5+ Best Landing Page Builder For Affiliate Marketing

Are you tirelessly looking for the best landing page builder for affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing, as we know, is a multi-step process. It starts with bringing in organic or paid traffic through various channels like emails, social media ads, PPC, SEO, etc.

Now the question every affiliate marketer, beginner, or expert must ponder is – Where should my traffic go to?

And, the only correct answer is that your traffic must be redirected to a relevant landing page.

Landing pages are the first step in building a successful marketing funnel. And, as an affiliate marketer, I believe that funnels are the most essential element for driving profits and sales.

So when your traffic arrives at the landing page, your page must be able to entice them to perform certain actions like submit their details, make a purchase, avail discount, etc.

But to create such efficient landing pages is easier said than done..!!

Luckily, with the help of all the 6 best landing page builders for affiliate marketers mentioned in this blog, you can not only create jaw-dropping pages to capture your traffic’s attention but it will also provide you an edge over your competitors.

Before we delve into detail, let’s start with knowing more about landing page builders (or skip and jump straight to the list).

What Is A Landing Page Builder?

As the name suggests, landing page builders are online software or a plugin that allows you to create landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

An ideal landing page builder would enable page creation with the help of the drag & drop interface. Meaning, you would be able to drag certain elements of a page and drop them in the editor area for further customization.

The drag & drop functionality also means that you do not have to deal with custom codes in order to create a conversion-oriented page.

Lastly, if you already have a website, these page builders could function as an add-on. If not then they also work as a stand-alone application where you can host your landing pages on their domain.

With that being said, you must be wondering…

What Are The Benefits Of Using Landing Page Builders?

While we have already established that to yield maximum output from your affiliate campaigns, you must set up marketing funnels. And, the first step of setting up a funnel is creating a catchy landing page.

But creating an efficient landing page isn’t easy.

Therefore, landing page builders come to your rescue by offering the following benefits –

  • Cheaper Solution – Normally, when it comes to creating landing pages, we would hire expensive developers. But most of the landing pages serve as a cheaper and free solution.
  • Requires No Coding Knowledge – Even if you do not have any coding knowledge, you can create jaw-dropping, responsive landing pages easily.
  • Saves Time – Most of the builder comes with readymade affiliate marketing landing page templates. You can use the one that suits your needs with just a few modifications.
  • Conversion Oriented – All the elements in the pre-built landing page templates are methodically placed in order to yield better conversion rates.
  • Provides Complete Design Freedom – The builders are known to create simple to complex designs within minutes that look good on devices with different resolutions.
  • Offers Important Insights – Almost all the best landing page builder for affiliate marketers offer an analytics dashboard so that you can analyze your page’s performance.

And, a lot more than these…

This begs, the question –

What Features You Must Look In Landing Page Builder?

Below is the list of all the essential features that your ideal affiliate landing page builder must have –

  1. Readymade Templates – Your chosen builder must provide you with a library of pre-built landing page templates that you can easily pick, edit, and use for your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  2. Mobile Responsive – The builder should be efficient enough to allow you to create responsive landing pages that work on all desktops, tabs, and mobiles.
  3. Fast Loading Speed – The pages created by your builder must load extremely fast. After all, the sooner your page catches your visitor’s attention, the closer they get to conversion.
  4. Integrations – Your landing page builder must easily integrate with third-party applications easily. For instance, as an affiliate marketer, you would need integration for email marketing, sign up forms, PayPal/Stripe for payment collection, etc.
  5. Ease Of Use – Yes, the builders already make your page building process easy. But you must also check if its interface is simple enough to understand and work with.
  6. Value For Money – At last, you must also evaluate what other features, services, tutorials, etc. your chosen landing page builder offers in the given subscription plans.

By keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, I have explored some best landing page builder for affiliate marketing in detail.

Let’s explore them in detail –

1. Instapage

According to me, Instapage is the best landing page builder for affiliate marketers that I can ever recommend to you. You can estimate how popular and efficient Instapage is by knowing that as of now, there are over 4 million landing pages built via this builder.

When it comes to software as a whole, the team behind it likes to categorize it into 6 different modules. Out of which landing page builder, page personalization, experimentation, and page speed proves to be most essential.

Instapage - Landing Page Builder For Affiliates

What Makes Instapage The Best Landing Page Builder?

