5 Best Email Marketing Platform For WooCommerce

Are you trying to find the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce? If so, you have arrived at the right blog post.

Undeniably, WooCommerce is a boon for all the business owners who are looking to launch an eCommerce website on WordPress. It is a free and simple-to-use plugin that offers robust eCommerce functionalities.

But truth be told, just building a robust eCommerce website isn’t enough for your business. You need to devise a strong marketing strategy as well.

Besides all the other digital marketing strategies, you need to have a solid email marketing strategy for your eCommerce business.

You should know that email marketing will help you to nurture your leads and turn them into loyal customers. Not to forget, email marketing has one of the best ROIs when compared with all the other digital marketing strategies.

That being said, implementing a good email marketing strategy is still difficult. But you can tackle this problem by integrating your eCommerce website with the WooCommerce email marketing plugin.

There are plenty of these platforms/plugins in the market. So I have narrowed it down to some of the best solutions.

Here’s an…

Overview & Comparison Of Best Email Marketing Platform For WooCommerce

SoftwareFree Trial/PlanPricing
OmnisendForever freeStarts at $16/month
KlaviyoForever freeStarts at $20/month
Constant Contact60 daysStarts at $9.99/month
MailPoetForever freeStarts at $8/month
CM CommerceFree trialStarts at $9/month

Before we explore each of these platforms in detail, allow me to briefly talk about WooCommerce.

What Is WooCommerce?

At this point, if you have a digital presence, you may have already heard about WooCommerce. It is technically a WordPress plugin that can convert your simple WordPress site to a full-fledged eCommerce store.

As of now, more than 5 million WordPress websites use WooCommerce as their eCommerce solution. The plugin offers all the utilities to display your products in an eye-catching way and also collect payments for every sale.

You have the flexibility to sell physical as well as digital production. To add more value to its offering, WooCommerce also allows you to sell subscriptions, appointments, etc. among several other things.

In addition to this, WooCommerce offers you mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. With the help of apps, you also get to manage your e-Store through your mobile phone.

All in all, it is one of the best eCommerce plugins for businesses.

Why Do We Need WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugins?

One of the major drawbacks of WooCommerce is that it is exclusive to WordPress websites only.

Besides this, when it comes to email marketing, WooCommerce does not have many options. The plugin can only send transaction emails like new order, canceled order, completed order, and so on. To add more complications, WooCommerce uses the PHP Mail function to send your emails. In simple terms, it will send your email through your web servers.

The problem with this approach is that most of the web servers are not properly configured to send emails. Consequently, your emails will be landing in the spam folder.

In addition to this, your eCommerce store would also require to send marketing emails like welcome emails, promotional offers, abandoned cart emails, newsletters, etc. regularly. WooCommerce does not allow you to send marketing emails.

To combat these problems, you’d need a suitable WooCommerce email marketing plugin.

Benefits Of Using An Email Marketing Platform For WooCommerce

  • Complete Control Over Your Email Marketing Efforts – When using a dedicated platform for email marketing, you get to control different aspects of email marketing like sending time, domain, email address, and the from-name.
  • Create Flexible Email Templates Without Coding – You will also have the flexibility to create mobile-responsive email templates with the help of a drag and drop email builder. Apart from this, if you like to keep things simple, you can also create basic text emails as well.
  • Access A Plethora Of Email Templates – For sending different emails with a different purpose, you’d have to craft a new template every time. But with the email marketing tools, you get access to the library of readymade email templates that can be customized as per your needs.
  • Optimized For Delivery & Inbox Placements – All of the email marketing platforms for WooCommerce will send your emails through SMTP relays or through their own servers that are optimized for maximum email delivery.
  • Automate Your Marketing Strategy – Almost all email marketing solutions allow you to create marketing automation. With the help of this feature, you get to automatically send emails after a specific action or a specific time duration.
  • Automatically Synchronize Your Email List – Lastly, all of your WooCommerce customers can be automatically added to your email list. Additionally, in these emailing solutions, you get to add multiple behavioral or preferential segments so that you send more personalized emails to them.

To top everything off, email marketing when done through third-party applications will yield an ROI of $37 for every $1 spent (according to Litmus). And, according to another recent study, nearly 72% of people prefer to receive promotional campaigns on emails than social media (17%).

