5 Best AI Story Generator Tools To Write Creative Stories In 2024

If you are trying to find some of the best AI story generator tools then you have come to the right blog post.

You see, we aren’t born writers. It’s the skill that we develop and master over years. Truth be spoken, we do not have enough time to master our writing skills. Not to forget, you may also have to face writer’s block at some time in your life.

To overcome this problem and streamline the process of creating stories, novels, etc., I’d recommend you start using a reliable AI story generator.

In this post, I have found some of the best tools that pack robust features to foster your writing process.

So if you are a newbie writer or an aspiring author, stick around and explore these tools in detail with me. By the end of this post, I’m sure you will be able to find the best solution for you.

Just to give you an idea about what’s in store, here’s an…

Overview & Comparison Of AI Story Generator Tools

SoftwareOur RatingAI UsedFree Trial/PlanPricing
Jasper4.9/5GPT-310,000 free wordsStarts at $29/month
CopyAI4.5/5GPT-32,000 free wordsStarts at $49/month
Rytr4.4/5GPT-3 + Proprietary AI5,000 free characters per monthStarts at $9/month
ClosersCopy4.4/5Proprietary AINo free trialStarts at $49.99/month
NovelAI4.1/5GPT-3100 free AI generationStarts at $10/month

Let’s explore each of these story generators in detail, starting with…

1. Jasper

When it comes to AI-powered content generators, none could match the efficiency of Jasper. Having launched in 2021 as Conversion.ai and after a couple of rebranding, Jasper has come a long way in the digital marketing world. The software was quick to attract users like bloggers, freelancers, email marketers, social media influencers, and PPC experts. As of now, it proudly caters to 50,000+ users from across the globe and boasts its 5/5 stars rating.

The stuff that makes it the best AI story generator is the use of advanced artificial intelligence for story generation. To further complement the story generation process, there is a multitude of content optimization and improvement tools. Not to forget, Jasper can effortlessly generate stories in multiple global languages. Lastly, it packs an array of 50+ content generation tools as well that can be leveraged for different use cases. It’s safe to say that Jasper will solve all of your content generation needs.

Jasper - AI Story Generator

Key Features That Make Jasper The Best AI Story Generator?

  • Uses Advanced AI For Story Generation – Jasper uses the latest and the most advanced AI i.e. OpenAI’s GPT-3 language learning model to generate stories. This AI ensures the quality of the generated story is acceptable to an avid reader.
  • Writes Stories In 25+ Languages – The software has the potential to write a story with AI in different languages. Jasper supports 25+ languages apart from English such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
  • Boss Mode – It is one of the premium features of Jasper that unlocks all the advanced features. Using this mode, you can write stories in the “Document” or the long-form editor. At the same time, this mode allows you to use different content generation tools in one document.
  • Write Stories Using Jasper Commands – The Boss Mode also grants you access to Jasper commands. You get to use one of these commands to write stories for you.
  • Availability Of Jasper Recipes – Besides commands, Jasper offers different recipes that can be used to generate stories. Recipes are a series of workflows or steps that allows you to generate content for different use cases.
  • Stories Have Better Context – The characteristic that makes Jasper one of the top AI story generators is its ability to generate stories with better context. For this, it reads your past 3,000 generated characters every time before writing new content for you. 
  • Offers Content Improvement Tools – Jasper packs a few content optimization tools like content improver, summarizer, etc. In addition to this, the story generator tool offers integration with Grammarly so that you get remove grammatical errors from your AI generated stories.
  • Generates 100% Original Content – All content generated in Jasper is unique and 100% original. It is one of the only software that offers integration with Copyscape so that you can check your story for plagiarism.
  • Manage Multiple Projects – If you are a part of a content team or want to generate multiple stories, Jasper allows you to create multiple projects. With multiple projects, your team can work concurrently on different stories to speed up the content generation process.
  • Other 50+ Copywriting Tools – Besides the story generator, Jasper allows you to generate content for blog posts, social media, Google ads, websites, and more. You can also use most of its features when you install its Chrome extension.