  • To start things off, Instapage offers an extensive library of 500+ readymade landing page layouts. Not to forget, each of them is perfectly editable as per your needs.
  • In order to boost your conversion, Instapage believes in delivering the best page personalization through dynamic content. The software allows you to create as many unique audience experiences for each page.
  • Instapage allows you to A/B test your landing pages in order to learn what’s working best for your audience. Also to take it a step further, all the pages of Instapage use heatmaps to track user behavior.
  • When it comes to fast page loading time, Instapage supports AMP and its proprietary Thor Render Engine technology.
  • You can seamlessly integrate your Instapage landing pages with email marketing & automation tools, eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, live chats, CRMs, etc.

How Much Does Instapage Cost?

For affiliate marketers who have not yet used Instapage, you can sign up for its 14 days free trial. The free trial will offer almost all the essential features and most importantly, it would grant you access to the landing page builder.

Once the trial expires, you will have the option to subscribe to any of its two pricing plans –

Instapage Pricing
  • Business – This plan would cost you $299/month or $199/month when paid annually. It includes important features like page builder, Instablocks, Thor Render Engine, AdMap, A/B testing, Heatmaps, some important integrations, SSL encryption for landing pages, GDPR compliance, and so on.
  • Converting – To opt for this plan, you’d have to get in touch with the Instapage team for custom pricing. And, in this plan, you’d also get some advanced features like 1:1 ad-to-page personalization, AMP page support, ad spend conversion attribution, audit logs, page migration services, customer success manager, custom feature implementation, etc.

2. Leadpages

Another gem of a software that proves to be the best landing page builder for affiliates is Leadpages. The prime reasons behind its popularity are its extensive set of resources that help you design and create better landing pages.

Speaking about the software, just like some of its competitors, Leadpages is a combination of 4 different modules. It comprises a website builder, landing page builder, pop-up forms, and alert bar builders. All of these modules work hand in hand to yield better conversions for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Leadpages - Landing Page Builders For Affiliate Marketers

What Makes Leadpages The Best Landing Page Builder?

  • Leadpages offers more than 200 professionally designed landing page templates that are built for conversion. Each of the templates can be further edited with the drag & drop page builder.
  • This is the only page builder that packs an inbuilt conversion guidance module. It predicts the performance of your page and highlights the area which can be improved before publishing.
  • It claims to be 30% faster when it comes to page load time when compared with other landing page builders. If you are running a PPC ad campaign, it will certainly improve your ad quality score.
  • To further boost your conversion, the landing pages built via Leadpages supports pop-forms. Not just this but you can also display alert bars to induce scarcity among your audience.
  • Leadpages and its landing pages can be easily integrated with tons of third-party apps. Integration ranges for CRMs, email marketing services, live chats, payment processors, social media, webinars, etc.

How Much Does Leadpages Cost?

The pricing of Leadpages is built on the site’s license. Meaning, each plan offers a usage license on a certain number of websites. You can utilize the free hosting provided by Leadpages with a free custom domain or you can deploy/publish it on your own website.

Although to kick things off, Leadpages offers a 14 days free trial on all of its three subscription plans. The best part is that all the plans offer access to its four core modules. The only difference in pricing is the distribution of features and site usage license.

Leadpages Pricing
  • Standard – It offers you 1 site license at the cost of $37/month. It offers all the basic essential features like page builder, pop-ups, alert bar, mobile responsive page templates, 40+ integrations, etc.
  • Pro – At the same time, this plan would grant 3 sites license at the price of $79/month. It includes all the above-mentioned features along with some advanced ones like A/B testing, sales & payment collection, email trigger links, and opt-in text campaigns..

3. Landingi

Landingi is relatively unrecognized among other landing page builders. But this doesn’t mean that it is in any way incompetent to create an attention-grabbing affiliate marketing landing page template.

Unlike other landing page builder for affiliate marketers mentioned in this blog, Landingi has the most diverse set of page builder features available in its arsenal. Not just this but it also methodically categorizes its services for different businesses. Of course, it suits for affiliate marketing as well.

Landingi - Landing Page Builder For Affiliate Campaigns

What Makes Landingi The Best Landing Page Builder?

