ Copywriting Templates – Copysmith offers more than 30 copywriting tools, features, and templates that can be used to create content for blog posts, paid ads, social media posts, YouTube titles or descriptions, eCommerce websites, etc.

Copysmith Free Trial & Pricing

For starters, Copysmith now offers a 7 day free trial period. The trial period will offer adequate content generation credits and access to the software to test out its overall efficiency.

Once you are satisfied with Copysmith or when your trial ends, you can subscribe to its premium plans. The paid plans will unlock advanced features and will also offer higher credits for content generation. As of now, there are 3 pricing plans with monthly and yearly subscription options.

Copysmith - Free Trial & Pricing
  • Free Trial – A free trial of 7 days with essential feature access and credits.
  • Starter – It will cost you $19/month for subscribing to this plan. It comes with 75 monthly content generation credits along with 20 monthly plagiarism checks and 2 team members’ access.
  • Professional – The plan is chargeable at the rate of $59/month as it offers 400 content generation credits, 100 plagiarism checking credits, and access to 5 team members.
  • Enterprise – This is an enterprise-level plan that requires you to get in touch with the Copysmith team for custom pricing. Rest assured, you’d get unlimited credits and up to 10 team members access in this plan.

A Quick Copysmith vs CopyAI Comparison

AI Technology UsedGPT-3GPT-3
Copywriting Tools30+90+
Blog Post GeneratorYesNo
(blog post wizard available)
Key IntegrationsGoogle Ads, Frase, Shopify, Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, HootsuiteNone
Languages Supported60+25+
Project ManagementUnlimited (available in all plans)Unlimited (available in all plans)
Team Members2 – 10 (depending on your subscription plan)Up to 5
Free Trial7 daysForever free with 1,000 words every month
PricingStarts at $19/monthStarts at $49/month

5. Anyword

Anyword is yet another software that offers some of the most robust copywriting features. Despite this, the software lacks all the much-deserved limelight, until now. The stuff that makes Anyword one of the best Copy AI alternatives is the use of AI technology coupled with a predictive performance score. In simple terms, after you generate your content, Anyword will analyze your content and tell you how engaging it is. Based on this score, you can later adjust your content for better results.

This unique characteristic of Anyword has attracted solo marketers, copywriters, bloggers, and even marketing agencies. Some of its notable clients include RedBul, NBC, PetCare, etc. Besides this, Anyword packs all the features to create content for different marketing channels. Not to forget, it also facilitates SMS text copy generation as well. This feature is certainly missing from CopyAI and almost all of its alternatives.

Anyword - Copy.AI Alternative

Features That Make Anyword The Best Copy.AI Alternative

  • Uses Multiple AI Technologies – Anyword is the only software that uses not one but three artificial intelligence technologies. In addition to GPT-3, Anyword uses T5 and CTRL to ensure the best quality of content is generated every time.
  • Predicts Performance Score Of Content – Again, Anyword is the only alternative to Copy.AI that offers predictive performance scores for your content. Simply speaking, for every content you generate, Anyword will analyze and evaluate the potential of content engagement with your audience. Based on this you can further improve your content quality and delivery.
  • Offers Custom Mode – The software also offers a custom mode where you can train Anyword’s AI to write content copies in your brand voice and tone. In addition to this, you can also customize its AI to create copies similar to your competitors or top-performing ads.
  • Create Content For SMSs – Not CopyAI or any of its alternatives are able to create short content for SMS marketing. Luckily, Anyword fills the gap by allowing you to generate short SMS text copies for your SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Supports 30 Languages – Just like other Copy AI competitors, Anyword is able to generate content in more than 30 languages. You can easily create content in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, etc.
  • Creates Content For Multiple Platforms – Anyword will effortlessly and quickly generate content for blog posts, landing pages, paid ads, email, product descriptions, and SMSs. It suffices to say that it is one of the most robust copywriting tools.
  • Provides Team Seats – Lastly, the software also allows you to share project access with your team members. Although, the team members or seats feature is only available in the Business plan. Not to forget, you also get a dedicated account manager for your Anyword account in this plan.

Anyword Free Trial & Pricing

To start things off, Anyword now offers a forever-free plan that grants free 1,000 monthly credits. Besides this, you will only get access to all of its copywriting tools and features.

You can remove this restriction and unlock advanced features by subscribing to premium plans. Currently, it offers plans under “Everyone” and “Enterprise” categories. All of these plans offer you a generous 7 day free trial period. Moreover, in the free plan, you get access to the software for 7 days. This way you get to analyze how the software works and also its overall efficiency in content generation.

Keep in mind that each plan has a different set of features. You can unlock the most advanced plan as you go up the plan hierarchy.