How To Use Jasper’s AI Story Generator?

Jasper is a premium software but you can avail 5-day free trial and 10,000 free words using my link. The free trial will also grant you access to the story generator tool.

After signing up and completing the process, you will have access to the Jasper dashboard. Here, you can browse through all of its copywriting skills and templates.

To start the story generation process, you’d have to first create a Project. Next, you’d have to select the story generator. In Jasper, it is available under the name Creative Story.

This module then asks you to enter a short plot for your story. This step ensures that Jasper creates an on-point and contextual story. Next, it asks you to select the Tone Of Voice for your story.

All you have to do after this step is click on the Generate button.

In a matter of a few seconds, Jasper will generate a short story for you. Lastly, if you want to change the language of your story, you can customize the Language output settings in your account settings.

Jasper Free Trial & Pricing

As said earlier, Jasper is a premium tool. That being said, for my readers, Jaspers offers an exclusive 5-day free trial with a 10,000 free words generation limit. In this free trial, you will also get to test the story generator tool as well.

Once the free trial ends or after exhausting your free credits, Jasper prompts you to subscribe to a premium plan to continue using its services. For this, it offers a couple of pricing plans with monthly and yearly subscriptions. Furthermore, both of these plans offer multiple sub-tiers that offer different word generation limits and also the set of features.

Jasper New Pricing
  • Free Trial – A 5-day free trial to generate 10,000 words for free.
  • Starter – you can start with this plan by paying $29/month. It allows you to generate up to 20,000 words in a month. This plan offers access to all essential features of Jasper.
    • $29/month – 20,000 words/month
    • $49/month – 35,000 words/month
    • $79/month – 60,000 words/month
    • $99/month – 75,000 words/month
    • $149/month – 115,000 words/month
    • $199/month – 150,000 words/month
    • $299/month – 240,000 words/month
    • $399/month – 320,000 words/month
  • Boss Mode – The plan starts at $59/month to generate 50,000 words. It also grants access to other features like doc editor, Jasper commands, recipes, integration, etc. Here’s a breakdown of the Boss Mode plan –
    • $59/month – 50,000 words/month
    • $99/month – 100,000 words/month
    • $279/month – 300,000 words/month
    • $600/month – 700,000 words/month
    • $1,200/month – 1,500,000 words/month
    • $1,900/month – 2,500,000 words/month
    • $3,600/month – 5,000,000+ words/month
  • Business – A custom plan for enterprise-level businesses with higher content generation needs.

Pros & Cons Of Jasper


  • Uses advanced AI technology
  • Generates stories with better context
  • Produces original and unique stories
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Create stories using commands & recipes
  • Manage unlimited projects & team members
  • Offers 50+ copywriting tools
  • Chrome extension


  • Does not offer a free plan
  • Pricing may get expensive if you have higher content generation needs

2. CopyAI

CopyAI is yet another AI-powered tool that has been the pick of the software for social media marketers, email marketers, copywriters, and bloggers. Furthermore, this AI story generator is now widely being used by newbie story writers, authors, and publications. Similar to its competitors, CopyAI has been highly rated and received a lot of love from users across the globe.

This surge in its popularity is the result of its constant development and the set of features. Currently, it offers 90+ copywriting tools to handle all your content generation needs. All of these tools leverage artificial intelligence for content generation. Lastly, you also have the option to select the language for your stories.

CopyAI - AI Short Story Generator

Key Features That Make CopyAI The Best AI Story Generator?