Now, we can explore each of the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce in detail.

Let’s start with…

1. Omnisend

Omnisend is one of the most robust marketing platforms for all types of eCommerce businesses. Having started in 2014 as a simple email marketing software, it has gained a lot of clients and also their loyalty over the years. The software specializes in creating and managing omnichannel marketing campaigns for eCommerce stores. And, to add the cherry on top, it also offers a WooCommerce plugin. Hence it automatically qualifies as the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce.

Besides WooCommerce, Omnisend is fully capable of integrating with other eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and more. Due to its wide range of features and integration options, it became the “go-to” marketing solution for more than 70,000 eCommerce businesses. Some of its biggest clients include Hallmark, Jiggy, Duke Cannon, FIGPiN, etc.

Omnisend - Best Email Marketing Platform For WooCommerce

What Makes Omnisend The Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugin?

  • One-Click Installation – You get to install Omnisend’s WooCommerce plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. After signing up for Omnisend, it will allow you to download the plugin and then you can upload & install it on your WordPress site.
  • Drag & Drop Builder With Email Templates – When it comes to email template designing, Omnisend offers you a sleek drag & drop builder with all the eCommerce fields. Additionally, you can also access its library of readymade and customizable email templates.
  • Offers Omnichannel Marketing Features – Besides email marketing, Omnisend is also capable of sending SMS campaigns to your customers. Furthermore, you can also implement web push notifications for your website visitors to boost conversions.
  • Conversion-Oriented Marketing Automation – Apart from manual email sending, you also get to automate your eCommerce marketing plans. For this, Omnisend offers you various marketing automation templates like welcome series, upsells & cross-sells, anniversary series, and so on.
  • Contact Synchronization & Segmentation – As soon as you install and activate your Omnisend WooCommerce plugin, it will automatically synchronize and add your customers to an email list. Later, you can segment your contacts on different factors like behavior, actions, inactivity, interests, etc.
  • Actionable Reports – Like any emailing software, Omnisend provides comprehensive performance reports of your email campaigns. It not only tells you the open, clicked, and unsubscribed percentage but it also sheds light on your sales performance as well.

Omnisend Free Trial & Pricing

Another reason that makes Omnisend the best WooCommerce email marketing plugin is its free plan and its paid plans. To start things off, Omnisend offers a forever free plan. The best part about the free plan is that it offers access to all of its features and marketing tools. Sure there are certain restrictions but if you are just starting your eCommerce store, it would be enough.

However, if you are a small-large sized business with a bigger clientele, you may want to subscribe to a premium plan. The pricing is based on the number of subscribers/customers imported or added. Also, there are a couple of plans that are ideal for emails or email + SMSs. Of course, feature distribution and email sending limit is different in each plan.

Omnisend Pricing
  • Free (Best for emails) – A forever free plan that allows you to send 500 emails/month to 250 contacts. Moreover, you’d also get 60 SMSs and 500 web push notifications in a month.
  • Standard (Best for emails) – This plan starts at $16/month for 500 contacts. You can send up to 6,000 emails, 60 SMSs, and unlimited web push notifications to your contacts.
  • Pro (Best for emails + SMS) – Finally, the plan starts at $59/month for 500 contacts but it allows you to send unlimited emails with unlimited web push notifications. Your SMS sending limit in this plan is increased to 3,933 SMSs/month. And, you also get advanced reporting.

2. Klaviyo

Another software that has planted its roots in the eCommerce business world is Klaviyo. Starting as an email marketing platform for eCommerce stores, the software has been developed to the point where it now offers features to send marketing campaigns on multiple channels. To expand more on this, not only do you get to send email campaigns but you also get to send SMS campaigns as well. Therefore, it becomes the top and the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce.

One of the reasons behind its huge success is the availability of some robust marketing features. For starters, Klaviyo seamlessly connects with all the major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and of course, WooCommerce. Additionally, it also offers 70+ integration options as well. Next, it allows you to send and automate your email marketing campaigns. Lastly, it also allows you to create custom audiences for Facebook ad campaigns as well. In totality, more than 265,000 eCommerce businesses rely on Klaviyo for their email marketing needs.