Anyword’s Pricing For Everyone

Anyword - Free Trial & Pricing For Everyone
  • Free – A forever-free plan with 1,000 monthly words to test out the working of the software.
  • Basic – The plan starts at $29/month and allows you to use up to 20,000 words in a month. You get access to basic copywriting tools, a blog wizard, and 1 team seat in this plan. Here’s the pricing distribution –
    • $29/month – 20,000 words
    • $49/month – 35,000 words
    • $59/month – 65,000 words
    • $79/month – 100,000 words
    • $149/month – 200,000 words
    • $199/month – 300,000 words
  • Data-Driven – In the Data-Driven plan, you’d get to use some of its advanced features like data-driven copywriting tools, predictive performance score, multiple languages, a blog wizard, and 1 user seat. Here’s what its pricing looks like –
    • $99/month – 30,000 words
    • $149/month – 60,000 words
    • $179/month – 100,000 words
    • $249/month – 200,000 words
    • $299/month – 300,000 words
    • $399/month – unlimited words

Anyword’s Enterprise Pricing

Anyword - Pricing For Enterprise

Anyword offers three different copywriting modules in the “Enterprise” plans i.e. Acquire, Convert, and Engage. These plans offer access to different features along with multiple team seats. The pricing is also custom and the Anyword team invites you to get in touch with them to schedule a demo.

A Quick Anyword vs CopyAI Comparison

AI Technology UsedGPT-3, T5, CTRLGPT-3
Copywriting Tools45+90+
Blog Post GeneratorYesNo
(blog post wizard available)
Key IntegrationsAd accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Verizon, Linkedin, Twitter, PinterestNone
Project ManagementUnlimited (available in all plans)Unlimited (available in all plans)
Languages Supported30+25+
Team Members1 – 5 (depending on your subscription plan)Up to 5
Free TrialForever free with 1,000 creditsForever free with 1,000 words every month
PricingStarts at $19/monthStarts at $49/month

6. Rytr

Having launched as a lifetime deal on AppSumo, Rytr has a similar beginning to some other Copy AI alternatives. The software was well received and quickly adopted by AppSumo customers. You can always check its high ratings and positive reviews on different review-based platforms like G2, Trustpilot, etc. Besides this, with the help of its early users, Rytr quickly transformed into one of the most robust copywriting software.

Similar to other software in the copywriting niche, Rytr also uses GPT-3 technology as the artificial intelligence responsible for content generation. In addition to GPT-3, Rytr also employs its own proprietary AI to enhance the quality of content. And, at the end of the day, the software provides 30+ uses case that can generate content in 30+ languages. To top things off, if you already have content, the software also offers various content optimizing tools to completely revamp your existing content.

Rytr - Alternative To Copy AI

Features That Make Rytr The Best Copy.AI Alternative

  • Uses State-Of-The-Art AI – As said earlier, Rytr uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model and its own proprietary AI to generate content. Both of these technologies work together to create content with better readability and overall quality.
  • Seamless Project Management – Similar to CopyAI, Rytr also allows you to create unlimited projects. Additionally, you can also store as many files as you want in your projects. Later, you have the flexibility to share your projects with your team or clients.
  • Collaboration & Team Management – Unlike CopyAI, Rytr allows you to add team members to your account. Moreover, you can also customize the account access for your team members. Lastly, all of your team members will have the power to download and share the project access among your team or your clients.
  • Offers 30+ Use Cases – Rytr allows you to generate content for different types of needs like blog posts, social media posts, ad copies, eCommerce sites, etc. Furthermore, with Rytr, you also have the option to choose between 20+ tones of voice.
  • Generate Content In 30+ Languages – You can generate any type of content in 30+ languages. Currently, Rytr supports major languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.
  • Content Optimization Tools With Plagiarism Checker – In comparison to CopyAI, Rytr offers you an array of content optimizing tools like an expander, shortner, rephraser, etc. It also offers a rich text editor with multiple formatting options. And lastly, it offers a native plagiarism checker with a grammar fixer tool.
  • Chrome Extension – Rytr is also available as a Chrome extension. With the extension enabled, you get to harness the power of Rytr’s AI copywriting across various platforms like Gmail, Slack, Messenger, Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Rytr Free Trial & Pricing

If you look at Rytr’s free trial, you’d find that it is one of the few free Copy AI alternatives. It offers a forever free plan that allows you to generate up to 5,000 characters in a month. You are allowed to access all of its features and tools in the free plan as well.

But to get more content credits, you’d have to subscribe to a premium plan. There are 2 paid plans as of now. Furthermore, you can choose to pay either monthly or on yearly basis. Rest assured, you’d get complete access to the software with better content generation credits.

Rytr - Free Trial & Pricing
  • Free Plan – A forever free plan to generate up to 5,000 characters in a month.
  • Saver – This plan will cost you only $9/month and will allow you to generate up to 50,000 characters in a month. Besides having the ability to access all of its features, Rytr also enables you to create your own use case in this plan.
  • Unlimited – For generating unlimited characters, you can pick this Rytr’s plan at $29/month. This plan also provides you with a dedicated account manager with priority support.