  • Use Of Artificial Intelligence – CopyAI uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language learning model to generate stories of the highest quality and context. This AI technology is also known to produce human-like content that requires minimum correction or improvement.
  • Story Generator For Hero & Villain – This software offers a couple of dedicated story generator tools for a hero and a villain. With the help of this, you can generate a good origin story for your hero and villain.
  • Freestyle Content Generator – This tool is capable of generating stories and content on almost any topic. The best part about this module is that it keeps on producing content without any restriction.
  • Story& Content Optimizing Tools – CopyAI offers as many as 30 content optimizing tools like a cliffhanger module for paragraphs, analogy generator, rewriters, sentence simplifier, tone changer, and more.
  • Creates Stories In 25+ Languages – Similar to other artificial intelligence story generators, CopyAI is capable of producing stories in different languages. As of now, it supports some important languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc.
  • Manage Projects & Teams – The software first allows you to create as many projects as you want. Next, it allows you to add team members to your CopyAI account and work concurrently on different story projects.
  • Offers 90+ Copywriting Tools – In addition to the story generator, CopyAI offers 90+ copywriting skills. You can use them to create content for blog posts, ad copies, social media, emails, websites, etc.

How To Use CopyAI’s AI Story Generator?

In order to use CopyAI’s story plot generator tool, you’d have to first sign up for a user account. One of the best characteristics of CopyAI is that it offers a forever-free plan to every new user.

Upon signing up and going through a quick onboarding process, CopyAI will grant you access to its dashboard. Here, you will be able to access all of CopyAI’s copywriting tools.

To begin with the story generation process, it is advisable you first create a Project. This will help you will seamless management of your different stories. For creating a project, all you have to do is give it a suitable name. Also, you have the option to provide CopyAI with the URL of a website/page as a source of inspiration.

CopyAI - Create New Project

After creating the project, you’d have to browse through its set of copywriting tools and find the ones that will contribute to your story. All of these tools are available on the lefthand side panel. You make a quick search or find them in the Writing Tools section.

CopyAI offers –

  • Freestyle
  • Hero Story Intro
  • Hero Story Villain

… tools for your story. You can pick the one that you require. For this example, I am going to pick the Hero Story Intro tool and try to create a short story for the hero.

CopyAI - Story Writing Tools

Once you enter this module, CopyAI asks you to provide a short description or a background of the hero. You can provide a couple of sentences or be as descriptive as you like. Remember, the more details you provide to CopyAI, the better story will it generate.

Next, you have the option to set the Tone Of Voice for your story. Once everything is set, all you have to do is click the Create Copy button.

CopyAI - Enter Plot Details

In a matter of a few seconds, CopyAI will generate a story for you.

You can save this version of the story or generate more versions of it. Lastly, you can later access your saved copies by accessing them through your project folders.

CopyAI Free Trial & Pricing

CopyAI is a free AI story generator, all thanks to its forever-free plan. In this free plan, you get 2,000 free words to generate stories or any other type of content. Furthermore, the best part about this plan is that all the unused free credits will carry forward to the next month.

That being said, if you want to get more credits and use CopyAI without any restrictions, you’d have to subscribe to a premium plan. As of now, it only offers one premium plan with monthly and yearly billing options.

CopyAI Pricing
  • Free – A forever-free plan that offers up to 2,000 free words to generate stories every month.
  • Pro – This plan costs $49/month and offers unlimited words to generate stories with 5 team seats.

Pros & Cons Of CopyAI


  • Uses GPT-3 model as AI
  • Offers different modules for generating stories
  • Multiple content optimization tools
  • Generates stories in 25+ languages
  • Ability to customize the tone of your stories
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Access 90+ copywriting tools
  • Comes with a forever-free plan


  • Pricing is a bit expensive
  • So many tools can become overwhelming to use
  • Overall quality may not be up to the mark

3. Rytr

Rytr is one such tool that has slowly but surely risen to the higher ranks of AI-powered tools. Similar to other story plot generators mentioned in this article, Rytr leverages GPT-3 AI technology to generate content. Additionally, it also uses its own AI technology in conjunction with GPT-3 to enhance the quality of content generation. Hence, it could be a perfect solution for you to generate short stories.

Besides this, the characteristic that makes Rytr an absolutely best choice is its set of features. You’d love to know that it offers 30+ copywriting skills and allows you to change the language of your content effortlessly. To add more customization options, it also enables you to set the tone of voice. At the end of the day, it also offers you the option to use it as a SaaS application or install it on your Chrome for quick and easy content creation.