Klaviyo - Email Marketing Platform For WooCommerce

What Makes Klaviyo The Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugin?

  • WYSIWYG Email Editor – Just like any other email marketing platform, Klaviyo also offers you a sleek drag & drop email builder. With the help of this builder, you can include various eCommerce elements like product recommendations, coupon codes, and more.
  • Responsive Email Templates – For starters, Klaviyo offers you a library of readymade email templates. You can simply pick the one you like, customize it, and you are good to go. Additionally, all of these templates are perfectly responsive for different screen sizes as well.
  • Triggered & Autoresponder Emails – Klaviyo also gives you the opportunity to send autoresponders email campaigns. These emails will be triggered on different customer actions like cart abandonment, purchase follow-up, joining the email list, and so on.
  • Robust Contact Management With Segmentation – The software offers one of the most robust contact management features. Firstly, adding contacts to your email list is easy. Next, you get to add multiple segments to your list on different factors like contact profile properties, location, events, predicted values, etc. This will help you in creating a personalized email campaign for your customers.
  • Real-Time ROI Based Reporting – Besides conventional email reporting, Klaviyo provides a birds-eye view of your sales performance as well. Simply speaking, it will tell you how much sales and revenue did a corresponding email campaign made.
  • Omnichannel Marketing Capabilities – As said earlier, in addition to email marketing Klaviyo also gives you the option to send SMS marketing campaigns as well. Both emails and SMSs when used together can boost your sales even more.

Klaviyo Free Trial & Pricing

Like other best email marketing for WooCommerce, Klaviyo’s pricing is built on the number of contacts imported or added. But before subscribing to its premium plans, Klaviyo offers a forever free plan in which you get to send 500 emails in a month to 250 contacts.

The stuff that you’d like is that Klaviyo grants access to all of its features in the free as well as paid subscription plans. Speaking of which, the software offers plans specifically for emails, SMSs, and emails & SMSs. The pricing for these plans is different and flexible.

Since we are talking about the email marketing tools for WooCommerce, for now, we will focus on the plan for sending emails only.

Klaviyo Pricing
  • Forever Free – 500 emails per month to 250 contacts
  • 500 contacts – $20 per month
  • 1,000 contacts – $30 per month
  • 1,500 contacts – $45 per month
  • 2,500 contacts – $60 per month
  • 3,000 contacts – $70 per month

And so on… You can calculate the pricing as per your contacts list size on Klaviyo’s pricing page.

3. Constant Contact

Even if you are new to email marketing, I’m still quite sure that you have heard about Constant Contact. It is one of the oldest email marketing software that has been in the business. This software has been catering to clients from different business niches like real estate, SaaS, bloggers, and of course, eCommerce. Naturally, it qualifies to be termed as the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce.

In addition to being one of the oldest emailing software, Constant Contact has been regularly updated with new features. Besides email marketing, the tool is also able to create ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Also, it goes without saying that Constant Contact offers all the other advanced email marketing features like automation, autoresponder, landing pages, pop-ups, etc. Lastly, the software also boasts about its award-winning customer service.

Constant Contact - WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugin

What Makes Constant Contact The Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugin?

  • Drag & Drop Editor With Email Templates – Constant Contact will provide you with an easy-to-use email builder that will allow you to drag & drop various email elements to your template design. If you are lacking ideas or need a proven email template, you can also find it from its readymade templates library.
  • eCommerce Oriented Email Elements – Besides conventional email elements, Constant Contact allows you to add eCommerce elements to your template. Some of the most used elements include products, complete catalog, coupon codes, etc.
  • Lead Management & Capture Modules – For starters, you get to add and synchronize your WooCommerce customer’s lists with Constant Contact. Next, it also enables you to embed pop-ups forms across your WooCommerce store so that you get to capture leads and nurture them for conversion.
  • Audience Segmentation – Constant Contact will also allow you to easily manage your email lists by segmenting them on different factors. The module allows you to add different segmentation filters like first-time buyers, last bought, relapsed, and more.
  • Automates Your Marketing – As soon as your capture a lead, Constant Contact can send an autoresponder email and can also introduce it to your lead nurture series. Moreover, you can also automate the abandoned cart email series for the customers who had left your product in their cart and did not complete the payment process.
  • Omnichannel Marketing Approach – The software is fully capable of offering omnichannel marketing features for emails, social media ads, and Google ads. Not to forget, it also allows you to create landing pages as well.