A Quick Rytr vs CopyAI Comparison

AI Technology UsedGPT-3 + Proprietary AIGPT-3
Copywriting Tools30+90+
Blog Post GeneratorNoNo
(blog post wizard available)
Key IntegrationsSemrush, Chrome extensionNone
Languages Supported30+25+
Team MembersUnlimited at $19/month per team seatUp to 5
Free TrialForever free with 5,000 characters limitsForever free with 1,000 words every month
PricingStarts at $9/monthStarts at $49/month

7. Peppertype.ai

Peppertype.ai is a product of a couple of young Indian entrepreneurs. The software is originally built on its parent platform – Pepper, where it offers one of the best marketplaces for content (textual and graphical). The platform gives opportunities to freelance writers and bloggers to cater to the needs of their customers. With the idea to solve the content problem, the team launched Peppertype.ai as an AI-powered copywriting and content generation software.

Similar to other Copy AI alternatives, Peppertype.ai also works on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language learning model. The software allows you to generate almost every type of content possible. Hence, with great content generation quality available at the fingertips, it soon caught the eyes of freelancers, writers, bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketing teams.

Peppertype.ai - Alternative To Copy.AI

Features That Make Peppertype.ai The Best Copy.AI Alternative

  • Uses Artificial Intelligence – The software is enabled with the latest language learning model of OpenAI i.e. GPT-3. This AI technology is efficient enough to create human-like textual content with great readability. Not to forget, the complete content generation process requires only a few seconds.
  • Offers Separate Blog Post Modules – While other Copy AI alternatives offer a dedicated and a single blog post generator, Peppertype.ai offers multiple modules to generate blog posts. In simple terms, it offers a blog introduction section generator, main content generator, and conclusion generator.
  • Add Team Members – Peppertype.ai offers you the option to add up to 20 team members to your account. With multiple members, you get to work on multiple concurrent projects and also speed up the content generation process. But remember that each seat comes with additional charges.
  • Collaboration & File Sharing – Similar to CopyAI, this software also offers collaboration and file-sharing features with your team members or clients. With the help of these features, you get to stay on the same page with your team or clients. Besides this, you know that the collaboration feature is only available in Peppertype.ai’s higher plans.
  • 20+ Content Types – As said earlier, Peppertype.ai is an AI-powered copywriting tool. It only means that you can generate different types of content with this tool. The software offers 20+ content generation tools for blog posts, social media, Amazon stores, websites, etc.
  • Basic Content Enhancement Tools – When you have generated content or even if you already have content, Peppertype.ai offers various content enhancement tools to completely revamp it. A couple of the most used enhancement tools are content expander and rewriter.

Peppertype.ai Free Trial & Pricing

Unlike other Copy AI alternatives, Peppertype.ai comes with an unconventional free plan option. The software offers a free plan that allows you to generate up to 100+ copies. Moreover, you will have the liberty to access all of its content templates in the free plan.

Next, once you have reached the limit of generating free copies, you’d have to then upgrade to a premium plan. Speaking of which, there are 3 pricing plans that come with monthly and yearly billing options. While you get all the basic features in every plan, you can also unlock advanced features in higher plans.

Rest assured, all the paid plans allow you to generate unlimited content. Additionally, you will have the flexibility to add up to 20 team members in each plan.

Peppertype.ai -  Free Trial & Pricing
  • Free Plan – A plan where you get to generate 100+ copies for free.
  • Starter – Next, this plan starts at $35/month for 1 user seat and the ability to generate unlimited content. This Peppertype.ai plan also offers access to all the basic features and a few advanced parameters.
  • Growth – The plan starts at $199/month for 5 user seats. Additionally, you can generate unlimited content, access collaboration features, share and download results as well.
  • Enterprise – Lastly, this plan offers other advanced features like a custom-trained AI model, brand voice, custom widget, integrations, bulk content generation, plagiarism, and grammar checker. The pricing is custom for different users and needs.

A Quick Peppertype.ai vs CopyAI Comparison

AI Technology UsedGPT-3GPT-3
Copywriting Tools20+90+
Blog Post GeneratorSeparate ToolsNo
(blog post wizard available)
Key IntegrationsNoneNone
Team Members1-20Up to 5
Free Trial100+ free copiesForever free with 1,000 words every month
PricingStarts at $35/monthStarts at $49/month

Closing Thoughts – Which Is The Best Copy AI Alternative?

Now that you have explored all the Copy AI alternatives, I hope you have found the best one for your copywriting needs.

That being said, I know that it would be difficult for you to simply pick a software without testing its efficiency. Therefore, I would first suggest you sign up for their free trial, try their copywriting features, and ultimately compare their results.

After this, I am sure that you’d be able to decide better.

However, if you are short on time and looking for a quick solution then I would suggest you go with Jasper. It is one of the leading AI copywriting tools that cater to a large volume of users. You can’t go wrong with this software.

Lastly, here are a couple of relevant blog posts that you may want to read –

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