7 Free And Premium WordPress Themes With Prebuilt Templates

Are you searching for some of the best free and premium WordPress themes for your website?

With so many platforms and blogs talking about 50 – 80 “best” WordPress themes, it becomes very difficult to decide.

But in this article, I will be only talking about the 7 best free and premium WordPress themes worth installing. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed..!!

Most of these themes are also considered to be freemium WordPress themes. Meaning, most of its features are available for free while advanced features and functionalities could be unlocked by upgrading to a premium plan.

To add more value and give you a quick start, all of these WordPress themes also come with a huge library of prebuilt templates.

Before we dive into the details, here’s a –

Overview Of Free And Premium WordPress Themes

  1. Astra – Offers 100+ site templates
  2. Divi – Comes with 110+ site templates
  3. Neve – Packed with 80+ readymade site templates
  4. GeneratePress – Loaded with 45+ prebuilt templates
  5. OceanWP – Offers 70+ website templates
  6. Hestia – Stacked with 4 site templates
  7. StudioPress – Comes with 35+ website templates

I assure you, each of the WordPress themes mentioned above has a proven track record and active user base of over several million.

Let’s scratch beneath the surface –

1. Astra

If you happen to search for the best WordPress theme, Google will rightly point you towards Astra WordPress Theme. It has been developed and perfectly polished by the team at Brainstorm Force.

After its first release in 2017, Astra WordPress Theme has over 700,000+ active installations. And, a whopping 5/5 stars rating on WordPress. I guess you could now see why Astra is ranked #1 in the list of the free and premium WordPress themes.

Astra WordPress Theme

Features That Make Astra The Best

  • It comes with 100+ starter site templates (free and premium).
  • It is compatible with all the major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, Brizy, etc.
  • Claims to be the most lightweight and fastest WordPress theme.
  • It consists of inbuilt schema markups that ensure better SEO.
  • Astra also offers many design possibilities, layout customizations, integrations, recently developed native AMP support.

Pricing Structure Of Astra WP Theme

As said earlier, Astra is one of the best freemium WordPress themes. It offers all the required features and resources to get started without having to spend a dime.

However, if you want to unlock all the features and also use premium starter site templates then you should upgrade.

Astra Pricing
  • Astra Pro – $59 (charged annually) for unlimited sites license. It includes all pro features & few premium starter sites.
  • Mini Agency Bundle – $169 (charged annually) for unlimited sites. The main highlight of this package is that it allows you to choose the add-ons for your preferred page builder. It also comes with all the pro features and all premium site templates.
  • Agency Bundle – $249 (charged annually) for unlimited sites. This package includes all the features, starter sites templates, plugins (future plugins too), training, dedicated support, etc.

While all these above-mentioned plans are billed annually, you can also get their lifetime versions too.

Who Can Use Astra WordPress Theme?

If you are just starting out or even if you are an experienced campaigner, Astra WordPress theme has all it takes to be the best free and premium WordPress theme.

But just to clear things out, you can use Astra if you are a blogger, fashion blogger, traveler, journalist, eCommerce business owner, local business owner, website development agency. Or literally someone who has anything to do with the internet.

2. Divi

Unlike other freemium WordPress themes, Divi is a premium theme developed and offered by the team at Elegant Themes.

Since Divi comes with a paid plan, the download option is only available after the purchase. But the people who have used Divi rates 5/5 stars on Trustpilot and believe it to be the most popular premium WordPress theme.

Divi WordPress Theme

Features That Make Divi The Best

  • Among all the free and premium WordPress themes listed here, Divi offers the most site templates i.e. 110+.
  • Divi theme comes with its own page builder or customizer i.e. Divi Builder. This negates you from depending on some other page builder.
  • Divi offers you the flexibility to edit, customize, and style every element of your website.
  • It also provides you the option to make your website an eCommerce website with its WooBuilder and WooCommerce integration.
  • Along with Divi theme, you also get other modules for free like a magazine theme, page builder plugin, email opt-in module, and a social media plugin.

Pricing Structure Of Divi WP Theme

As I had said, Divi is a premium WordPress theme that comes with unlimited sites license. So to use it, you’d have to purchase it. However, you can try it and the Divi Builder on the demo provided on its official site.