Constant Contact Free Trial & Pricing

While other best WooCommerce email marketing plugins offer a dedicated free plan, Constant Contact takes the conventional path and offers a 60 day free trial period. In this free trial, you get access to all of its essential features so that you can analyze if it truly suits your eCommerce business needs.

Once you are satisfied or once your free trial ends, you’d have to upgrade to a premium plan. Currently, Constant Contact offers 2 pricing segments – Digital Marketing for emails & other marketing features and Sales Accelerator for an all-in-one CRM platform.

In the Digital Marketing segment, you’d find 2 monthly subscription plans that are based on the number of contacts imported or added. Consequently, the feature distribution is different for both plans as well.

Constant Contact Pricing
  • Free Trial – In this free trial, you get to try Constant Contact free for 60 days.
  • Core – The plan will start at $9.99/month for 500 contacts. Additionally, you get to add 5 users and access features like landing pages, Facebook & Instagram ads, basic email marketing features, basic reporting, contact management, automated welcome series, and more.
  • Plus – Similarly, for 500 contacts, you’d have to pay $45/month. In this plan, you’d unlock advanced features like Google ads integration, product synchronization, dynamic content, other marketing automation workflows, sales reporting, advanced segmentation, etc.

4. MailPoet

While other platforms mentioned in this blog post are standalone applications, MailPoet comes as a direct WordPress plugin. Like any other conventional WordPress plugin, MailPoet can be found on the WordPress repository and installed in just a few clicks. Talking about its efficacy, you’d love to know that it easily sends your transactional as well as promotional email campaigns. Hence it naturally qualifies to be called the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce.

As of now, more than 500,000 users on WordPress are using MailPoet for their WooCommerce store. And, to our surprise, the plugin claims to be sending 30+ million emails each month. But the stuff that makes it an absolute gem is its email deliverability. The plugin has a robust email sending infrastructure that ensures high inbox delivery and hence, a better open rate. This plugin is being used by some top eCommerce companies like Decathlon, SAP, DHL, TripAdvisor, and more.

MailPoet - Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugin

What Makes MailPoet The Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugin?

  • Email Editor With Readymade Templates – The plugin comes with a native email customizer that allows you to make necessary changes in your email template. Moreover, you also get access to its readymade email template library. You can simply pick the template that you like, customize it, and send it as per your schedule.
  • Unmatched Deliverability Rate – As said earlier, the plugin is supported by a robust email delivery system. The infrastructure is built in such a way that it can send millions of emails in a few seconds. To top this off, almost all of your emails will land in your customers’ inboxes.
  • Lead Capture Module – The plugin gives you the opportunity to add a GDPR compliant lead capture form to your checkout pages. All the leads collected through these forms will be automatically added to your WooCommerce customers/subscribers list.
  • Powerful Automations – MailPoet is one of the only WordPress email plugins that allows you to automate your email marketing strategy. For this, it allows you to create automation for new subscribers, new customers, loyal customers, and more. Additionally, it also handles the abandoned cart emails for unfinished product purchases as well.
  • Revenue-Based Analytics – Ultimately, the plugin also gives you insights on how did your email campaigns performed in terms of revenue. For every email sent via MailPoet, the plugin will track and record the revenue generated through it.

MailPoet Free Trial & Pricing

MailPoet amazes us when it comes to a free trial and premium plans. The team behind this plugin allows new users to use the plugin for free through its forever free plan. In this plan, you are allowed to send up to 5,000 emails/month to 1,000 customers. Sure there are a few restrictions but they can be removed by subscribing to a premium plan.

Now since MailPoet is a WordPress plugin, the pricing is based on the website license. Furthermore, the pricing is also based on the number of customers imported or added. At last, all the premium plans offer a similar set of features.