Rytr - AI Story Plot Generator

Key Features That Make Rytr The Best AI Story Generator?

  • Uses A Couple Of AI – Rytr makes use of GPT-3 and its proprietary AI technology to create stories and other types of content. These two technology works in conjunction to generate high-quality content with good context and readability.
  • Offers AI Short Story Generator – Unlike other tools that generate nearly full-fledged stories, Rytr takes a different approach and creates a story plot for you. Later, you can use this plot copy to create a complete arc for your story.
  • Other Story Optimizing Tools – To further enhance the quality and coherence of your story, Rytr offers a multitude of content optimizing tools like sentence expander, rewriter, shortner, etc. It also offers a grammar checker as well as a plagiarism checker tool.
  • Select Multiple Languages – This story generator tool permits you to customize language settings. As of now, it supports 30+ languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc. to generate short stories and plots.
  • Manage Projects & Team Members – For starters it allows you to create as many projects as you want. You can store multiple files or story copies in different project folders. Moreover, Rytr authorizes you to add multiple team members to your account.
  • Comes As A Chrome Extension – Rytr is one of the only tools mentioned in this article that is available as a Chrome extension. This enables you to use Rytr across different platforms like WordPress, social media, Gmail, Slack, etc.
  • Use 30+ Copywriting Tools – Apart from story plot generation, Rytr is completely capable of generating content for blog intros, social media posts, emails, ad copies, and other miscellaneous needs.

How To Use Rytr’s AI Story Plot Generator?

To begin the story plot generation process, you’d first need a user account. One of the best characteristics of Rytr is that it offers a forever-free plan which allows you to generate 5,000 characters in a month.

You can sign up for its free plan and access all of its other features as well. That being said, upon signing up, you will have access to Rytr’s dashboard. Here you can access and select all of its copywriting tools from the lefthand side panel. Furthermore, you can create new projects and new files using the New Folder and New Document options available in the top-right corner.

Rytr - Create New Folder

After creating a new folder and adding a new document, you can now create a story plot. For this, you’d have to first browse or simply search through the dropdown list of Ryrt’s use cases.

Next, you also get to customize a few important settings like language, tone of voice, creativity level, and the number of copies. You then have to only enter a couple of sentences as a story idea and click on the Ryte for me button.

Rytr - Enter Plot Details

Within a few seconds, Rytr will produce a story plot for you.

Since Rytr comes with a rich-text editor, you can further improve your content by adding relevant headings, formatting it according to your needs, adding relevant images, etc.

Rytr - AI Generated Stories

Lastly, you can later access your story plot copies either through the History option or by navigating to it by the corresponding Projects folder.

Rytr Free Trial & Pricing

If you have been looking for a free AI story generator, Rytr could be your best option. For starters, it offers a forever-free plan to all new users. In this free plan, you get complete access to the software but you are only allowed to generate up to 5,000 characters in a month.

Once your free credits have lapsed or if you are looking to increase your content generation limits, you’d have to subscribe to a premium plan. Rytr offers a couple of pricing plans with monthly and billing options.

Here’s the breakdown of Rytr’s pricing plans –

Rytr Pricing
  • Free – A forever-free plan to generate 5,000 characters in a month with complete access to the software.
  • Saver – It is chargeable at the rate of $9/month and enables you to generate 50,000 characters in a month. You get complete access to the software with an additional ability to create custom use cases.
  • Unlimited – This plan comes with a price tag of $29/month and permits you to generate unlimited content. Furthermore, this plan will assign you a dedicated account manager with priority support.

Pros & Cons Of Rytr


  • Makes use of a couple of AIs
  • Good for story plot generation
  • Offers access to 30+ copywriting use cases
  • Generates content in 30+ languages
  • Offers 20+ tones of voices
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Available as a Chrome extension
  • Comes with a forever-free plan


  • The free plan does not offer enough credits
  • It cannot create complete stories
  • Suitable for story plots only

4. ClosersCopy

While the digital space is being flooded with AI-powered tools that work on GPT-3 technology, ClosersCopy likes to take a different route when it comes to content generation. For this, it relies on its own proprietary artificial intelligence technology that excels in writing marketing copies and other types of content. Hence it naturally becomes one of the best AI story generators.