  • The builder comes with a set of 250+ ready-to-convert landing page templates for multiple business niches. Each template is easily editable with the drag & drop editor and is mobile responsive.
  • If you already have a website on WordPress, Landingi offers a proprietary WordPress plugin that will help you create landing pages right on your website.
  • Landingi ensures that your pages bring-in maximum conversions with the help of pop-ups. These pop-ups can be triggered after scrolling down the page or if exit intent is detected.
  • This affiliate landing page builder supports A/B testing of your pages as well. You can try different headings, videos, color schemes, etc., and learn what’s working best for your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Unlike other page builders, Landingi is also capable of creating full-fledged marketing, conversion, & sales funnels. This feature will help you combine multiple pages to form a customer journey.

How Much Does Landingi Cost?

Despite offering a plethora of features, templates, and services, Landingi has managed to keep its pricing fairly cheaper. In addition to being affordable, the pricing plans are very flexible and tailored according to your business needs.

To start using Landingi, all the plans come with a generous 14 days free trial period. When it comes to the subscription period, all the plans are available with monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly billing cycles.

There are different plans available for different needs. But all plans allow you to create unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, email integrations, etc.

Landingi Pricing
  • Create – To use Landingi for 10 domains and up to 50,000 unique visitors, you’d have to pay $89/month. You’ll be able to create unlimited landing pages. Other features available in this plan are 400+ page templates, SSL, WordPress plugin, etc.
  • Automate– The payment of $127/month will increase the usage limit to 20 domains and 100,000 visitors. You’d also get 400+ templates, A/B testing, autoresponders, funnels, etc.
  • Agency – This plan will allow usage on 30 websites/domains with a 300,000 visitors limit at the cost of $199/month. All the advanced features are included in this plan like campaign scheduler, white label solutions, priority support, custom images & templates, etc.

You can also increase certain limits at the rate of 10 domains – 15/month, 50,000 unique visitors – $15/month, and 1 sub-account – $15/month.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is technically an email marketing software that is widely opted for and used by many affiliate marketers. But over the years, it has grown from just an email marketing service to a complete marketing software that also allows you to create landing pages.

Now, if you opt for GetResponse, you would be killing two birds with one stone. In simple words, GetResponse will offer you a landing page builder and all the email marketing automation features in a single software. Not to mention, all the landing pages and sign up forms will be seamlessly connected with your email lists.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder For Affiliate Marketing

What Makes GetResponse The Best Landing Page Builder?

  • GetResponse is packed with a sleek drag & drop landing page builder that allows you to customize every element of the page. The best part is that all the pages created by this builder come out to be mobile responsive.
  • Just like the other best landing page builder for affiliate marketing, GetResponse too offers a plethora of readymade landing page templates. All of these templates are designed for optimal conversions.
  • In addition to A/B testing in email campaigns, GetResponse also offers A/B testing for landing pages. You can try different variations of heading, content, etc. to know what’s best for you.
  • One of the unique features of GetResponse is an in-built webinar module. You can integrate your landing pages with the webinar module to promote your online events.
  • To further maximize the impact of your landing pages, GetResponse enables you to create & use pop-ups and countdown timers in your pages.

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

Before we go any further, I would like to remind you that since GetResponse is primarily an email marketing service, its pricing is based on the number of contacts imported or added.

Next, it now offers a forever free plan that provides basic marketing & landing page features. For advanced landing page features, you’d have to upgrade to a premium plan.

You’d be relieved to know that all the premium plans come with a 30 days free trial period and allows you to create and publish unlimited landing pages. You can connect and publish these pages either on GetResponse’s free domain or on your custom domain.

Here’s an overview of the GetResponse pricing for 1,000 contacts –

GetResponse Pricing
  • Free – A lifetime free plan that allows you to create 1 landing page with sign up forms & pop-ups. You also get basic email marketing features as well.
  • Basic – It would cost you $15/month and would also include features like automation, sales funnel (only one), autoresponder, etc.
  • Plus – This plan will cost you $49/month but it will unlock features like webinars (for max. 100 attendees), sales funnels (only 5), and webinar funnels (only 5).
  • Professional – You’d have to pay $99/month. Moreover, you will unlock more advanced features and create unlimited sales and webinar funnels.
  • Max – This plan required you to get in touch with the GetResponse sales team for custom pricing.

5. AWeber

Another notable name in the realm of email marketing software is AWeber. If you don’t know it yet, AWeber is also an affiliate marketing friendly autoresponder that also offers an efficient landing page builder.

If you are a beginner at affiliate marketing, you can employ AWeber as your email autoresponder and also a landing page builder. You’d be also pleased to know that even if you do not have a website, AWeber would allow you to use your landing pages to collect leads and build your email list.