MailPoet Pricing
  • Starter – A forever free plan to send 5,000 emails/month to 1,000 subscribers with MailPoet branding. The free plan also provides access to email marketing features with basic engagement statistics.
  • Creator – This plan starts at $8/month for 500 subscribers and allows you to use MailPoet on 1 website. One thing to note here is that in this plan, MailPoet will only provide subscriber management, segmentation, and email designing features. The email sending part will depend on your hosting server.
  • Business – The plan will start at $10/month to send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers. The plugin can be installed on 1 website only and will also grant you access to features like Google Analytics integration, engagement statistics, and custom branding.
  • Agency – Lastly, this plan will cost you $30/month for sending unlimited emails to 500 subscribers. But this plan will allow you to use MailPoet on up to 50 websites.

5. CM Commerce by Campaign Monitor

If you have heard about Campaign Monitor, I’d presume that you may have also heard about CM Commerce. Both the software are a part of CM Group’s family of brands. While Campaign Monitor provides email marketing features to a broader group of businesses, CM Commerce is built especially for catering to the email marketing needs of eCommerce businesses. Therefore, the software offers seamless integration with major platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, and BigCommerce.

The stuff that makes CM Commerce the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce its simple and basic feature. Don’t be mistaken by the word “basic”. Despite being basic in nature, all of its features still tackle all the email marketing challenges of the eCommerce business. From sending promotional email campaigns to transaction ones, CM Commerce will do it all, and that too with complete expertise. That is why the software has received tons of awards and recognition in the past.

CM Commerce - Best Email Marketing For WooCommerce

What Makes CM Commerce The Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugin?

  • Quick & Simple Email Building – CM Commerce facilitates a quick and simple email creating process with the help of its drag & drop builder. All you have to do is select the required email element, drag it to the template designing area and drop it at the required position. Next, you can customize it to match your brand voice and tone.
  • Behavior-Based Segmentation – Not only does CM Commerce allow you to seamlessly import your WooCommerce customer’s emails but it also allows you to segment them on different behavioral factors. Due to this behavior-based segmentation, the software enables you to send personalized email campaigns to your customers and leads.
  • Pre-built Automated Email Journeys – The software offers you a library of ready-made email journeys for your leads and customers. For instance, you can trigger the welcome series emails for your leads and the abandoned cart series for the customers who have left the product in their cart. Either way, with the help of these email journeys, you are going to improved your conversion rates.
  • Create Pop-Ups For Your Store – To further maximize your conversion rates, CM Commerce allows you to create and add pop-ups to your eCommerce stores. You can create pop-ups from scratch or pick any one of the prebuilt templates.
  • Revenue-Based Reporting & Analytics – In addition to basic email reporting for opens, clicks, and unsubscribes, CM Commerce takes the reporting section further by offering revenue analytics. Simply speaking, the software can tell you how much revenue did the email brought.

CM Commerce Free Trial & Pricing

This email marketing platform for WooCommerce allows you to start for free. But unlike other software that clearly mentions its free trial, CM Commerce does not disclose its free trial. Although, it states that the free trial is available on all of its paid plans. So you can pick the required paid plan as per your requirements and avail of the free trial accordingly.

CM Commerce offers 3 pricing plans on a monthly subscription. Besides this, you should know that the pricing is based on the number of active contacts in your email lists. Additionally, you’d also unlock advanced features in higher plans.

Here’s the pricing distribution of CM Commerce for 500 contacts –

CM Commerce Pricing
  • Starter – This plan will start at $9/month and allows you to send 5,000 emails/month to 500 subscribers. In this plan, you get access to core email marketing features, segmentation, premade automation workflows, coupon generation & tracking, etc.
  • Growth – At the same time, this plan starts at $29/month and permits you to send unlimited emails. You’d also unlock a few advanced features like visual product reviews, customer feedback surveys, social proof widgets, and more.
  • Professional – Lastly, this plan would cost you $49/month and offers complete access to software with unlimited email sending capabilities. You also get a dedicated account manager, onboarding consultation, and priority email support.

The Verdict – Which Is The Best Email Marketing Platform For WooCommerce?

After exploring all the WooCommerce email marketing plugins and software, I hope you have found the one that you like.

If you are still unsure about which software/plugin to pick, I’d recommend you sign up for their free trial. By using the software, you would be able to analyze better if it is something that would serve your eCommerce store well.

Although, if you do not have that much time and looking for a quick solution, I’d recommend you go with Omnisend. The platform is built especially for eCommerce businesses and also offers omnichannel marketing features. You cannot go wrong with it.

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