Divi Pricing
  • Yearly Access – $70/year for all features, site templates, and modules.
  • Lifetime Access – $199 (one-time fee) for all the features and functionalities.

Who Can Use Divi WordPress Theme?

Divi can be used by freelancers, agencies or developers. But since there are a total of 110+ site templates of multiple business niches, anyone can use Divi.

And, not to forget, eCommerce businesses can be a cakewalk with the help of Divi WP theme.

3. Neve

Neve is one of the most popular freemium WordPress themes that is a part of Themeisle group.

Ever since Neve’s release, it has grown a loyal customer base of more than 100,000 active users. And, as per them, Neve deserves to be in this list of free and premium WordPress themes.

Neve WordPress Theme

Features That Make Neve The Best

  • The Neve WordPress theme is stacked with 80+ website templates.
  • The team behind Neve realizes that mobile-ready websites have superiority on unresponsive sites. So Neve is developed to be ultra-responsive.
  • Neve also offers AMP compatibility and support.
  • It is highly compatible with all the page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, etc.
  • In addition to providing maximum customization options and layout styling, Neve is also extremely light and fast.

Pricing Structure Of Neve WP Theme

Just like other freemium WordPress themes, there’s a forever free plan with limited customization & site templates and a few premium plans for more designing options.

All the premium plans of Neve offer unlimited sites license.

Neve Pricing
  • Personal – $49/year for header & blog, Elementor booster, and custom layouts.
  • Business – $79/year for premium starter sites templates, WooCommerce booster and more.
  • Agency – $129/year for all features, site templates, and white labeling.

Apart from yearly plans, there are lifetime versions of these plans too.

Who Can Use Neve WordPress Theme?

Neve is a freemium WordPress theme. This means that a beginner with no coding knowledge or no funds could use Neve. Moreover, if you have a decent budget, you could invest in the Neve WP theme.

Talking specifically about the businesses, any freelancer, eCommerce business, blogger, agencies, etc. could use Neve.

4. GeneratePress

If you are looking for a fast and light-weighted WordPress theme then it is highly likely that GeneratePress could be your ideal pick.

GeneratePress is one of the top freemium WordPress themes that has over 2,467,448+ downloads, 200,000+ active users and 5-star ratings on WordPress.

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

Features That Make GeneratePress The Best

  • This free and premium WordPress theme has over 45+ readymade site templates.
  • Speed or fast loading and light-weight natures of this theme is the main highlight.
  • Apart from speed, the GeneratePress theme is built and optimized for search engines.
  • It allows you to customize colors & typography and also control the layout of your website quite effortlessly.
  • GeneratePress is extremely compatible with all the big page builders.

Pricing Structure Of GeneratePress WP Theme

The pricing structure of the GeneratePress theme revolves around a single premium plan that offers unlimited sites license.

GeneratePress Pricing
  • GP Premium – $49.95/year for all premium modules, site templates, and updates.

Who Can Use GeneratePress WordPress Theme?

Since it is simple, fast, easy to customize and most importantly free, any beginner from any industry could use it.

But to put a label on it, bloggers, freelancers, local businesses, etc. are happily using the GeneratePress WordPress theme.

5. OceanWP

In the sea of WordPress, one of the best freemium WordPress themes available to aspiring businesses is OceanWP.

OceanWP WordPress theme has been in the service for quite a while now. It has managed to acquire over 500,000+ active customers since then. Noticing this popularity, I guess you could now see why I have mentioned OceanWP in this list of free and premium WordPress themes.

OceanWP WordPress Theme

Features That Make OceanWP The Best

  • OceanWP has over 70+ free & premium site templates that can be imported in a single click.
  • It is regarded as one of the best freemium WP themes for eCommerce businesses due to its modules and WooCommerce integration.
  • The team behind OceanWP has made sure that the theme follows the best SEO practices and guidelines.
  • The OceanWP theme comes with 20+ free and premium extensions that can be used for site designing and adding additional functionalities.
  • It is compatible with all the page builders like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, etc.

Pricing Structure Of OceanWP WP Theme

Unlike other freemium WordPress themes, the OceanWP theme offers different site licenses for different premium plans. However, each of these plans renews annually.