AWeber Landing Page Builder

What Makes AWeber The Best Landing Page Builder?

  • Just like other best landing page builder for affiliate marketing, AWeber supports page building through the drag & drop editor. The editor is extremely beginner-friendly as it requires no coding knowledge to create landing pages.
  • If you are lacking ideas to create landing pages, you can pick the page that you find visually pleasing from its array of readymade landing page templates.
  • You have the capability to make your landing page more interactive by including dynamic content like polls, videos, live videos, audio playlist, products, etc.
  • All the pages created via AWeber landing page builder are able to include pixel tracking codes for Google Analytics and Facebook.
  • When you use lead collection forms or sign up forms on your landing pages, all the leads collected will be automatically added to your email lists with appropriate tags.

How Much Does AWeber Cost?

Since AWeber is an email marketing service, the pricing is built on the number of contacts imported or added. Although, there’s a forever free plan that allows you to collect up to 500 leads or add up to 500 contacts.

Once you cross this threshold, you’d have to upgrade to its premium plans. You again have the flexibility to choose the subscription period from monthly, quarterly, or annually.

But the stuff that you should be happy about is that no matter which pricing tier (based on number of contacts) you pick, you’d get to create and publish unlimited landing pages.

Nevertheless, here’s a quick rundown of the AWeber pricing plans –

AWeber Pricing Plan
  • 0 – 500 Subscribers – $19.99 per month.
  • 501 – 2,500 Subscribers – $29.99 per month.
  • 2,501 – 5,000 Subscribers – $49.99 per month.
  • 5,001 – 10,000 Subscribers – $69.99 per month.
  • 10,001 – 25,000 Subscribers – $149.99 per month.

6. Elementor

If you are looking for the best landing page builder for affiliate marketing that also happens to be free, then your search will end on Elementor. It is a WordPress website and landing page builder plugin that is currently being used by more than 5,000,000 users.

So if you already have a website or planning to launch one soon, you can start creating affiliate marketing landing page templates with Elementor. Rest assured, the plugin is packed with tons of utilities and integrations that will help you with your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Elementor - WordPress Landing Page Builder

What Makes Elementor The Best Landing Page Builder?

  • Elementor offers a whopping 90+ widgets that can be used to create attention-grabbing landing pages in a minute. Not the mention, you don’t even need any technical or coding knowledge for it.
  • Just like other best landing page builder for affiliates, Elementor offers 100+ visually pleasing and conversion-oriented landing page templates. Pick the landing page you need and edit it via drag & drop editor to fit your requirements.
  • When it comes to enhancing the marketing aspect on your pages, Elementor allows you to create and publish pop-ups and sign up forms. It also means that with the landing page editor, you get to create pop-ups and sign up forms.
  • To further improve the efficiency of your landing pages, Elementor provides a plethora of integration options. You can connect your pages to email marketing services, CRMs, social media networks, etc.
  • Also, in order to make a perfect sales page, Elementor offers marketing-specific widgets like pricing tables, star ratings & reviews, evergreen counter, sticky bar, etc.

How Much Does Elementor Cost?

The best characteristic of using Elementor is that it is completely free and can be used on any number of websites. Although you must also know that the free version only offers 40+ basic widgets and 30+ basic templates.

To unlock the full set of Elementor features, you would have to subscribe to any of its yearly pricing plans. Since it is a page builder WordPress plugin, the pricing is built on the website license.

Rest assured, all the plans offer complete access to its features, integrations, templates, and widget library.

Latest Elementor Pricing
  • Essential – $49 per year for 1 website.
  • Expert – $199 per year for 25 websites.
  • Studio – $499 per year for 100 websites.
  • Agency – $999 per year for 1000 websites.

All Covered Up! Now What?

Now that you have explored the list of the 6 best landing page builder for affiliate marketing, it’s time for you to pick the one and start using it for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Believe me when I say, I have been an affiliate marketer for 3+ years now. And, I have at least used all these services once in my life.

And, all of the above-mentioned builders always impressed me with the set of features and readymade page templates.

Although just to narrow down the search for you, if you are a beginner-level affiliate marketer, I would recommend you GetResponse. If you pick this software, not only do you get a landing page builder but you also get an email marketing software. And, that too at the price of one.

Then again, if you are a well-established affiliate marketer, who has its email marketing strategy sorted, you may want to stick with professional affiliate landing page builders like Instapage and Leadpages.

As always, if you have queries, feel free to drop them in the comments.

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