Another great thing about this tool is that it comes with three different AI models. These models are developed specifically for creating blog posts, sales copies, and of course, stories. To further boost the story generation process, ClosersCopy packs numerous frameworks and features. Not to forget it offers the biggest range of language compatibility. Naturally, it has become a pick of the software for newbie writers, authors, publishers, and agencies.

ClosersCopy - Best AI Story Generator Software

Key Features That Make ClosersCopy The Best AI Story Generator?

  • Uses Proprietary AI For Story Generation – As mentioned earlier, ClosersCopy is the only tool that has developed its own artificial intelligence to generate stories and other types of content.
  • Dedicated AI Model For Stories – ClosersCopy comes with three different AI models for content generation. It specializes in generating blog posts, marketing/sales copies, and stories. The team claims that it can create better stories than the software backed up by the GPT-3 model.
  • Huge Range Of Marketing Frameworks – The software packs as many as 700 marketing frameworks and workflows. You can use them to create a full-fledged AI generated story with decent twists and turns.
  • Robust Rich Text Editor – Unlike other software, ClosersCopy boasts about its robust text editor. Once you have generated a copy of the story, you can further edit the content using its text editor. Furthermore, you also have the option to add relevant images, tables, emojis, etc.
  • Collaborate With Team Members – Not only does ClosersCopy allows you to add team members to your account but it also enables you to collaborate with them. You can either work together on a single project or work separately on different projects or stories.
  • Supports 120+ Languages – ClosersCopy offers the biggest range of language support. You can generate stories in 120+ languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and more.

ClosersCopy Free Trial & Pricing

One of the biggest drawback of ClosersCopy for new users is that you don’t get to try it for free. It does not come with either a free trial or a free plan. But it compensates for this by offering a 14-day money-back guarantee on all of its pricing plans.

Speaking of which, there are three pricing plans with monthly and yearly subscription options. Each of these plans grants complete access to the software and its AI story model. The differentiating among its plans are team seats, content generation credits, and software updates.

ClosersCopy Pricing
  • Power – Paying $49.99/month would offer 300 AI content runs with 2 team seats. Furthermore, it offers 50 SEO audits as well.
  • Superpower – You can pay $79.99/month for unlimited credits to generate content, unlimited updates, and unlimited SEO audits. But you will only get 3 seats for your team.
  • Superpower Squad – Lastly, this plan will cost you $99.99/month and offers unlimited access to the software but with 5 team seats.

Pros & Cons Of ClosersCopy


  • Better quality of generated story
  • Offers a dedicated AI model for the story
  • More than 700 marketing frameworks included
  • Biggest range of language compatibility
  • Manage team effortlessly
  • Collaboration features with the team


  • No free trial or free plan
  • Pricing can be a bit expensive
  • With so many features and tools available in a single software, it may get overwhelming to use

5. NovelAI

NovelAI is one of the only software that has been developed especially for generating unique stories, thrilling tales, romantic tales, or something creative. While other AI story generator software generates content for multiple other copywriting skills, NovelAI focuses only on stories and tales. Nevertheless, to maintain the efficacy of story generation, the software uses GPT-3 technology to generate stories.

The team behind this awesome software has also trained some AI models with Natural Language Processing so as to produce high-quality literature. These AI models also allow you to mimic the style of famous writers like Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P. Lovecraft, and more. Not to forget, it also allows you to maintain the theme of your story throughout as well.

NovelAI - AI Story Generator

Key Features That Make NovelAI The Best AI Story Generator?