OceanWP Pricing
  • Personal – $59/year for 1 site license, premium site templates, and extensions.
  • Business – $79/year for 3 site licenses, all premium site templates and more.
  • Agency – $129/year for 25 site licenses and all the features.

Apart from the annual subscription plans, there are lifetime versions of these plans too.

Who Can Use OceanWP WordPress Theme?

Again, OceanWP is perfect for everyone who wants to make an online presence for themselves or for their business.

Having said that, OceanWP has been doing wonders for eCommerce businesses and small-sized businesses.

6. Hestia

Hestia is yet another freemium WordPress theme developed by the team at Themeisle. And, that’d not all as a Themeisle also have a few more themes (but not in this article) rolled up their sleeves.

This theme is built on the principle of one-page themes. So when this theme was launched in 2017, all the one-page theme fanatics i.e. over 100,000+ have started using Hestia.

Hestia WordPress Theme

Features That Make OceanWP The Best

  • Despite having only 4 pre-built templates, it still deserves to be in this list of free and premium WordPress themes.
  • Since it is a one-page theme, it offers uncompromisable fast loading speed.
  • All the design elements are extremely flexible and customizable with various page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, etc.
  • Hestia also allows you to convert your site into an eCommerce store with the help of WooCommerce integration.
  • Unlike other best WordPress themes, Hestia allows you to create, edit, and manage a Mega Menu.

Pricing Structure Of Hestia WP Theme

Just like its sister theme Neve, Hestia also comes with a free plan, followed by 3 premium plans.
The site licenses for each plan differ accordingly.

Hestia Pricing
  • Personal – $69/year for a single site license.
  • Business – $99/year for 3 sites license and site templates.
  • Agency – $199/year for unlimited site license, templates, and white label.

Who Can Use Hestia WordPress Theme?

Hestia WordPress theme has been proudly serving small-sized business and eCommerce businesses for years.

In addition to this, bloggers, agencies, restaurants, sports or gyms, etc. could find Hestia an ideal pick.

7. StudioPress

StudioPress has a good reputation of being a high-class premium WordPress theme. Thanks to the Genesis framework and other advanced features.

In spite of being a pricey introduction in the list of free and premium WordPress themes, StudioPress has a loyal and satisfied customer base of 213,000+ customers.

StudioPress WordPress Theme

Features That Make StudioPress The Best

  • StudioPress offers premium, top-quality 35+ site templates.
  • Each theme or site template is backed up by the Genesis Framework.
  • Because of the Genesis Framework, your theme will have an upper edge in terms of SEO, responsiveness and also usability.
  • It is highly compatible with Gutenberg too.
  • StudioPress and Genesis Framework can help you achieve the desired site layout with ease.

Pricing Structure Of StudioPress WP Theme

In contrast to other free and premium WordPress themes, StudioPress and all its features can be availed for free if you get a WP Engine hosting plan.

If you don’t want to use WP Engine as your hosting, you can always pick a single site template or the complete bundle. Mind you, the pricing is on the higher side but it ensures 100% quality.

StudioPress Pricing
  • A single theme or site template can be bought for $129 with future updates and all the Pro features. However, you are entitled to have only 1 year’s worth of support.
  • The theme or site template bundle comes at a price tag of $499.95 for all features and lifetime updates but only 1-year support.

Who Can Use StudioPress WordPress Theme?

If you are new and looking for the best hosting services (or cloud hosting services) and WordPress themes, StudioPress theme + WP Engine combo will provide you immense value.

Also, if you are a big-sized business who can’t compromise speed, design, and security, StudioPress WordPress theme won’t dishearten you.

All Done. Now What?

Now that you have learned about the 7 best free and premium WordPress themes, it’s time for you to pick one, install it and start customizing.

I can understand if you are still confused…

So in that case, allow me to help you guide to your ideal freemium or premium WordPress theme –

  • Pick Astra WordPress Theme if you are a beginner and can’t afford to pay a single penny. You can, of course, upgrade later.
  • If you have an adequate budget who wants more designing options, pick Divi WordPress Theme.
  • Lastly, if you have a big budget and want all the customization flexibility, speed, and security, choose the StudioPress WordPress theme.

Lastly, if you have any more concerning issues about the choice, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

And hey, since you might be just starting your new website, here are a couple of useful blogs that might help you –

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