  • Specializes In Story Writing – NovelAI is built specifically to generate stories, thriller tales, romantic stories, and other types of short novels.
  • Uses GPT-3 With Custom AI Models – The software not only leverages GPT-3 language learning model but the team has also trained multiple AI models. Due to this, it is able to write different types of stories.
  • Train AI & Customize Output – You also get the flexibility to train the AI to match your writing style. Furthermore, it also allows you to set some rules, known as Lorebook, so that AI follows them throughout the story.
  • Mimics Famous Authors – This story plot generator is completely capable of replicating the writing style of famous writers like Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, etc.
  • Generates Contextual Stories – To make perfect sense of the story, NovelAI keeps up to 2048 tokens of memory every time you generate a section of your story. In simple words, the software remembers the content that you have generated earlier, and based on this generated text, contextual content is generated.
  • Text Editor With Theme Options – NovelAI offers a robust text editor so that you can make changes to your stories. Moreover, it also provides several customization options for the theme of your editor.
  • Data Security – This software proudly boasts about implementing data security measures. All of your generated stories will be protected by XSalsa20 encryption so that nobody else can read them without your permission.
  • Text To Speech Module – The software offers an advanced TTS or text-to-speech module that will add life to your written/generated stories.

How To Use NovelAI’s AI Story Generator?

NovelAI is yet another free AI story generator. To use the software, the team offers 100 free credits. 50 credits are available to use as it is but the next 50 credits will be made available after you sign up for a user account.

Regardless, you will have access to the core story generator tool of NovelAI.

As soon as you reach the trial page, the UI asks you to either create a new story or import your unfinished stories. If you click on the “Create New Story” option, it further offers you two options –

NovelAI - Create New Story
  • Storyteller – If you pick this option, the AI will create a story for you based on the plot provided by you.
  • Text adventure – In this option, the AI will tell a story using your own words and actions.

For now, let’s proceed by picking the Storyteller option.

NovelAI - Storyteller Tool

As soon as you pick this option, the software UI will then provide you with the editor. Here, you would have to enter a plot or an idea of your story. After that, the AI will take care of the rest.

Once you have entered the story plot, you’d have to click on the Send button to generate the story.

NovelAI - Enter Plot Details

In a matter of a few seconds, you will have a story generated for you.

In addition to this, you can continue building new sections and plots for your stories by adding custom text and running it through the AI again.

NovelAI - AI Generated Story

Lastly, the premium plans will unlock other advanced features and AI models.

NovelAI Free Trial & Pricing

You can generate stories for free with NovelAI. For new users, this AI story generator offers 100 free credits out of which 50 credits are available to use as it is while the other 50 credits are available upon signing up. Besides this, the free trial grants access to the software’s most advanced AI model for story generation along with the TTS feature.

If you want more credits or if you are looking to unlock advanced features, you’d have to subscribe to a premium plan. As of now, it offers three pricing plans with a monthly subscription option.

NovelAI Pricing
  • Free Trial – A free trial that offers 100 free credits to generate stories using its best AI model.
  • Tablet – It will cost you $10/month to subscribe to this plan and get unlimited AI story generation credits. Although, you will only get 1024 Tokens of Memory with 500 AI module training steps every month.
  • Scroll – Similarly, you’d have to pay $15/month and get unlimited AI story generation credits with advanced AI TTS, 2048 Tokens of Memory, and 500 AI module training steps every month.
  • Opus – Lastly, this plan comes at $25/month and offers unlimited AI story generation credits, advanced AI TTS feature, 2048 Tokens of Memory, 10,000 AI module training steps every month, and access to new experimental features.

Pros & Cons Of NovelAI


  • Built specifically to generate stories
  • Uses GPT-3 AI for story generation
  • Replicates writing styles of famous authors
  • Allows you to customize its AI model and set rules for your stories
  • Provides a robust text-to-speech feature
  • Generous free trial


  • The software comes with a bit of a learning curve

Closing Thoughts

After exploring all the options, I hope that you have found the best AI story generator for your needs.

If not then I would encourage you to try these software out. Almost all of them offer a free trial period. Hence, you would be able to decide better once you know which story generator aligns best with your needs.

That being said, if you are looking for my advice, I would suggest you pick Jasper. The software is great when it comes to content generation. Not to forget, it comes with a great set of copywriting features and tools.

Besides this, I personally like NovelAI as well.

Here are a couple of other related blog posts that you may want to read –

Lastly, if you are interested to know more about story generators, their working, benefits, and frequently asked questions, feel free to continue reading this blog…

What Is An AI Story Generator?

AI story generators or story plot generators are SaaS applications that leverage artificial intelligence to generate creative stories for you. These tools have the potential to generate ideas for story plots, characters, and much more.

With the current technological advancements, most of these tool uses the latest artificial intelligence for content generation. The commonly used AI is OpenAI’s GPT-3 language learning model. This AI model is known to create humanlike and on-point content for its users.

Besides this, some AI story generator software also uses their own proprietary artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for content generation.

Lastly, these tools also pack some robust content optimization features to further enhance your creative stories.

How To Make An AI Generated Story?

The complete process of story generation can be completed in as many as three simple steps. But before you hop on to these steps, you must choose or select a software first. Once you have selected and signed up as a user, you will have the liberty to generate stories.

Step 1 – After signing up for the tool, you must look for the story generator module. Since most of these software offer a multitude of other content generation features, it’s best to sort or search for the tool manually.

Step 2 – Next, in the story generator module, you would have to enter a few details like a couple of introductory sentences as a plot. Furthermore, if the tool allows, you get to choose the language of the generated story, and the tone of your story as well.

Step 3 – Once all the inputs and content settings are configured, all you have to do is click the button. In a matter of a few seconds, the AI-powered tool will generate a story for you.

Keep in mind that the quality of the generated story depends a lot on your inputs.

Additionally, you should also know that these tools will only generate shorter stories. To add your own tone, twists & turns, emotions, etc., you may have to add a few parts of your stories manually.

Benefits Of Using AI Story Generator

Here are some of the most common benefits of using an artificial intelligence story generator tool –

  • Automatic Content Generation – These tools use AI to automatically generate short stories, plots, characters, novels, and a lot more with minimal manual effort.
  • Generate Stories In Bulk – With a few basic settings, these tools give you the liberty to generate multiple stories in a single attempt. Additionally, it also allows you to generate multiple story ideas as well.
  • Overcome Writer’s Block – These software also helps you get past your writer’s block. Not only do you get to generate stories automatically, but these tools also provide you the option to generate story ideas as well.
  • Generate Stories In Different Languages – If you want to generate a story in a language other than English, these tools will help you do so. With the help of them, you get to generate stories in more than 25 different global languages.
  • Creates Original Stories – All the stories generated by these tools are 100% original and unique. You can perform the plagiarism checks for these stories and see for yourself.
  • Offers Other Content Generation Tools – Apart from story generation, these tools pack other features to generate content for blog posts, social media, paid advertisements, websites, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions On AI Story Generator

Can AI generate stories?

Yes, with the current technological advancement, AI can easily generate stories for you. But keep in mind that these stories would be simple and straightforward. To add more complexities, twists, turns, and emotions, you’d have to improve the story manually.

Which is the best AI story generator?

According to me, Jasper is the best artificial intelligence story generator. The software packs all the tools to create unique stories. Not to forget, it also comes with several other content optimization features. Besides this, I would also recommend CopyAI as well.

Is there a free AI story generator?

Yes, you can use these software for free by signing up for their free trial/plan. For instance, Jasper offers 10,000 free words to new users. Similarly, CopyAI offers a free plan with 10 credits and so does NovelAI.

How do AI story generators work?

Firstly, you’d have to enter a couple of introductory sentences (as a brief story plot) in the software. Next, you’d have to configure other settings like languages, tone of voice, etc. Once everything is set, all you have to do is click the “Generate” button. Your software will then generate a story for you in a matter of a few seconds.

Can AI story generators create original content?

Absolutely yes! The power of the AI used i.e. GPT-3 is that it produces unique and original content every time you generate content. So all of your stories will be 100% unique and original. If you have doubts, you can perform plagiarism checks on Copyscape or the duplicate content checker tool available in the software.